Welcome to my travel blog blog! This is where you’ll find everything from in-depth travel guides to the quirkiest stories from the road, not to mention a hefty dose of inspiration and all the travel tips you could ever need, straight from a guy who’s been around the block (and the world) a few times. This is miles away from ordinary…dripping with sarcasm.

Nomadic Samuel traveling in Germany hiking

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit 70+ countries as a solo traveler and with my wife Audrey. Travel is my number one passion in life. And I’m excited to share my experiences with you.

My guides aren’t just about pointing you to the nearest tourist spot. They’re a deeper dive into the true soul of a place, whether it’s a bustling city or a hidden nook only the locals know about. And the stories? Oh, they’re anything but ordinary. Ever find yourself on a chicken bus (with more animals than humans) or accidentally joining a local wedding? That’s the kind of stuff I live for. It’s the reason I’m on the road. Those authentic experiences you’ll never forget.

If you’re looking for that little push to book your next adventure, you’re in the right place. Between bespoke photos and tales of unexpected adventures, I hope to inspire you. And because I’ve learned a thing or two on my travels, you’ll be getting all the tips I’ve acquired to make your journey smoother.

So, whether you’re plotting your next escape or just love a good travel yarn, you’ve arrived at the right spot.