Winter travel tips to get you through airport security quickly

Travelling with the family can be challenging, especially when you get to airport security. Following these tips from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) will not only help bring the stress level down, but also get you through the checkpoint faster and easier.


Download CATSA’s app

Go to CATSA’s website ( and download their “Breeze through security” mobile app. In addition to wait times, you’ll find information on what you can and can’t bring through security and helpful tips about the screening process.

Remember the 100ml rule

Put large containers of liquids, aerosols and gels in your checked baggage. Only amounts less than 100 ml, placed in a 1 L clear, re-sealable plastic bag, are permitted in your carry-on baggage. This includes beverages and non-solid food (e.g. yogurt, pudding and peanut butter). However, beverages and food for children under the age of two are exempt from these restrictions (e.g. breast milk, formula, juice and purees). Keep these items within reach as they need to be inspected separately.

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Leave gifts unwrapped

If you’re bringing gifts, leave them unwrapped in case their contents may need to be inspected. Some airports have gift-wrapping services located past security during the holiday season.

How to pack your electronics for airport security

Bringing your children’s electronic games is a good way to keep them busy at the airport. To save time leave small electronic devices like tablets, e-books, cameras and handheld video games in their cases or in your carry-on baggage for screening, then simply place the case or baggage in the bin. If you travel with large electronic items like laptops, DVD players, netbooks, notebooks or game consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.) you need to remove them from your carry-on baggage and place them separately in a bin. Make sure there are no other items on top or underneath.


Choose easy-to-remove outerwear

Make sure the little ones can easily remove winter jackets, boots and hats. These items must be placed in bins for screening.

Look for the Family/Special Needs lane

If you need help at the checkpoint, look for the Family/Special Needs lane. It features screening equipment that can accommodate larger items, like car seats and strollers, and screening officers who offer additional assistance.

Have your boarding passes ready

Remember to have all family members’ boarding passes ready for inspection.


If you have more questions about the screening process,  you can find answers online at, on the go with CATSA’s mobile app or on social media (Twitter: @catsa_gc, Pinterest: CATSAGC). You can also watch short info video on CATSA’s YouTube channel. Bon voyage!

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  1. Sometimes you just have to take certain large items with you and taking them out and back in takes time… DSLR camera, possibly multiple lenses for the camera (yes, they make you take them out as well), laptop etc.

    You can still save time by putting smaller objects and even your belt inside the back before you go through the security. Normally you can put your keys, wristwatch and wallet in the bag.

  2. says: agnishwarray

    We all love to travel so it is very much important to know the do’s and dont’s specially when we are travelling by air. Thank you very much for sharing this informative blog which I believe is of great help for the readers who love to travel. Wish you all a happy and safe journey. 🙂

  3. says: Natalie

    Great list. In the US we have a TSA precheck option. If you apply and get approved you can have an expedited line. It is really worth the hassle to get as it saves lots of time.

    GREAT tip on the wrapped gifts. Many years ago I found a piece of my mother’s leaded crystal pattern while traveling and had it wrapped up. As I was worried about it breaking in my luggage I carried it on. I had no idea that leaded crystal will show up completely black on the screen as x-rays can apparently not go through it. I got a LOT of unwanted attention then from security worrying about what was in that small rectangular box!! Oops!! LOL! It is funny in hindsight but at the time is was not in the least!! Since then I am super careful about wrapping anything…not worth the possibility of hanging things up at security.

  4. says: Kirti

    Agree here, Airport security checking is a mess itself specially in specific countries. But with these tips we can easily pass airport security without any hassle. Thanks for sharing Dear. Keep it up.

  5. says: Sukhdham Yatri Bhavan

    Thank you for sharing such an awesome tips. I think this will helpful to all travel bloggers who are traveling frequently.

  6. says: Katrin

    You’d think the 100 ml rule would be an easy one to remember, but I’m proof that’s not always the case… I had a tube of Aloe Vera gelly in my back pack, a new 250 ml one. Of course that was spotted in the screening and taken care of. $20 out the window, or rather lost in transit. Oh well, at least I’ll remember to put my Aloe Vera in my checked luggage next time! I hope…