The Weirdest and Wildest Hotels in the World

Most hotel rooms around the world are pretty similar. Some windows and walls, a bed or two, a desk, a nice TV, maybe even a plush reclining chair if you’re lucky. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Over the years hotel designers have gotten extra creative in efforts to attract customers. The outcome has been a plethora of wacky whereabouts to stay on holiday.

Some people are sick of plain old rooms, so they decide to stay in plane rooms. Old out-of-commission airplanes have been reformatted to become working hotels all over the world. From Costa Rica to the Netherlands, grounded planes are pleasing patrons more than they ever have before.

The transportation inhabitation doesn’t stop there, though. The Waitanic Ship Motel in New Zealand is an old World War II-era boat that has been repurposed into a four-bedroom building in a park.

Sweden is home to some of the weirdest rentable rooms. Treehotel in Harads allows travellers to live amongst the branches of a forest in cube-shaped rooms with different special touches. The themes include a mirrored room that blends into the forest and a UFO-styled domicile that allows travellers to reach new heights on holiday.

Some holiday goers might not like heights. Another Swedish masterpiece allows visitors to get low, as in below zero. The ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi is the world’s largest hotel made of ice and snow. Even the beds and other furniture are constructed from the slippery stuff. As if it wasn’t novel enough, the hotel melts and is rebuilt every year, so no stay is exactly the same.

Maybe below-freezing bedding isn’t your thing. How about way below sea level? Those wealthy enough can stay at the lavish Atlantis resort in Dubai, which features underwater rooms with glass walls and ceilings to watch sharks and other marine wildlife swim by. The Jules Underwater Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, is an old research laboratory that requires scuba diving to reach the entrance.

For those in America dogged by a desire to stay in a unique spot, The Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho, is a perfect place to stay. The bed and breakfast is a giant beagle chain-sawed from wood, complete with a loft bedroom, balcony and working toilet.

Other famous quirky hotels around the world include rooms made from large wine barrels, old prisons and large portions of caves and mountains that have been sculpted to support special stays. With so many options, it’s really your own fault if you’re bored with your choice of hotel.

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  1. I understand many people look for comfort and luxury when they are traveling, so , Many hotels around the world are totally different designed but stilling have high standards of quality. This Ice hotel is one of the craziest thing you can visit. Costa Rica have uncommon hotels, such in the south pacific where is a hotel totally sustainable with the nature, no electricity , no Internet, no worries.

    Thanks for sharing.