SAVE and ENJOY: Travelling Tips for People on the Go

Most of us are hesitant to travel and have a vacation because of the expenses. But did you know that while you travel, you could be saving money using vouchers? You just need to follow some travel tips and you will surely find the beauty on travelling.


This is a major component of travel expenses. Food of course is very important while travelling as it will give you the necessary energy needed for your trip. But in order to save money for travel, you should stay away from eating in 5-star restaurants. Try signature local foods of the place you are visiting and you will never find that in those elegant restaurants, they are mostly offered by local entrepreneurs and they cost a lot cheaper. Ask around or do your research on where you can find affordable and exquisite cuisines.


I know most of us want a comfortable and descent place to relax and sleep at night. But who says that you need to check-in at expensive hotel suites? You can just settle for rental homes that will even allow you to cook and have more space than an ordinary hotel room. This idea is perfectly applicable for those individuals travelling with their family. But if you really want to experience the hotel ambiance, you could be getting discounts on hotel bookings by watching out for promos and discounts online. There are various marketing sites offering discounts in hotel accommodations if you book earlier. Just be sure that you are getting a legitimate deal.

Tour Guide

Tourists mostly hire tour guides to aid them in their travel. But if you do your research and be more adventurous, you can enjoy the destinations you like without spending much. There are available books, guides, and manuals in the market or online that you can consult when planning your trip. Make an itinerary of your vacation like a professional guide so you don’t miss out any beautiful spots. If you roam around on your own, you will also have more freedom in your time unlike having tour guides where you need to follow a strict schedule.


If you are visiting places that have subways, you can just take the train instead of cabs as they will cost cheaper. But if the travel requires you to be in the road then you should probably consider getting a rental car rather than spending a lot to pay cab drivers. When looking at rental cars, use a Hertz discount code. With a vehicle you will have the freedom if ever you choose to stop at sceneries to take pictures, eat, and even shop. Most rental cars are equipped with GPS units but some come with a fee so just be sure to have a map with you.

With these easy and simple tips, you can save a huge amount of money which you can use to buy souvenirs or even plan a next trip! Bon Voyage everyone!

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