Winter Travel Activities in Toronto

A winter getaway in Toronto, Canada is an amazing experience. There are lots of activities to do such as outdoor skating and snow tubing. After enjoying a delicious farms breakfast at the Nicholyn farms, the Horseshoe Valley is a great place for snowtubing. Even if the weather may seem rather chilly in the morning hours, usually, it gets better by the day hence you can choose from the wide range of activities to do in Toronto.

At the Kempenfelt Bay situated in Barrie, you can enjoy some wonderful outdoor time on the freezing Lake Simcoe. Those who love downhill skiing, skating and cross-country activities can visit the Horseshoe Valley. It is a thrilling experience to get pulled on top of the hill as you sit on a refunctioned inner kind of tube, and then link up in groups of 2 to 4 snow-tubers. The momentum and spin that one feels is similar to a breath taking roller coaster.

Snowtubing is among the several winter activities that Toronto has to offer. There are several places that offer snowtubing such as Snow Valley Resort and the Blue Mountain Resort among others.

Skating is an activity that runs in the Toronto residents veins. Virtually, all the cities in Ontario have got indoor arenas and outdoor skating rinks. In majority of the places, outdoor skating is free of charge and indoor skating is an inexpensive sport. Some of the famous venues for outdoor skating include Grenadier and Harbourfront Pond in Toronto City.

Snowboarding and skiing are yet other exciting winter activities commonly found in the City of Toronto. The city prides of approximately forty one resorts for snowboarders and downhill skiers at the Ski Ontario site, and it is easy to book Toronto packages for your winter weekend getaway.

Other famous activities found in Ontario include snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, ice-climbing, dog-sledding and the urban winter getaways.

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