Travel Blogs with an Edge

Travel Blogs with an Edge

If there is one thing I’ve learned in the last six months of being a part of the travel blogging community it’s that we’re quite a diverse lot.  Certain blogs focus on budget travel, others on inspiration/spirituality and some venture off into territories such as serious photography and adventure travel.  It’s what makes our community great – the enormous diversity of the collective group – all united by a common love of travel.

I’ve got a confession to make.

Nothing can be more touching than a heartfelt article that evokes strong emotions, but I most admit, I gravitate more towards blogs that offer a  little quirk and are not as straight as an arrow.

The blogs I’m about to highlight in this post all have what I’ve described in the title – a bit of an edge.

These bloggers are not afraid to offer up strong opinions, leave us dripping in sarcasm and/or dazzle us with some self-depreciating humour; nor do they shy away from covering topics that others would consider to be taboo.

They’re all class acts, yet they’re not afraid every once in a while to be a little crass 😛  It’s what we love about them.

Meet the all-star team in alphabetical order:

Mike Sowden's Fevered Mutterings

Fevered Mutterings

Mike Sowden’s Fevered Mutterings travel blog is one of the most humorous reads I’ve yet to unearth.  Let’s admit it – he’s damn funny with his dry sense of humor.  With all the noise of bucket lists and places to see, do and conquer he’s offered up something us mere mortals can aspire towards:  50 Amazingly Achievable Things To Do Before You Die.  When you’re ready for more goodies a decent place to start is his least worst section.

Michael Hodson's Go See Write

Go See Write

Michael Hodson’s Go See Write travel blog is one of the best all around travel blogs in my opinion.  I’ve already featured him once already, but he’s also a noteworthy inclusion into this list because he’s not afraid to tackle subjects or offer up opinions that go against the grain.  Read this article he wrote about what he does not admire about the Dalai Llama.  He also keeps things light – especially with his Lucky 13 interviews that put the spotlight on some of the top travel bloggers where Johnny Vagabond has been featured.  Only dare click on their names if you’re willing to laugh like a hyena.

Wes Nations' Johnny Vagabond

Johnny Vagabond

Wes Nations’ Johnny Vagabond travel blog is legendary.  I think he crafts the best travel stories I’ve ever read anywhere.  Dare I admit his articles are some of the few I’ve never skimmed.  He’s a master of getting into misadventures and making otherwise seemingly banal moments seem extraordinary.  He’s got a lot of articles worth reading but two of my personal favourites are the time he nearly soiled himself senselessly and another about his encounter with transvestites while taking a train in India.

Marc Passion's travel site

Marc Passion

Marc’s top travel blog is one of the most under-rated.  At any given moment, he might be chowing down on a happy herb pizza or chasing it down with snake blood vodka.  When he’s not munching on something he’s always game for an epic adventure, such as this African travel safari.

Emil Kaminski's Monkeetime


What more can I say about talented travel blogger Emil Kaminski than I already have right here.  I’m waiting impatiently for him to launch his own travel blog.  It’s hard to narrow things down to just a few examples with such an exhaustive accumulation of grade A material; however, I’d start by checking out this video on Varanasi, India where you’ll find yourself immersed in the lives of  cheeky backpackers, surreal sunsets, wayward cows, dung forming dudes and makeshift drug dealers.  If that wasn’t enough come check out part 8 of Bad Karma at the 8 minute mark (the anti-backpacking guide to India) to come watch one of the most revered structures in the world get jerked off – with no less than both hands.

Leif Harum's The Runaway Guide

Runaway Guide

Leif Harum’s top travel site dishes up heaps of interesting articles.  Where else will you find information on how to jump trains & sleep on the street   He’s travelled in ways many wouldn’t ever dare trying and is well worth a follow.

Anthony's The Travel Tart

The Travel Tart

Anthony better known as the Travel Tart is a true travel addict.  If you explore his site he’ll stick his tongue right out at you – quite literally (as found on his homepage header).  Not one to shy away from quirk he constantly posts humorous travel photos, such as, how to ride a bike with an ox.  I’ve even contributed a photo to his site which can found here.


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  1. says: Becky Williamson

    I am so tired of reading those travel blogs that all sound exactly the same. Thanks for being different, Nomadic Samuel. Obviously useful information is great, but I love a funny story about a trip that went hysterically wrong, or just an honest account from a blogger who isn’t trying to be like all the others. I also enjoy the Travel Tart and another travel blog called The Sharonicles. A number of the blogs you’ve mentioned here I have never heard of before, but I will definitely check them out. Thanks

  2. says: Rozzie Allen

    I keep coming back to your blog, it’s sooooo amusing and even the same stories make me laugh again.
    My blog is an infant and I’m having such fun belonging to this whole new world.

  3. says: Jeff

    Great post! Thanks for putting together all those great blogs, I’ve already checked out a couple. it can be a hassle to find quality stuff out there, keep up the great work.

  4. says: Kevin Kato

    Until now I never figured there’d be an audience for a post about how one stinkin’ past-due carton of pineapple juice could turn my end-sluice into a fire hose for an entire three-day jaunt around Ha Long Bay. Thanks for the inspiration Johnny Vagabond. (And folks, remember, there’s a reason some things are on sale.)

  5. Thanks for the listing Sam! I really appreciate it! My motto is that travel was never meant to be taken too seriously – it’s supposed to be a lot of fun, and the one thing that really binds the world together is a good laugh!

    By the way, if anyone has a funny travel photo they would like featured on The Travel Tart, let me know!


  6. says: Margo

    great list – it’s interesting to get a look inside the mind of another writer/blogger not just through their writing/blogs but by knowing what they’re drawn to.

  7. says: Jackie D

    This list is truly awesome, but it would be even more awesome if it included some ladies. If there’s one thing we ladies are good at, it’s making lists more awesome.

  8. says: Mikeachim

    Great list. Barring that Fevered Mutterings bloke, who I know for a fact is a *total* idiot.

    Seriously, trust me on this. I’ve spent a fair bit of time with the guy. He’s a whole heap of weird. I don’t generally mention in public that I know him, for this very reason.

    (Very kind of you to include me, sir. And in such company. Thank’ee).

    Yup, Leif Pettersen’s “Killing Batteries” ( and Torre DeRoche’s “Fearful Adventurer” ( are a winning mixture of thinky and pant-peeingly funny. I am a massive fan of their writing.
    Occasionally to the point of hating them, because they’re so damn funny and I can’t quite work out how they do it.
    In fact, forget I said all that – these people are jackasses. Read my blog instead! Hell yes.

    1. I doubt ‘that bloke’ is as much of a fool as the guy behind this post. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m a fan of Torre’s site but have yet to check out Leif’s Killing Batteries. I’m heading over there now!

  9. Really honored to be on this great, short list. Frankly, I don’t deserve it, but will try to pick up my game now that you’ve placed me in this company. Speaking of things I have sucked at and forgotten… I think I owe you a set of Lucky 13 questions. Emailing soon.