The slow travel experience

The slow travel experience

When planning any trip, having a rough time schedule for each of the destination is always a good foundation to have. Depending on what adventure you’re planning to have will determine what traveler you are: Those that are on a tight schedule and would like to see as many places as possible in a short space of time. Or the slow travelers that like to spend a certain amount of time at one place or within one country. This type of slow traveling is especially popular among a lot of travel bloggers today, who often prefer to take their time to really get to know a place making a good documentation of their time for audiences. Slow travel is also good way to really getting involved in a countries culture and lifestyle through locals. The social interaction usually gives more stories to tell than the main attractions of each destination and makes for a much more engaging experience.

The US – still a highly popular destination

There are certainly a few similarities between the concept of slow travel and permanent migration. Spending months or years at one place can lead to decision of settling there permanently. This is particularly the case when traveling countries that, apart from being great backpacking destinations, also offer a high standard of living or job opportunities. This is definitely the case for the US. Many travellers that spend a few weeks or even months backpacking around the US really get a taste of the nation’s lifestyle. Apart from the accommodating lifestyle, the United States can be seen as a great base when wanting to travel the American continent and still have professional opportunities, particularly for highly qualified people. This leaves many travelers with the feeling that migrating permanently to the US might at least be a future possibility. One of the easiest ways to get permanent residency and working rights in the US right now is through the green card lottery system. The Green Card allows for unlimited residency and working permits in all countries of the US. The only requirement to take part in this lottery is to hold at least 12 years of school education comparable to the US high school diploma or a certain amount of work experience. There are many useful sites when researching about the whole process. With a bit of luck it might then be possible to start a new life in the country of endless opportunities.

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  2. says: Jenny

    I never thought about travel as migration before, but it certainly is. I’m a slow traveler. I usually buy one way tickets so I can enjoy seeing a place without any time pressure.