Enjoy a Taste of Britain at London’s Best Eateries

Despite what they say about British food, London has some of the best restaurants in the world – and they don’t all break the bank.

Taking a gastronomic tour of London might do serious damage to your waistline, so we suggest that you put on your most comfortable shoes and follow our walking tour of London, planned out to take you to some of the best places to eat, and then walk off the calories in between each.


Described as London’s premier food market, Borough Market brings together a smorgasbord of artisanal foods and drinks. Located right by London Bridge station, Borough market has become a hub for those looking to celebrate quality food and produce and evolved out of a local greengrocer’s market which was under threat of closure.

In 1862 the original market was physically divided by constructing a railway viaduct. Ironically, this was the making of Borough market, making it a central hub for wholesale fruit and veg distribution.

If you decide to visit Borough Market, assign a half day or more to give you the time and space to sample all its delights, from charcuterie and cheese to Middle Eastern meze and Taiwanese Boa Buns.


Located in Borough Market is Padella, a busy, buzzy, no reservations taken pasta specialist that is a firm favourite.

The menu changes regularly but is always packed with fresh and delicious options. One week, you could enjoy a classic carbonara, and the next, you’d get to try spaghetti alla bottarga.

But no matter the daily menu, the Padella chefs serve delicious Italian dishes that are sure to please.

The restaurant also offers a great selection of Italian wines, beers, and other drinks, all of which complement the available dishes.


For the ultimate experience in fine Japanese cuisine, Roka creates dishes cooked on a Robata grill, a form of grilling from the fisherman working off the northern coastal waters of Japan. The excellence of Roka has spread globally, with restaurants in Kuwait, Riyadh, Istanbul, Dubai and Mallorca.

Fancy continuing your Japanese gastronomic journey in London? In that case, Hachi BBQ in Brewer Street imports the finest Wagyu beef from its trusted supply chain across Europe and Japan, guaranteeing the highest quality meat cooked to perfection.


If you would like to make more of an event in a top-notch restaurant, Bob Bob Ricard is an experience you will not want to miss out on. Famous for its cosy booths with its ‘Press for Champagne’ buttons, the menu elevates classic dishes such as Beef Wellington and Chicken Kyiv.


No visit to London would be complete without a visit to the Original Beigel shop in Brick Lane. Established in 1855, it is famous for its 24-hour opening times, making it a go-to place for late-night munchies. There’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a hot salt beef (£6.50) or salmon and cheese (£3.50) bagel as the sun rises over London’s east end.


If you’ve exhausted the offerings at Borough Market, head north to Convent Garden, where you’ll find Seven Dials, a foodie’s delight offering an array of good, different and affordable food to satisfy various tastes.

The two-storey food court offers a variety of cuisines, including Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese and Middle Eastern. To satisfy your sweet tooth, there are plenty of dessert stalls offering treats like waffles and ice cream.

It also hosts an event space where regular activities and classes occur, making it a great place to meet locals.


Finally, if you can stomach more delicious food, head up the 300m of the Shard, one of London’s highest and most iconic buildings, and drink in the views across the city while enjoying the contemporary cuisine of Oblix at brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner.

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions. If you want to add to our list, let us know below.

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