Top 100 Travel Blogs Volume XI February, 2014

Welcome to Volume XI of the Top 100 Travel blogs! I can’t believe it but the Top 100 has just turned two!

Like any two year old this ‘list’ has matured quite a bit over the past couple of years.

Two updates ago, the format only included three categories:  Alexa, Domain Authority and Page Authority.

On the previous update it expanded to four:  Alexa, Domain Authority, Page Authority and SEMRush.  On this latest update I’m now including a whopping 6 categories:   Alexa, Domain Authority, Page Authority, SEMRush Compete and SimilarWeb.

Over the span of only a few months the metric system for the Top 100 Travel Blogs has now doubled! Why the change in format? I always felt a bit uneasy with only using two independent sources to calculate the Top 100:  Alexa and Moz (DA and PA)

By shifting the format to 5 independent sources of tracking, I strongly feel the list now better represents the top travel blogs in the industry.  Any inadequacy or flaw in a particular category is now further negated by only accounting for 16.6% of the ranking system as opposed to 33.3%.

The downside (if I can be selfish for a moment) is that this list now takes twice as long for me to put together given the increase (double) in statistics I’m now tracking; however, I feel this is small price for me to pay in order to improve the list. One this particular update there were 180 blogs tracked over six categories with a maximum amount of 1080 potential points.

#Top 100 Travel BlogsScore
1A Luxury Travel Blog1035.5
2The Planet D1022
3Wandering Earl1022
4Y Travel Blog1020
5Nomadic Samuel1000.5
6The Expert Vagabond998
7Go Backpacking982
8Adventurous Kate979
9Legal Nomads968.5
10The Everywhereist965
11Twenty Something Travel953
12Travel Dudes946
13Uncornered Market930
15Wandering Trader921
16A Little Adrift917
18Wild Junket904
19Solo Traveler896
20Travels of Adam891
21Bacon is Magic880.5
22The Vacation Gals871.5
23Almost Fearless871
24The Professional Hobo841
25That Backpacker830
26Green Global Travel823
27Hecktic Travels816.5
30Fox Nomad814
31Otts World812
32A Dangerous Business811
33Amateur Traveler802.5
34Brendan’s Adventures776.5
35Around the World in 80 Jobs771
36One Step 4Ward766.5
37Ordinary Traveler762.5
38The Expeditioner759.5
39E Tramping752.5
40Wandering Educators748.5
41Never Ending Voyage748
42Beers and Beans742
43Plum Deluxe740
44Go See Write722
452 Backpackers712.5
46Muza Chan709
47Young Adventuress701
48Family On Bikes696.5
49Bucket List Journey690
50As We Travel689
51Leave Your Daily Hell687.5
52Art of Adventuring686
53Runaway Juno685.5
54Ken Kaminesky Photography679
55Johnny Vagabond675
56Camels & Chocolate674.5
57Traveling Canucks672
58Travel O Cafe668.5
59Delicious Baby667.5
60Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler661
61Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel659
62Never Ending Footsteps659
63Francis Tapon656
64Just Travelous655.5
65Velvet Escape649
66Cheapest Destinations Blog642
67Globetrotter Girls641
68Time Travel Turtle632
69We Said Go Travel632
70My Itchy Travel Feet618.5
71Inside The Travel Lab615.5
72Finding The Universe604
73Pause the Moment597
74Soul Travelers 3596
75Dave’s Travel Corner595.5
76Over Yonderlust592
77Travel Experta577
78The Aussie Nomad576
79Breathe Dream Go572
80Nomadic Notes551
81Fevered Mutterings548
82Get In The Hot Spot546
83Gypsy Nester542
84Man on the Lam539
85Escape Artistes537.5
86Pommie Travels531
87Our Oyster529.5
88Around the World L528
89Europe Up Close525
90Nerd’s Eye View523.5
91The Longest Way Home522
92Indie Travel Podcast520.5
93Monkeys and Mountains517
94Alex In Wanderland515.5
95Raising Miro514
96Stop Having a Boring Life509
97Four Jandals507
98Goats On The Road503
99Changes in Longitude501
100Just One Way Ticket500
101The Runaway Guide491.5
1021000 Fights489
103Savoir Faire Abroad489
104Inspiring Travellers481
105Turkish Travel Blog467
106Vagabond Journey467
107What’s Dave Doing?465
108My Beautiful Adventures450.5
109Fearful Adventurer447.5
110Tourist 2 Townie444
112Women On The Road439.5
113My Several Worlds437.5
114The Travel Tart436
1151 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure434.5
116Nomadic Chick434
117Heather on Her Travels429
118Flip Nomad427.5
119Kaleidoscopic Wandering425.5
120Matt Gibson420
121LL World Tour404
122Breakaway Backpacker401.5
123Waegook Tom398.5
124Life Cruiser397
125Solo Friendly395
126Bitten By The Travel Bug386
127Traveling Ted382.5
128Travel Reportage381
129Bohemian Trails367
130The Road Forks366.5
131Traveling Savage357.5
132Traveling With Sweeney354.5
133Wild About Travel354
134Grrrl Traveler351.5
135Don’t Stop Living349
137Travel Yourself336.5
138Dream Euro Trip335.5
139Captain and Clark332.5
140Chris Around The World332
141The Blonde Abroad328.5
142Positive World Travel328
143The Travel Chica325.5
144Brooke Vs The World320.5
145Out Of Town Blog316.5
146Sophie’s World314.5
147Katie Aune307.5
148CC Food Travel300.5
149D Travels `Round299
150Travel with a Mate296
151Butterfly Diary295
152Trans-Americas Journey291.5
153Mallory On Travel289.5
154501 Places273.5
155Virtual Wayfarer262.5
156Suzy Guese261.5
157GQ Trippin259.5
158Downtown Traveler252
159The World Of Deej245
161Mai Travel Site236
162Bruised Passports230
163Canvas of Light221.5
164Don’t Ever Look Back203
165Aussie on the Road195.5
166Daydream Away195.5
167Bucket List Publications192.5
168Jasmine Wanders177
169Grounded Traveler158.5
170Runaway Jane154
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