What’s your travel personality?

Travel Personality Quiz
Travel Personality Quiz

Finding your next travel destination can be difficult. Sometimes reading reviews from others complicates the process since different travellers want different things out of their trips. For example, are you the type of traveller who wants to head first and foremost to the galleries and shops, rubbing shoulders with the ‘arterati’ at chic cafes? Or does it sound much more exciting to head to a beach and do absolutely nothing but bake in the sun? Instead, you might be up for a travelling adventure, ditching both the sand and the city for whatever local destinations really have to offer, since that sounds like a much better story to tell your friends. Then there are the truly adventurous ones who venture into wilderness territory and who want their vacations to be truly off the grid to the point where they’re riding the line between traveller and documentary maker. Each of these different types of travellers are going to want different things from their destinations.

Travellers don’t just come in one size; they all have different travel personalities and with those personalities goes the ideal destinations that solve all of a traveller’s inner cravings.

Hayes and Jarvis have put together this quiz widget below to help you figure out what travel personality you have and what places are the best to explore for sun worshippers, game spotters, and more. Not only will it give you some ideas on where to head to next, but once you find your travel personality, you can enter a competition to win £2,000 toward your next holiday. And if that doesn’t help kick start your next excursion, what else will?

If you’re up for finding out the best places to indulge all of your travel desires answer ten questions and find your travel personality!

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  1. says: Hammad Tariq

    I turned out to be an intrepid explorer, just as I expected! I guess most of us travel lovers are! Only some of us would love to take photos only to make friends jealous or stay in luxury hotels while completely cutting of the possibility of mingling with locals, what’s the point of travel then?

  2. Hey… what a cool interactive post…

    I mean I kinda cringe every time I read the word ‘holiday’ and there seems to be a fairly large gap left for people that live on the road… but still, fun to do and gives some interesting insight.