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Christmas came a little bit early for the two of us after receiving a box from Try The World.
This particular box was Christmas themed with delicious delights from all over the world. Normally, ‘Try The World’ sends out food boxes from specific countries; however, this special winter holiday festive themed box featured goodies from France, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Brazil and Turkey.

For this specific taste test we just tucked right in šŸ˜‰ Without messing around, we quickly unwrapped the box to unveil what was inside.

First up was a delicious Belgian waffle. We had never tried this kind of waffle before and it was really thin and sweet.

Moving on we snapped our fingers before snapping out teeth into some delicious ginger snaps from Sweden. As our first time trying Swedish cookies we were left wanting more.

How could any International Christmas box be complete without Swiss chocolate? This milk chocolate lived up to its Swiss reputation – creamy and smooth.

Truffles, were next display. Italian truffles. In just one bite we realized that good things can come in small packages. They were truly decadent.

To get a reign in on our out of control sweet tooth, we sipped on some spiced apple tea.

Turkish Delight! Saving the best for last. This pistachio flavored bites of goodness was the highlight of the entire Christmas box. At least, it was for me šŸ˜‰

The last thing we tried was various spreads from Brazil.

Overall, we had a lot of fun sampling all of these treats from around the world. What we’d like to know is what are your favorite Christmas themed treats? For those who don’t celebrate Christmas, pick the biggest holiday from your country/culture and let us know what you eat during that time. We’re truly curious to know!

Video Script:

Well, it looks like Christmas came early because this is what we recently got in the mail. What’s in that box?

This is actually called ‘Try The World’ and it is a subscription box where every two months they send you food from around the world. Basically, it combines two things that we really love – food and travel.

Exactly, and normally it is based on themes from countries but this time it is entirely Christmas themed. Christmas goodies right in here. We’re going to be trying everything that is in the box. Oh, yeah.

I get the pleasure of unveiling this. It is like Christmas. Get unwrapping. Ta da da.

You know what, I totally forget what is inside of here. This is going to be so cool. Ooh, it looks like we have a little Christmas card. A culture guide. Let’s see what is in here. Merry Christmas. The winter holidays are here. This is a guide of everything that is in our box apparently. We have Italian truffles. Some sweets from Provence. Brazilian brigadeiro. This is going to be really nice. Okay, enough reading. Let’s get into that food.

Have a look.

Okay, so it looks like we’re getting eight different treats here in our box. I’m going to try the first thing. It looks like you’re going to be starting with waffles from Amsterdam. Ooh, la la special waffles.

I’ve never had one of these before. La la la.

Break it open. This looks amazing. First bite.

Is that like icing sugar on it? I’m not sure. So it is a nice thin waffle and it is really sweet.

I don’t know what it is covered with but it is good. Have another bite. And then save the rest for me.

Snap, snap. Snap, snap. I’ve got my ginger snaps. And these are from Sweden. And these are Anna’s ginger Swedish thins. Anna banana. Okay, let’s try them. What is the Swedish name? Um, Peperaka. Peperkaka. Peperkaka. I don’t know. Anyways. It is a funny name.

So they crumbled a little bit while I was opening them but they’re still going to taste delicious. I’ve got three little pieces here. Mmmm. Oh yeah. You can really taste that ginger. It’s got that bite a little bit. A little bit like a molasses taste. Are you going to share with me? No. I’m not. Because you know why? You didn’t share the chocolate. That’s the Christmas spirit!

It looks like up next I’ve got some Swiss chocolate. I love chocolate. And the Swiss are known for their chocolate so this has to be good. High expectations here. Oh, yeah. I’m probably not going to be sharing this one. Chocolate.

Milk chocolate – my favorite. Oh, this is amazing. It smells so good. Mmmm. Oh, yeah. That is some good milk chocolate right there.

Alright, and we have truffles from Italy. I’ve never had Italian truffles before. So this is going to be quite a treat. I guess we’ve got two. One for me. And one for me.

Truffles. Look at that. One bite, one shot? Mmmm.

Wow. I take it that it is good? Oh, yeah. It is very very decadent.

So up next we have some beverages. Here is some hot chocolate from France as well as some teas. And I think I’m going to go with a nice cup of tea right now. After all of that chocolate I had. All that chocolate you didn’t share. Whoops.

Let’s see what kind. I’m going to have black tea with apple and spices. Let’s see.

Ooh, that smells nice. Oh, my goodness. I’m going to let that steep for a while.

It smells like Christmas guys. Mmmm. That is so nice. I just need a movie, a cozy blanket and I’m all set.

Now for those of you who have been following your YouTube channel for a little while, you’ll know that I really don’t like Turkish Delight at all. Are you kidding me? Seriously? Sam is refusing to share these for the record.

Okay, do you see all of the icing sugar there. Yep, that looks amazing.

Oh my, these are just covered in icing sugar. Mmmm.

Wow, these are so fresh and chewy and sweet and delicious. These are. This is some of the best Turkish Delight I’ve had in a really long time. I’ve got to admit.

I’m going in for another one.

Amazing. Is it pistachio variety? Yes, it is. Nice.

And last but certainly not least we have Dulce de Leite which is similar apparently to Dulce de Leche which is something you absolutely love from Argentina. So this one is from Brazil. We’ve got three different flavors. I’m going to try one of them.

Alright, so I’m trying the coconut one. Put a little bit of this on the waffle that Audrey has been munching away at. Very multicultural. Why not. We’ve got a little bit of fusion food over here.

Oh, wow. Okay, that’s really good. It’s kind of. It’s really creamy and it has like a milky taste. I can taste a little bit of the coconut but it more has. It more kind of has a caramel flavor.

So that wraps up our delicious taste test. It is amazing to try all these different foods from around the world. They’re all kind of Christmas winter themed. And we’d really like to know what kinds of things you have over the holidays. I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, so whatever the biggest holiday is from where you are from please tell us what you eat. We’re really curious to know.

And if you’re interested in these boxes the website is Try The World and they send out boxes every two months and it is always a different country.

Happy holidays! Woo!!!

Christmas Foods From Around The World Taste Test

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  1. Well isn’t this post just perfect for me right now! I love Christmas, I love Christmas treats and I’m from Sweden and know eeeverything about pepparkakor šŸ˜‰ We actually bake them every year, in the beginning of December. And yay, that’s less than two months from now!

    They should definitely be a bit spicy and have a little bite to them. We try different recipes almost every year, but I often add a little extra of the spicies. Apart from ginger there is cardamom, cinnamon and clove in the dough.

    I’m not sure that I think everything in your box is Christmasy, like the Swiss milk chocolate. Yummy for sure, but you have it all year round, right? We make our own Christmas sweets each year, and I tend to go a bit overboard with that… there is one kind that really represents Christmas, it’s called knaeck (didn’t dare use the Swedish letter that is an a with two dots above!). It’s a bit like taffy/toffee with almond pieces in it, but also a little different.

    Anyways, thanks for a fun video!