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    1. says: PNR Status

      I have made a website to give valuable information on Lifeline of India – Railways.
      Have a look and give your views.

    2. says: Mian Ghulam Haider

      Nice and very Good Videos of yours, especially your visit to Istanbul. After watching Istanbul in videos i am very much willing to Have at least 15 days trip to Istanbul,

      i Wished i were also the member of your team to travel around the world, because i love traveling. i wish you also make a visit to south west Coastal areas of Turkey, it is said that this area is Full of Turkish resorts, and the weather is very nice there i wish i come to know about that area by your videos before i travel to Turkey for 30 days Visit( 15 Days Istanbul and 15 days at best South west Coastal ares of Turkey.

    3. says: shefali baranwal

      hey i m a big fan of yours and just love ur collection !!!!!!
      guess what today i saw an article of yours in the newzzz paper it was simply amazing !!!!
      your photo rockzzzzzzzzzzzz 😀