What to Pack for a Trip to Tunisia

Tunisia is one of the premier tourist destinations in Africa. With plenty of great historical sites and lots to see and do, many people love to return to Tunisia year after year. If you are traveling to Tunisia on holiday for the first time, be that all inclusive to Tunisia or self-catering, there are a few things to keep in mind when filling up your suitcase, especially if you have never been to a desert climate before. Tunisia is unbelievably- and often unbearably- hot, so this must be the first thing that you consider when packing your clothes and everything else. The more you can bring from home, the better off you will be, because things like sun cream are a lot more expensive in Tunisia than they are in the UK.


When packing clothes, keep everything as lightweight and light-coloured as possible. This will keep you from sweating too badly in the hot sun and will allow any breezes to make contact with as much of your skin as possible. However, you don’t want to only bring shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Many travellers who are visiting Tunisia will probably be visiting a historical Mosque at one point, and it is important to cover up one’s arms and legs to observe tradition and respect certain religious beliefs. Men are also expected to wear pants in the evening, and women should take care to cover up as much as possible.


Hiking boots are of the utmost importance in Tunisia. Walking on sand for extended periods of time can get uncomfortable and leave you with nasty blisters, so your shoes must be supportive. Many people think that sandals would be appropriate, but sand will get in between your toes and bug you for the entirety of your walk. So while boots may make your feet a little warmer, they will undoubtedly be better for you in the long run because of their supportive features.


As previously mentioned, it would be wise to bring your own sun cream because of the low availability and high cost of the substance in Tunisia. In addition, a wide brimmed hat could be the difference between a splitting headache and a comfortable camel ride through the desert. You will of course want to bring a camera, as well, but keep in mind that the desert environment is not really the best for electronic equipment. Take great care to keep sand out of your camera and your phone, as well. Finally, mosquito repellent will truly be a lifesaver for the evening, so make sure to have a bottle or two handy.


Whenever you go out sightseeing for the day, be sure to carry bottled water with you. The dry dessert heat can make it unbearably hot in the middle of the day, and you don’t want to suffer the effects of dehydration while on holiday. Drink plenty of water during the day and stop for short breaks when needed.

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