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Nomadic Samuel Jeffery in cartoon form - Asia
Nomadic Samuel in cartoon form!

My story starts off a little different than what you´ll most likely read on your typical travel blog.  I don´t really in particular have an ´escape from the cubicle tale´ in the sense that I´ve never been in one before.  The story of my ´nomadic life´ is one in which I have yet to work in Canada as a post university graduate with the majority of my 20´s having been spent overseas in Asia working as an expat English teacher, model, photographer, freelance writer and – of course – as a wandering nomadic soul completely infatuated by all the splendor and woe longterm travel has to offer an individual.  I´m a bit of a jack of all trades and a man who wears many hats – the kind of individual that doesn´t like to stay in any one place for any serious length of time.

Nomadic Samuel Jeffery a man of many hats
Nomadic Samuel investor, traveler, blogger, vlogger – a man of many hats

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I´m thrilled that you have taken the time to check out my website.  I hope that it offers the kind of travel photos/videos, quirky travel stories and photography tips that will tickle your fancy.  In my opinion, travel is filled with moments of splendor and moments of woe and I hope to capture both sides of the coin – at times not afraid to touch upon subjects that are off limits to others.  If you´re new to my website please check out my photo essays, photo blog & video blog along with my quirky travel stories & Top 100 Travel Blogs and country guides as reference points.  These specific categories are where I will posting most often.

Nomadic Samuel Traveling around Asia and South America
Nomadic Samuel Travelling!

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Please enjoy the following fun facts below as a way to get to know me better:

Name: Samuel Jeffery

Nationality:  Canadian (Irish, French, Scottish, British, Dutch background)

Years Spent Abroad: 6

Years Spent in South Korea:  3

Languages:  English, Functional Korean, (some) Spanish & French

Careers (Chronological Order):  paperboy, hockey official, parks & recreation employee, pharmacist assistant, Canadian soldier reservist, grocery bag boy, landscaper, English tutor, English teacher, model, photographer and freelance writer


Countries I´ve visited:  26 in total

Americas (Canada, USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador) = 10

Asia (South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Brunei) = 16

Favorite Ethnic Cuisine:  A three way tie between Thai, Korean & Indian

Exotic Foods I´ve Tried At Least Once:  Silkworm larvae, raw squid, snake wine, snake blood, llama

Longest Bus Journey:  68 continuous insane hours of transit from Quito, Ecuador to Puno, Peru.

Favorite Country To Travel:  Thailand & India (another tie)

Most Underrated Country:  Argentina & Bolivia (another tie)

Most Disappointing Country:  Ecuador & Brunei (again, another tie)

Likelihood of an eventual return to North America:  Slim to none

Favorite Sport:  Hockey (I am Canadian after-all :P)

Hobbies other than travel:  Photography, ethnic cuisine, inline skating, reading nonfiction, yoga, fantasy sports, meditation

When I Plan on Quitting my Nomadic Life:  I´ll be pushing up daisies 😛

Best Journey:  Taking the trains in India!  If you watch my youtube videos below I think you might understand why!  What an epic adventure 🙂

Quirky Travel Story #1:  Korean grandma trying to pick the freckles off of my arm as if they were skittles.

Quirky Travel Story #2:  Saving a friend from going home with a Thai lady boy under false pretenses and consequently having to run for my life out of the back door of a nightclub in Bangkok to avoid getting mobbed.

Quirky Travel Story #3:  Almost getting blown up during a terrorist attack in Varanasi in mid December, 2010.

Quirky Travel Story #4:  Watching a Thai Cobra Show!  I won’t spoil it with details.

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Nomadic Samuel Jeffery traveling South America and Asia
Nomadic Samuel Traveling!

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  1. says: Colin May

    Hi, I hope you well? Hopefully the spirit of travel will be back in full swing. Do you think you will come to Australia again? If so let us know I run a few travel companies. Happy travels.

  2. says: chandan

    Very well stated. By providing value to your remarks, you will also maintain a high level of trustworthiness. People will begin to look for you and keep track of your updates. You can then become a thought leader in your field.

  3. says: Majid Khan

    I’m an nomadicsamuel fan here. Your blogs helped me a lot in planning my trip especially in SE Asia. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Looking forward to your future adventures.

  4. says: Thu Ngo

    Hey I liked your profile pic. Was that taken in Vietnam? Did you have a good time there? Your global journey looks very impressive! I envy you so much!

  5. says: Natalie

    You have had many interesting experiences!! I’m sure that your varied background has brought you insight that others love a peak into! I’m a travel writer for traveling with families. Since we always have the littles along (though they aren’t that little anymore – 10 and 12 now) our experiences are colored by our desire to show them the world, but also keeping some familiarity for comfort. When I read posts on more exotic locales I’m curious about food…can you get just plain stuff…bread or rice or pasta minus anything else? I figure if you can get one of those things then even the pickiest of eaters (read: some children) will not starve. 🙂

    Will keep reading on your post and daydreaming!!

  6. says: Daisy

    Wow, 68 hours on a bus is pretty much a dead tiring journey, I do not know if I have the heart to do it. Anyway, I’m wondering why you don’t like Ecuador & Brunei? You’ve got me curious. I travel a little too but secretly I am a little envious of you because you almost travel the world.

  7. says: Yuna

    Hi Samuel,

    I stumbled upon your website through my research on Korea and I am having a great time discovering it, article after article.

    I read your tips in choosing the right companies to work for. I don’t know if you (or anyone you know) can possible answer my question (because it’s very specific) but here it goes.

    I am a naturalized Canadian citizen (meaning, that I came to Canada over 10 years ago, when I was still a teenager, at 17). My English is fluent and I excelled in my studies of English Literature (I have a Bachelor with a Specialized Honours of English). I am currently getting certified for a TESOL diploma at U of T. I do have an accent, but it’s very slight, and most Canadians think it’s either Quebecoise or “Eastern [Canadian]” (it’s neither). However I have taught EFL in Argentina and Albania and I notice a significant reduction of accent when I am surrounded by other non-natives.

    My friend and I (she’s Polish-born, but has been living in Canada since she was 14) want to teach in Korea. I have heard about the ridiculous “native speaker” requirements. I call them so, because in Canada the insistence on having “no accent” is ridiculous. Anyways, I know we can’t get in through EPIK because the requirments specify you have to have started instruction in a Canadian school beginning with grade 7. Do you know of any other people in our position that were able to get a job in Korea? Both my friend and I “read” as Canadians because we are of European descent.

    Any thoughts? Sorry for the super-long message. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  8. says: muhammad azeem

    sam dear please visit lahore pakistan too……………..pakistan is the great country to explore specially lahore…………..wait you and make beautiful video documentry of lahore.

  9. says: Paul

    Well I have to say, wow. I have a question Samuel. When you left Canada and decided to travel and teach english, did it not occur to you that if and when you come back to Canada you would hardly have any savings, a career, financial security when you move back and want too settle down back home. I am also from Canada, and traveled a bit, and I would love to do what you do but be able to not be homeless when I get back to Canada! I mean a career, savings ?????

  10. says: Eddie

    I’ve seen you wear some Chicago cubs and Blackhawks gear, do you have a connection to Chicago or are you just a fan of those teams?

  11. says: Manilyn

    Hi, Samuel 🙂 I love your blog! It gives me knowledge…a LOT!
    I am hoping that you can visit my country-PHILIPPINES.
    It’s really amazing:)

      1. says: Manilyn Leonardo

        My dearest Samuel, thank you for the respond. I was really surprised. You know what? you’re my biggest idol in blogging. I always read your blog. And I make sure that I always check your site before going to sleep. I am hoping that if you will come here in Philippines I can be your guide wherever you go:) I just want to be with my IDOL and that’s you! Please make my dream come true:) Thanks my One and Only Idol SAMUEL:)

  12. says: Rajat Dhameja


    Clearly you have a great travel portfolio and this blog is really nice. A cuisine tie between Thai and Korean and Indian is something I can relate too.

    Will read other articles every now and then.

    Rajat Dhameja

  13. says: Bria Pemberton

    Hi Samuel,
    I have great admiration for the lifestyle and the guts to do what you do.
    But have to ask. How on earth do you make any money to pay for your travels?
    Ok, you can travel cheaply. But without income it only lasts so long. I read your article about making a successful travel blog. Perhaps you could follow it with how to earn money from blogging?

  14. says: Rachel

    Hey Samuel!
    It’s always nice to come across someone else who has a nomadic lifestyle! I’ve been thinking about starting a travel blog to document my journeys. Like you, I use ESL teaching as a means to see the world 🙂 I think we’re kindred spirits 🙂 My life goal is to set foot on every continent. Can’t wait to get to Antarctica!
    I see you haven’t gone to Europe. May I ask why?

    Best wishes to you!
    ~Rachel, currently teaching in Moscow 🙂

  15. says: David Moran

    India and Asia are in my bucket list. It is so different from the western world I would find myself staring at every person and everything.

  16. Dude, 68 hours on a bus is insane. Longest I’ve done was 30 hours (also in Peru, they’re all about the long bus rides down there it seems) and by the end of that I was so delirious I swear I didn’t know what my damn name was & it look around 3 hours for any sensation to return to my butt-cheeks. 68 hours is freakin’ ridiculous. Just found your blog & am loving it btw.

  17. says: Gerry

    Hi. I find your blog very interesting and inspiring. Nice work. 😀

    Why not try visiting the Philippines? Im sure you’ll love it. Im based in Singapore but originally from the Phils.

    I’ve been travelling the past years but it was only recently I started to blog.


  18. says: Park House Brooklyn Hotel

    We love your posts and so do our guests! Please look us up if your ever in Brooklyn, New York. We’d love to host a celebrity traveler!

  19. says: David

    Samuel, My name is David, I am a huge fan… Come by my site or blog and show me some comment love, or offer me some suggestions on how to make it better… I am new to the game, just started my site a couple months ago – Comparetoptravel.com …. Blog – Comparetoptravel.com/blog, also my email Is included here, I would like to know a little more about your advertising how you format it in your page and what you charge… Thanks

  20. says: Rom

    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done in putting together all of this information regarding the travel industry, anyone who’s involved in this industry will greatly appreciate having all the research done by someone else for free, I certainly appreciate it. Thank you.

  21. Most disappointing country: Ecuador?! WHY? OH WHY???
    Actually, I’m really curious to know! For me it was actually a very pleasant surprise – but I didn’t have any expectations as such. That counts as well..

  22. says: Ronald

    Hello Samuel,

    just found your video of train riding in India.
    I have to say: Really a piece of art,
    your video – and India!

  23. says: Jodi

    Gosh! I don’t know where to begin…

    I want to be you 🙂

    … And it just seems soooooooooo unrealistically – impossible. But you give me hope!

    My Dad is a jack of all trades himself, works away too. But he would love to go from destination to destination to des… must run in the blood. 🙂

    Who knows, maybe someday, one-day, we might catch the same bus together.

    Thank you for just taking the leap and living life!

    Jodi – the girl with big dreams (^^,?

  24. Wow Samuel,

    What an incredible job you`ve done…Impresionante…as they say in Spain !!! Great Blog you’ve got here Sam. I have often found that travel blogs have the tendency to be fairly childish and an unprofessional. Its great to see someone take a truly professional look at traveling and give some really solid reviews. I’ve very much enjoyed reading your blog so far and will continue to do so. All the best with the rest of your travels!

  25. says: jessica

    OMG I think this blog is fantastic and I’ve only read the About Me page!! Love the ostrich riding, where one earth did you do that??
    I currently work in English Teaching, so I’ll definitely be emailing about guest posting!

  26. says: Vladimir

    Hello Sam…. what an incredible travelling life you have…. and thank you for sharingit with us, so great blog. If you (or anyone) want can have a look to http://www.gaytraveladvice.com a new website to show incredible places aimed at LGTBI community, but we are straight-friendly web site 🙂
    Keep on travelling…..
    Vladimir (www.gaytraveladvice.com)

  27. says: Janice

    I was looking up something on Google and came across your website. I was wondering whether you asked permissions from the people you are taking pictures of. A lot of them seemed to be carrying on with their daily lives and in their thought moments and what not. I started to wonder if it’s okay to take pictures of people without their consents?
    Just a thought…I do think you take nice photos.
    Janice in Vancouver.

  28. You’ve got quite the site here, Nomadic Samuel!

    I see you are Canadian and have some Irish descent. You’d better get yourself to Newfoundland, as the Irish culture there is really prevalent — and fun! I co-authored the 1st Frommer’s guide to NL and the research I did there really opened my eyes to the “other” side of Canada! Enjoy your travels here, there and everywhere!

    1. Hi, I’m actually not commenting nearly as much as I used to because I’m super busy with multiple projects. As far as it being a strategy, I guess it is to a certain extent, but it’s more about networking and connecting with other bloggers than anything else. I think you can spend too much time commenting. For example, an hour spent commenting could be spent writing a guest post.

  29. says: rubin pham

    i dream of travelling the world all my life. i am about to retire from my job here in the usa and travel around the world in 800 days.
    your stories and advices have been very useful.
    thanks for all the tips.

  30. says: Tamika D.

    Hey, Samuel!

    I look forward to traveling with you via your blog! Fab photos and experiences are always a plus in my book. When it gets cold here we’ll try to send you some yummy ATL popcorn. 🙂

  31. Marhaba Samuel! Shukran for visiting my blog about my adventures (and misadventures) living & travelling in the Middle East! 🙂

    now it’s my turn to scour your blog for South East Asia stories, can’t wait for my chance to go for a backpacking trip, Mashallah very soon! 🙂

  32. says: SDWanderer

    WOW, great blog! I have been going thru your blogs and videos about India!! I’m going there in November for two weeks! I’m learning a lot from your travel there. So thank you for sharing!!

  33. Another Canadian who loves India — we must be soul mates 🙂

    Seriously, I’ve fallen way behind, but I am going to work my way through your India videos. I know how much you love the country so I’m sure your photos will be good.

    Hope we meet up one of these days!

  34. says: Cal

    Great story Sam, really inspiring. I don’t think I could ever ‘Not’ return to North America though. That’s just too hard.

    Travel safe my friend!

  35. says: TheFrugalWanderer

    I wish I could travel as often as you do! Perhaps you could check out our country in the future though. 😉

  36. says: DebbZ

    Hey Sam ! You have such a great blog. I’m happy I found it today 🙂
    Wishing you many awesome adventures ahead. I’m following !
    Cheers from Bali

  37. says: James

    Hi Sam,
    I’ve heard your name being mentioned all around the travel blogosphere, but this is the first time I’ve actually visited your blog – now I wish I had found it earlier! Couldn’t help laughing at the pretty “Buy Nomadic Samuel Lunch” thumbnail; I will buy you that and a beer when you get to Hong Kong.

  38. says: FrancesPances

    Well you started your blog on my birthday, so I’m gonna go ahead and take that as a sign that we’re going to get married. hahaha, kidding… kind of…. Your life is probably the most intriguing and jealousy-enticing thing that I have ever come across. I’m too young to take up your outrageous lifestyle, but until the day I take-off I plan to live vicariously through you/your blog. Keep doing what your doing; It takes a wonderful person for this lifestyle. You’re truly an inspiration Mr. Nomad! Thanks for the encouragement.

    an avid reader, learner, and lover.

  39. says: chris m blyth

    Love the India train video – great slow mo!. Just went to India and did 36 hour Goa – Delhi , totally awesome … found a small concert on the train – one were singing all these beautiful devotional songs, so I joined in clapping and filmed it too (not at same time as thats quite difficult)

  40. says: Duncan


    Great blog – I love the variety of posts you have here.

    If you were to give me one (just one!!) tip on how to see the world on a budget what would it be?

    Best wishes,


  41. says: Riaad Bennett

    Heya Samual,

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your amazing journey through this blog and with hints on taking that next perfect picture. I just recently graduated and I’m waiting patiently for mid September, as that will be my final stay in my home country New Zealand. I’m planning my potential 4 year world trip and will be starting in Asia, where I plan to travel across the vast continent for 8-10 months! I have to say you inspired me further with your blog and the amazing photos/videos! My favorite video has to be the Indian railway journey and I can’t wait to be in that exact position to record my own unique chapter/adventure in life.

    Good luck with your travels mate.. might bump into you along my travels.


  42. I have been thinking of travelling to South East Asia for a few months. I would love to do what you did Samuel but have no idea how I would even start. I crave the experience of seeing the richness and beauty of people and places that is exists. I am in-between jobs figuring out what to do next and reading a blog like yours stokes the fires. Thanks and if you have any advice I am all ears. Will keep checking your blog to see what cool stories you have next to tell.

  43. says: Jude

    Came upon your site by chance. Cool! Awesome! Will go over your other materials in due time. I`m off to a good start this new year!

  44. says: Suza

    Great blog!!
    Why were you most disappointed with Brunei? I am yet to go there, was thinking of going next year.
    Keep on wandering 🙂

      1. says: Sam

        I don’t blame you Re Brunei. I spent 6 weeks there cos my parents recently moved there – excruciatingly boring. You’ve been to India and Bangladesh but not Pakistan?

  45. says: Madhu Nair

    Great blog … I envy you … never worked in a cubicle ! that’s not fair 🙂 !
    It took me 10 years to finally escape the cube and go off on an extended trip in India.

    All the very best for your adventures !


      1. says: Nazeli K

        I didn’t see that written above and it did seem really strange! There’s so much to see and a lifetime is hardly enough…
        I love the image that comes with my comment, looks exactly like me (a prettier version of me, actually). I am a bit less green, to be honest, but hair is identical!
        Good luck on your next trips!

        1. HA! Indeed, even if I could live to 200 I wouldn’t get a chance to see even half of the world. I’m glad you like to avatar 🙂 My hair looks like that in the morning before I take a shower 🙂

    1. Thanks Luis, I think it’s possible for you to enjoy the kind of travel I’ve experienced. It does involve a lot of personal sacrifice & disciplined savings to make it possible. I appreciate you checking out my site & I’m hoping it will inspire others to travel 🙂

  46. says: Jacinta

    Wow Samuel,

    What an incredible job you`ve done…Impresionante…as they say in Spain !!! Absolutely amazing and soooo professional ! I haven`t had time to check everything out and my connection is really slow today but I definitely will another day. Listen..well done… you`ve done a fantastic job and even though we`ve never met I can tell you are a fabulously nice guy and you deserve to succeed…really ! He who dares…wins !!! You are a great inspiration to everyone I`m sure, judging by ppl`s comments and how they respond to you. So the very best of luck with this and all your future endeavours. It`s been a real pleasure following you around the globe thru cyberspace. Take care and be in touch. : )

    1. says: krivo2525

      Thanks for the inspiring words Jacinta! You´ve been one of the most supportive fans of my work and I can´t tell you how much I appreciate it. If it is ever possible I would love to meet up with you to express this is person. Hope you enjoy more of the content I´ll be putting up over the next several months. I´m especially working hard to get all of my photos uploaded to this new website that will allow my audience to view them in original (not condensed) form 🙂 that will offer a big upgrade over how I was sharing them originally on facebook.