A Step By Step Guide to Tackling Snowboarding

To the novice, snowboarding can look frightening and very difficult. If you follow these guidelines however, you’ll soon be boarding in style, so read on to discover how to tackle snowboarding.

Step 1: Essential equipment

If you’re buying a snowboard, make sure that it is suitable for your size and physical shape. Strong boots that give plenty of ankle support are also important and ensure that your boots come with bindings so that you can fix your footwear to the board.

Make sure that you invest in some warm and comfortable outer clothing too. Protective clothing will suffer a fair amount of punishment while you’re learning this skill, so durability is essential. Warm gloves are also very important.

Step 2: Lessons are vital

Lessons from an experienced instructor will give you confidence and also teach you how to snowboard in safety. You’ll be able to learn how to balance on a board and these instructions will help you develop the correct techniques so you’re not a danger to yourself or others.

Step 3: Practice will make perfect

When you first take your snowboard out onto the mountains, only attach one foot to the board. By keeping your rear foot unstrapped, you’ll find it easier to regain your balance should you feel that you might fall.

You’ll spend most of your time ‘edging’ which is a matter of balancing on the edge of your board. Try out some exercises at home that will strengthen your knees, as these are the joints that you will have to use for balance and all other manoeuvres.

Step 4: Learn how to stop

If you don’t know how to stop, you’ll never be in control of your snowboard.

Step 5: Basic movements

In order to move across the mountain, you’ll have to learn how to traverse. You will use edging and this will help you move across the slopes at some speed.

Why not find some other snowboard enthusiasts in your area and spend some time with them in order to learn all about this exhilarating sport before you head off for the mountains? It’s a great way to learn!

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