Six Travel Apps that Make Your Life and Travel Planning Easier

Whether you are planning your first trip or consider yourself a seasoned traveler, everyone can agree that there are several challenges they face in different phases. From choosing the destinations to booking your accommodations, it does not take time for a supposedly relaxing experience to turn chaotic.

There is no doubt that the several challenges of traveling can get overpowering, but it does not have to be this way. Luckily, the modern-day traveler can leverage several applications during different phases of their journey to ensure a smooth experience.

Here are some applications that every traveler can benefit from.


Finding the right accommodation in a foreign land can be one of the biggest challenges. It can especially be a challenge for avid travelers to find a suitable place to stay if they have had any bad prior experiences. 

If you are also concerned about making the right choice, Cozycozy is the best platform to browse. This application shows users accommodations from different providers such as Expedia,,, and many more to give you the lowest possible prices.


Travelers understand the importance of staying connected, no matter where they go. Applications such as Airalo provide the best eSIM services to travelers who visit abroad.

You can explore its connectivity options in different parts of the world to subscribe to a plan option that suits your needs.  


If you are looking for round-the-clock support as a traveler, you may want to consider getting an Origin membership. This application enables you to streamline the process of planning a trip. 

In addition to a personal curator being by your side throughout your expeditions, you can also benefit from added benefits such as complimentary meals, free upgrades, and many more surprises.

Google Maps

Finding your way in an unknown place can be a challenge, especially if there is a language barrier. You can kill your excuses not to travel if you have Google Maps. It is a platform that can help you know exactly where you are and lead you to your destination without a hassle.

You can also use this application to find local restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. It is a must-have for every traveler, everywhere you go.


If you struggle with packing your suitcase, you may not be alone. Several people share the same struggle and PackPoint is exactly what you need. This application personalizes your packing list based on the weather of your destination, your plans, and the activities you have planned.

As you become more organized with basic skills such as packing, traveling can become easier for you with every trip.

Rain Rain

It is possible for one to get annoyed or anxious on long flights. Yes, it can be hard to take control of the circumstances sometimes, but it does not mean that you cannot find your comfort zone.

Applications such as Rain Rain gives you the power to zen out anywhere you want. You can plug in your headphones and forget about the noise around you.

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