Feed the brain

If the thought of sitting on a beach all day fills you with boredom, how about learning a skill during your time away?

Educational holidays are growing in popularity, with a plethora of different subjects on offer as a result. Of course, this kind of break does come with a slightly higher price tag than your regular beach break, so it’s worth saving money wherever you can, to help fund your educational travel aspirations!

Learning to dance tango in Buenos Aires.

To this aim, I avoid booking expensive and unreliable public transport, and instead put the control back in my own hands and drive myself to the airport, booking my parking space through ParkBCP, where I always get a fantastic rate. This is a nationwide money saving service, with facilities at most large UK airports, I have used Jet Parks at East Midlands Airport before through BCP and it’s a service I would definitely use again. Saving money without even realising it will open up your scope for holiday choice, and in the case of an educational break, the more money the better.

What do you fancy learning? That’s the question to ask yourself. Maybe you want to learn how to cook in Thailand, or learn Flamenco in Spain. You could learn a language in the place of its origin, or follow the direction of a photography teacher in an alpine setting. The choice is wide and entirely yours, depending on your interests.

Learning a language in that particular country will always be preferable to learning here, or through DVDs etc, because who better to teach you than a native speaker? And where better to learn than somewhere you’re surrounded by it every day? You do actually learn so much more, and also in terms of accent, when you’re listening to the language being spoken conversationally. Two weeks’ learning French in Paris will give you more in terms of benefit than a month listening to a CD!

The same can be said for any skill you want to learn that is directly attributable to a certain country, such as pasta making. The best way to learn is under the watchful eye of someone who has been brought up with it, surrounded by it, and immersed in it! This way you will get true value for money, by learning a skill in the most comprehensive manner possible.

Of course, learning to dance the Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires might just be because you like the sound of it, but why not?! Combining a holiday in a new and exciting location, with an activity or educational subject is one of those special experiences in life, and if you can, you should do!

These kinds of holidays will often be on a group basis, so if you’re travelling alone, don’t worry as you’ll more than likely meet lots of people in the same situation as you, and who knows, you could meet some new friends too.

An educational adventure such as this should be grabbed with both hands – feed the brain!

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