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tibet travel permit

To enter Tibet there are certain travel documents necessary, all travelers entering Tibet need to do so with an organized and authorized tour company and the tour company can arrange your necessary documents for you. So basically if you book your Tibet tour through a tour company they can help you and take the burden […]


The silver bean in Chicago - Flickr CC olekvi

The diverse landscape and destinations of the United States provide abundant possibilities for any intrepid backpacker. Bringing together crowded cities with expansive natural terrain, travelers can choose to discover the origins of America’s culture or get lost in the wilderness. But planning and preparing such an epic adventure potentially takes a lot of time, effort […]

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Sports Equipment at security

How to get through airport security faster this winter Travelling for Christmas? During the holidays, thousands take to the skies to celebrate with friends and family. It’s the time of year to give gifts to our loved ones. That being said, there are some restrictions on what can be brought on board a plane. The […]


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Traveling on a shoestring? Down to your last cents? Worried you’re going to miss out on the best of what Barcelona has to offer? Fear not! There are endless possibilities in the Catalan capital for all budgets, and plenty to do for free! So drop down your backpack and get your exploration mode switched on […]


Youth Hostel in Barcelona - Flickr CC oh-barcelona

Last year Samuel wrote an article describing 4 ways to save money while traveling.  Those tips are pretty much timeless, but I say there are more ways you can keep your costs down while exploring our planet.  First of all let’s acknowledge the inescapable fact that, while there are many ways you can stretch a […]


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Sometimes I’ve been guilty of falling in love with a product and/or service to the point where it blinds me from trying something else. When it comes to flying around select destinations in Asia, I’ve been a huge fan of Air Asia for years. Almost exclusively I’ve flown with Air Asia – on both long […]


Piggy Bank by flickr user alancleaver

One of the biggest myths in travel is that taking an adventure of a lifetime has to be expensive.  Often the cost of living, when travelling as a budget backpacker, is less than the regular expenditures associated with living back home; however, learning all of the ins and outs of budget travel is a process that is […]


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When travelling around the world the two biggest costs typically tend to be transportation and accommodation.  On the transportation side of things, flying internationally can at times cost more than an entire month of budget backpacking in regions such as SE Asia.  Thus, when considering flying overseas it’s important to compare fares, use coupons and select airlines […]


BC Ferry Northern Expedition arrives at Departure Bay by flicker user kams_world

It becomes paramount to decide on the method of transportation prior to taking your vacation.  Some distinct methods of transportation that you should consider are based on several factors which include the distance to be covered, weather conditions, travel costs, and your own personal safety. This is the basis on which your plan is formulated. […]


Lisa Atm: Credit: George Rajna, Lisa at the ATM in Bangkok

After all my months and years on the road, I try to convince myself that I am a savvy traveler yet somehow I still find myself in Indonesia in PayPal Jail unable to use my account. I want to share a few tips that I know work about money and help you use my experience […]