Summer Music Festivals Across Canada

The summer music festivals are the Canadian way in which the season is celebrated. Visitors can enjoy the all round cheer and glorious sunshine. These festivals are known to add some air of festivity with exciting events and a wide array of entertainments.

The Fringe Festival

This festival brings out the summer spirit in Canada. During this festival, any body is allowed to make a performance and receive appreciation for that. The performer is granted an entire minute to impress the audience. The events include music, dance, comedy shows, theatre and musicals and so much more. The audience can utilize the festival guide to assist in deciding what shows to watch from the hundreds available. The Fringe festivals are hosted in different cities in Canada such as Edmonton, Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto.

In Ottawa, music is a great part of the summer season. At the Cisco systems Bluefast, visitors can enjoy Cuban music and dance away to the amazing jam bands. Here, there are also other side shows that contribute in bringing out the true feeling and experience of the summer season.

Canada Dance Festival

This music festival started in 1987 in Ottawa. It is now the major showcase for professional kind of dancers to display their talent. At this festival, there is an extensive list of events that take place. Also, the Toronto International Tango event hosts dancers from all over the word who have a strong passion for the tango dance.

Folk Festivals

These summer festivals are held in different cities in Canada such as Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton and Winnipeg. All kinds of music from across the globe including swing, country, aboriginal and so much more can be enjoyed for an interrupted period of four days and above. If you enjoy jazz in particular, Montreal is the place you want to be for a summer music festival.

All these celebrations are characterized with lots of fun and excitement. Beer lovers are not left out since there are great Canadian beers available during the summer music festivals.

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