Top 100 Travel Blogs


Top 100 Travel Blogs and Top 100 Travel Sites [List of the BEST TRAVEL BLOGS worldwide]
Top 100 Travel Blogs and Top 100 Travel Sites [List of the BEST TRAVEL BLOGS worldwide]


Welcome to the top 100 travel blogs (single author, couples and family sites) as ranked by Alexa, SEMRush, Domain Authority,  Page Authority, Compete and SimilarWeb indicators.  This list was compiled tracking hundreds of independent travel sites.  The top travel sites that made this list are ranked according to Alexa (16.6%), SEMRush (16.6%), Domain Authority (16.6%), Page Authority (16.6%), Compete (16.6%) and SimilarWeb (16.6%) indicators in an attempt to highlight some of the best travel blogs.  In total, six different metrics are used in the equation from five different independent sources.

My list is done entirely by ranking numbers and does not involve my personal opinion in any way, shape or form.

The list specifically measures the external link profile of sites using Domain Authority & Page Authority along with Alexa, Compete, SimilarWeb and SEMRush to determine levels of traffic, popularity, engagement and results in the search engines.



 (Please read this carefully as you may not currently qualify to be tracked.)


(If your travel blog does not qualify for the list or to be tracked, this article will definitely help you eventually get there.)

The Top 100 Travel Sites will be updated roughly every 8-16 weeks.

What this list is/isn’t

This list is current.  Most of the other best travel sites lists do not accept new entries & accordingly aren’t relevant.

The Top Travel Blogs will ALWAYS include a process of accepting travel sites that meet the criteria of the ranking system.

This list is purely a ranking system based on numbers crunched, ranked and scored objectively.  There are no subjective measurements.

The Best Travel Blogs is inherently flawed.

Observations Regarding This Latest Update:

**(All data gathered for the latest update on September 13, 2014)**

Welcome to Volume XII of the Top 100 Travel blogs!

It’s been ages since I’ve updated this list.  I apologize for that.  Ideally, I’d like this list to be updated 4-6 times per year; however, this year has been exceptionally hectic for me (the busiest year of my life) and each update takes longer than ever given the amount of blogs I’m now tracking.

Since the last update, many blogs have soared up the charts and you’ll notice this particular snapshot of the list looks quite different.

Travel blogging certainly isn’t static and those really pushing with their sites have shown tremendous growth in the past 6-8 months.

There have been 15 new sites added to the mix and to actually be in the Top 100 portion of this list is becoming harder and harder with each update.

One this particular update there were 194 blogs tracked over six categories with a maximum amount of 1164 potential points.

If you would like your travel blog to be included on the next update it has to qualify for FOUR out of the SIX metrics: (email:  nomadicsamuel at gmail dot com)

Alexa Score:  250,000 or lower

SEMRush:  1,600,000 or lower

Page Authority:  50 or higher

Domain Authority:  42 or higher

Compete:  1,300,000 or lower

Similar Web:   1,200,000 or lower


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# Top 100 Travel Blogs Score
1 Y Travel Blog 1125
2 A Luxury Travel Blog 1106
3 The Planet D 1102
4 Expert Vagabond 1095
5 Wandering Earl 1093.5
6 Adventurous Kate 1080
7 Legal Nomads 1066.5
8 Wandering Trader 1064
9 Twenty Something Travel 1059
10 The Everywhereist 1053
11 Go Backpacking 1049
12 Migrationology 1042
13 LandLopers 1038
14 Uncornered Market 1032
15 Travel Dudes 1010
16 Nomadic Samuel 1007
17 Solo Traveler 984.5
18 A Dangerous Business 974
19 Never Ending Voyage 955
20 Green Global Travel 953
21 That Backpacker 952
22 Almost Fearless 948
23 Young Adventuress 946.5
24 Wandering Educators 944
25 A Little Adrift 938
26 The Vacation Gals 927.5
27 Ken Kaminesky Photography 924
28 Amateur Traveler 914.5
29 Bacon is Magic 911
30 Travels of Adam 902
31 Otts World 894
32 E Tramping 888
33 Fox Nomad 875.5
34 Ordinary Traveler 872
35 The Professional Hobo 861
36 Delicious Baby 854
37 Wild Junket 853
38 Leave Your Daily Hell 850
39 Go See Write 849
40 One Step 4Ward 811.5
41 Hecktic Travels 811
42 The Expeditioner 808
43 Travel O Cafe 793
44 Around the World in 80 Jobs 792
45 Brendan’s Adventures 792
46 Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel 788.5
47 Plum Deluxe 786
48 The Traveling Praters 781.5
49 Beers and Beans 758
50 Camels & Chocolate 743
51 Art of Adventuring 742
52 The Longest Way Home 731.5
53 Traveling Canucks 729.5
54 Globetrotter Girls 718.5
55 Alex In Wanderland 713.5
56 My Itchy Travel Feet 710
57 Breathe Dream Go 709.5
58 Nomadic Notes 706
59 Dave’s Travel Corner 704
60 Time Travel Turtle 703
61 Tourist 2 Townie 700.5
62 Velvet Escape 697.5
63 Never Ending Footsteps 696
64 Soul Travelers 3 695.5
65 Budget Traveller 695
66 The Barefoot Nomad 688.5
67 Just One Way Ticket 683
68 Gypsy Nester 673.5
69 Vagabond Journey 667.5
70 Off The Path 661
71 Cheapest Destinations Blog 658
72 Francis Tapon 656
73 Ever In Transit 647
74 Nerd’s Eye View 642.5
75 Man on the Lam 639
76 Goats On The Road 638.5
77 Finding The Universe 637
78 Be My Travel Muse 631
79 Inside The Travel Lab 631
80 Family On Bikes 630
81 Around the World L 628
82 Muza Chan 627
83 Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler 622
84 Just Travelous 614.5
85 Extra Pack of Peanuts 614
86 Virtual Wayfarer 612.5
87 LL World Tour 609.5
88 As We Travel 603
89 Women On The Road 598
90 Bucket List Journey 597.5
91 Indie Travel Podcast 582.5
92 Monkeys and Mountains 580.5
93 Changes in Longitude 569
94 The Constant Rambler 562.5
95 The Blonde Abroad 561
96 Over Yonderlust 560
97 Heather on Her Travels 559.5
98 Turkish Travel Blog 557
99 Travel With Bender 553.5
100 The Aussie Nomad 552.5


Blogs as scored by the 6 Categories:*

1)  Click here see to the top 100 Travel Blogs ranked & scored by ALEXA

2)  Click here see to the top 100 Travel Blogs ranked & scored by SEMRush

3)  Click here see to the top 100 Travel Blogs ranked & scored by PAGE AUTHORITY

4)  Click here see to the top 100 Travel Blogs ranked & scored by DOMAIN AUTHORITY

5)  Click here see to the top 100 Travel Blogs ranked & scored by COMPETE

6)  Click here see to the top 100 Travel Blogs ranked & scored by SIMILARWEB

Previous Top 100 Rankings

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Top 100 Travel Blogs – Volume I – February, 2012

Travel Blogs Ranked 101 to 180


101 Pommie Travels 551
102 1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure 550.5
103 2 Backpackers 546.5
104 Stop Having a Boring Life 543
105 Get In The Hot Spot 528.5
106 Wonderful Wanderings 528
107 Nomadic Chick 527.5
108 Runaway Juno 527
109 Don’t Stop Living 524
110 GranTourismo 524
111 My Beautiful Adventures 514.5
112 Johnny Vagabond 508
113 The Runaway Guide 508
114 Pause the Moment 505
115 Travel Yourself 501.5
116 Europe Up Close 499
117 Bitten By The Travel Bug 487.5
118 Travel Experta 484.5
119 Matt Gibson 483.5
120 Four Jandals 481
121 We Said Go Travel 475.5
122 Grrrl Traveler 475
123 Dream Euro Trip 474
124 Fearful Adventurer 470
125 Our Oyster 466.5
126 Waegook Tom 451.5
127 Katie Aune 451
128 Bohemian Trails 439
129 Traveling Savage 438
130 Escape Artistes 433
131 Globotreks 430
132 Inspiring Travellers 428
133 Out Of Town Blog 418.5
134 Trans-Americas Journey 417
135 Wild About Travel 416
136 Mallory On Travel 415
137 Solo Friendly 408
138 Bruised Passports 404.5
139 Borders Of Adventure 403.5
140 Sophie’s World 403
141 The Travel Tart 401
142 Savoir Faire Abroad 399
143 Breakaway Backpacker 396.5
144 Traveling Ted 385
145 Downtown Traveler 369
146 My Several Worlds 368.5
147 Traveling With Sweeney 360.5
148 D Travels `Round 360
149 Aussie on the Road 352
150 The Road Forks 351.5
151 CC Food Travel 346
152 TravMonkey 337.5
153 Adventures of a Goodman 337
154 Flip Nomad 332
155 Raising Miro 331.5
156 Chris Around The World 330
157 Kaleidoscopic Wandering 329.5
158 Life Cruiser 306.5
159 501 Places 306
160 GQ Trippin 303.5
161 What’s Dave Doing? 298.5
162 Butterfly Diary 297.5
163 Brooke Vs The World 297
164 Travel with a Mate 294.5
165 1000 Fights 271
166 Canvas of Light 269
167 Suzy Guese 255.5
168 Captain and Clark 245.5
169 Positive World Travel 243.5
170 The Travel Chica 242.5
171 Bucket List Publications 231.5
172 No Vacation Required 231.5
173 Chasing the Unexpected 206.5
174 Mai Travel Site 204
175 Fevered Mutterings 201.5
176 Mike’s Road Trip 201
177 Travel Reportage 201
178 I Dreamed Of This 199

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  1. says: Himal Ghale

    Thank you for putting together such an awesome list of blog commenting sites.
    In my manual analysis of these sites, I found that they had good SEO metrics,
    such as Trust flow, domain authority,
    and citation flow. Comments posted on the above sites were approved instantly on several blog commenting sites.
    It’s on my computer to be read when I get home from work.

  2. says: Monika

    Oh wow! Thanks for this. I have been mainly a fan of for now, they have pretty interesting content, but I can see some other blogs I might also like here. I wonder why Lenas aren’t on the list though?

  3. says: New arrival

    These travel blog websites are much needed in the time of this pandemic. As we can’t travel right now so we overwhelm by reading travel stories.

  4. says: Shubhangi Jain

    Woah! That was crazy. I think I found some of the coolest travel blogs now. Thank you for sharing such incredible info.

  5. says: Ankit

    Thanks for the List Samuel, It will be useful for me in seo Perspective. Really thanks for the information bro

  6. There are simply 2 reasons why I’m commenting on this blog.

    Firstly, thanks for the list, very impressive. I just started blogging and dreaming of getting into list… well, maybe in 5 years, let’s see. Anyway, this list is very helpful and I can learn a lot from the blogs which are listed here.

    And second, it seems you reply on every post. I’m just curious what’s your reply to me 🙂

    I like your blog, you’re really inspiring. Only your design could improve a bit. No offense, that’s the designer speaking in me 😉
    Just kidding, great blog. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m a big fan!

  7. says: ali

    hi Samuel,
    great article that i really appreciate that. i like that. i feel that these type of blogs are rare in this field. and i hope that you will continue as i expect ever.

  8. says: Miya Miya

    I really like your top travel blog list in India post on your blog and am impressed by how well you’ve done with your blog. It is my favorite blogger and always read her blog post. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing this amazing information. If you need amazing discounts for your next trip, visit or simply email or call us to get your first Privilege Card.

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    hey you know your travel article is it’s beautiful. you know i love traveling and i think life is cool so i think traveling is most important in your life. so your article is helpful for everyone…

  10. says: Erin

    Thanks Sam. A wonderful list to check out during this cold rainy week in Croatia. Do you personally have a favourite blog (Other than yours of course)?

  11. Thanks also, Sam! Who would have thought, but there are a few ones on there I hadn’t heard of before – will look forward to checking them out. Cheerio from a very cold and wet Australia.

  12. says: Gamerling

    Hey Samuel,

    Thanks for sharing these list of travel blogs. I really love to travel and these blogs will help me decide on where to go next. Keep up the good work by the way. Making up a big list like this is hard.

  13. says: Venessa

    Really awesome to see some GREAT Canadian blogs among these! This list is truly exceptional, can’t wait to explore some new blogs!!! Thank you for the time and effort you put into this!

  14. says: Mohd. Atif

    Wow, I am shocked to see all niche blogs in one roof. How you find these blogs? I really appreciate your work, thanks a lot Samuel for providing the ultimate stuff on your blog.

    1. says: Fran Opazo

      This is a great resourse. I actually follow A LOT of the bloggers listed and I’m glad seeing them growing

      (Sorry, I placed my handle next to my name on my prev comment)

  15. says: Irfan Razzaq

    It’s funny because about a year ago I read through this blog post of yours and used it as my inspiration to start my own successful travel blog. I guess I have you to thank for inspiring me to share my own stories! What I never though would turn into a part-time career, has now provided me ample opportunity for press trips around the world! Currently exploring world. Check it out here

  16. says: Erin

    What a great list of amazing bloggers! I’m looking forward to the hours/days/weeks it will take me to scour through all these blogs. This has become my new goal to make this list one day.

  17. says: john

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s so helpful to me. This is one article but gives a lot of informations. Once again, Thank you.

  18. says: First Choice Trip

    Thanks for providing all popular travel blogs list at one place. It’s a great work by Samuel for travelers to find a top travel resources.

  19. says: The Terminal Traveler

    Who doesn’t love a giant list of blogs that can feed into my wanderlust addiction?! LOL! I love it! Thanks a million and a half! 🙂

  20. says: cupones de promociones

    Hi, yes this article is genuinely good and I have learned lot of
    things from it concerning blogging. thanks.

  21. Hello There. I found your weblog using msn. That
    is an extremely neatly written article. I will make sure to bookmark it and come back to read extra of
    your useful info. Thank you for the post.
    I’ll definitely return.

  22. says: Fossil Uhr

    It’s going to be ending of mine day, except before finish I am reading
    this fantastic post to increase my know-how.

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  26. Hi Samuel!

    I have a travel blog that gets more hits than most people on these Top 100 Travel blog lists I see all over the web. How do I get my blog included? It seems that the bloggers that are loud and ‘out-there’ on social media and the blogger world always get included, but there are lots of undiscovered blogs that don’t.


  27. says: Arnie

    I know everybody says thanks for posting this list. But, I’d like to add our appreciation, because it gives newbies like us something to strive for. Many of the blogs listed are on my reading list.
    Thanks again.

  28. says: ooa revo

    Hi Samuel,
    Thanks for providing this list regularly updating it. Always appreciate your honesty about the meaning of the data (“inherently flawed list”) and good to see you’re still up there in the rankings. Hope to see OOAworld there some time soon!
    If you’re interested in quality photos, videos and storytelling on top of traditional travel tips:

  29. says: Andrea

    Ciao Samuel,
    I am an italian 25 years old architecture student who always loved to travel but only recently I decided to start a blog where to share my experiences.
    Starting with the quotation of Marcel Proust “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”, I decided to document my travels around the world providing a sort of a “new eye” towards countries I visited.
    I always planned trips by myself because I consider it one of the most exciting part in the process of traveling and I would like to share these experiences with people because sharing as travelling, it is something that should be social!
    I would really appreciate if you could have a look at my blog and, in case you would like it, add it to your super list 🙂
    Grazie mille! 🙂

  30. Hi Samuel
    Another 400,000 places to get into the top 100, it’s going to be tough, but I like challenge lol

    I think another long trip to south east Asia is needed to mix it with the big boys and girls.

    Thanks for compiling this list, it’s inspiring to a new blogger like me.

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  32. says: Bobbi Gould

    Hi!! Thank you so much for giving me a wonderful list of travel inspiration. I consider you ALL AMAZING and would love to network and guest blog with each and every one of you! In life, you have to give in order to receive. I’m a firm believer in mutual trades! Please contact me at if you’d like to connect on a mutual idea or just want to say hi! I play well with others:)

  33. says: Jungle

    Very original Dinky Dow let me guess you’re sitting on your couch eating potato chips and playing WoW? If you travel and aren’t settling down in the same place then you are a nomad, correct?

  34. says: Dinky Dow

    Simply having the “nomad/ic” in any travel website name, merely referring to yourself as a “nomad” and especially “digital nomad” – is about as lame as it gets. Ugh.

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    1. Thanks Justin,

      Usually blogs I’ve somehow not noticed to track have sent me an email asking to be included. Anyhow, I’ve sent myself a reminder to add you to the list for the next update.



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  38. says: Poorna


    I find some of the blogs by Indians rank much higher in Alexa than many listed here. For example Mridula Dwivedi’s “Travel tales from India” ranks way above “Aussie on the road”. How come they are not in your list?

  39. says: Poorna

    Hey Sam,

    Excellent list and very professionally done. Going through these websites gives lot of ideas and also confidence to other bloggers.

    Best regards,

  40. says: Onur

    I first see you on Youtube. Your video about İstanbul. Then I see your website. This ranking about travel blog is wonderful. I find out a lot of blogs which ı dont know. I have a blog name is Next Time maybe I’ll be in your list.

  41. says: Jenna

    It’s funny because about a year ago I read through this blog post of yours and used it as my inspiration to start my own successful travel blog. I guess I have you to thank for inspiring me to share my own stories! What I never though would turn into a part-time career, has now provided me ample opportunity for press trips around the world! Currently exploring Europe and off to India in a couple months! Check it out:

    – Jenna

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  44. says: Dave Brett

    Getting there! Nice to have goals to aim for.

    Cheers, Samuel for keeping this together.

    Nice to keep track of the Top Travel Bloggers, very useful handy resource indeed

  45. says: Jamie

    Very cool list. Haven’t heard of most of them, so was interested to check them out.

    Must admit the only ones that ‘bug’ me are a couple of the so-called top ones who obviously are run by people who never actually travel at all, just put up ‘paid blogs’ by other travelers or write articles about places they’ve never been to from information they’ve pulled from the internet.

    Blogs like that shouldn’t be on this type of list, IMO.

  46. says: Alex Cardo

    It is a very good idea to be the first of travel bloggers who was made a travel blog rating. It is a very big respect from a community! You’re a good marketer!

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  48. says: Michelle

    Thanks for this list. It’s an excellent incentive for people like me who are just planning their first travel blog and want to see what other, successful, bloggers are doing. I’ve read about 20 of the blogs so far and they’re all amazing 🙂

  49. says: Divyesh Dayani

    Thanks,Building Backlinks is a very important part for every new website or blog as it will help you in improving google search rankings as well Alexa ranking

  50. says: Rob

    Jonny Jenkins, that is exactly the same with me. This is a extensive list that offers a ton of resources for us bloggers that are just starting out. I’ve identified my niche, and am just starting to get everything together.

    Thanks Sam!

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  54. Man, I don’t know if I’ve already commented on this (couldn’t find my comment if I had)… but honestly, just thought I’d let you know how frequently I refer back to this page in order to get a look at ‘the big names’ and figure out what else I can include on my site, or potentially what market niche I may be able to find.
    This is such a useful and informative post for all the burgeoning bloggers such as myself, many thanks for all the hard work it took to throw it together…

    And I plan on being on there someday 😀

    1. I’d like to use Google Page Rank but unfortunately they’re very unreliable with updates (only one last year) and because they use a 10 point scale instead of 100 all the of the travel blogs would be clumped together in masses of twos, threes, fours and fives.

  55. says: Alvian Rahardjo

    Thanks Samuel, it’s really great list of global travel blogs
    But none of them are from Indonesia, maybe someday 🙂

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  58. Nomadic Samuel, Thank you for all your efforts to make this list happen! We are honored to be on your list and move up from #97 to #79! We really appreciate being included with so many amazing travel sites.
    Thanks ever so much!
    Lisa and George
    We Said Go Travel

  59. says: Julio Moreno

    Sam I have a question,
    I noticed that instead of making a new post, you just update the old one for a new version of the top 100.

    Similarly, I have a top things to do in Seoul that I would like to update every 6 months or so. Would you suggest that I just update the original link (for SEO purposes) or is there another reason for this? I guess I am just asking for advice 🙂

  60. says: Julio Moreno

    I am surprised Bucket List Publications listed so low. Lesley (the author) has been my first follower since I started blogging and her widget on her blog shows over 15 million views. I am pretty sure that is top 10 worthy is it not?
    I hope to be on this list some day. I am inching closet to fulfilling all of the requirements!

    Great job once again. I use this list to browse around new blogs.

  61. Hi Samuel! Thanks (and wow) for all your hard work on this list. Thanks for extending the list so I can actually be on this page. Although I’m not on the top 100, it’s still surprising to see where I do rank at the moment. …Because it’s been a horrible year for me! lol. I had to do a double take when I saw my name mentioned. This new quarter I’ve not been doing too well though so will be interesting to see if I can stay on it. 😉

    ps. I think your next post needs to be on how to get to a Rank 5! It’s still a mystery to me how to even get to a 4.

    1. Thanks Christine!

      You certainly deserve to be here. I’m really glad I got to meet up with you this year in Bangkok. Hope our paths will cross again soon and that your blog will continue to rise up on the list!

  62. It’s an honor to debut at #56 on this list! For those who think it’s an imperfect list, remember that there is no perfect list. When Rolling Stone Magazine put out the Top 100 Bands of All Time or Conde Nast lists the Top 100 Travel Destinations, people will always find something to quibble, no matter how scientific their methodology.

    Also conspiracy theorists will jump out and claim that the list favors whoever made the list. For example:

    “You like the Beatles, so that’s why they’re #1 and not the Rolling Stones!”
    “You live in Venice, so that’s why it’s in the top 10; you’re just trying to get more tourists in your town so you can benefit!”

    So the fact that Sam is in the top 10 and Audrey (his girlfriend) is in the top 50 may excite such conspiracy theorists.

    Folks, Sam is just plugging in statistics into an equation. Yes, the stats aren’t 100% perfect, but few stats are. Is site #78 really more popular than #81? Perhaps not. But it’s probably certain that site #22 is more popular than site #78.

    Great job, Sam.

    1. Thanks Francis,

      You’re a great addition to the list 🙂

      I like your suggestions of trying to scout more blogs that qualify to be included.

      I initially spent hours/days doing this during the first few updates but now that the list has grown to such an extent I don’t have as much time to do that now.

      I admittedly do depend on referrals more often than not.

      I agree with you that the list is definitely flawed but no system of trying to track travel blogs is perfect.

      Happy travels!


  63. says: Ivan

    Superb list indeed. I love Nomadic Matt. It’s a well deserved number 1 position on your list. I also enjoy reading ytravelblog.

  64. Ahhh! By my calculations I think I should be number 100 on this list now! When you do your next update… remember us.

    I’d just like to thank my readers, who helped me reach this goal.
    I’d like to thank my subscribers, who read the newsletter each week without hitting that tempting “unsubscribe” button
    I’d like to thank Nomadic Samuel for all of his help and guidance along the way
    I’d like to thank…

    Okay I’ll save the speech until I appear on the list.

    I first found this awesome resource and commented on it on November 14, 2012 and you said: “I have a feeling your site will be on this list sooner rather than later! :)”

    Well it’s seemed like a long time! Looking forward to the update!

  65. says: Punta Cana Just Safari

    This is amazing, wondering how much time you spent to make such a detailed list.
    Big props to you, man. I will use this list next few weeks, to try to do some guest blogging, google is asking for relevant links and content so now I know what and where to look.
    Thanks !

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  68. says: Africa Chill

    This is such a great list of travel websites. As a new travel blog for Zimbabwe and Southern Africa I have a long way to go but looking forward to the journey.

  69. says: Greg Seymour

    Glad I found you! I follow many on your Top 100. I just recently started blogging myself after retiring early and moving to Costa Rica. It is tough getting started and finding a rhythm – your site and list has given me some additional resources.


  70. says: Eli

    Great list, I know about 10 of them, can’t wait to check out the other blogs
    I wonder if there is a good correlation between the blogs actual value to the client and it’s ranking and what would happen if you take other factors such as facebook likes, number of comments and so on.
    in any case, great work

  71. says: Randy Anderson

    hey thanks for sharing this informative news with us. before traveling everyone should have some information about that place where they want to go. if anyone want to gather information about traveling then can visit website and get easily about it.

  72. Sam,
    THANK YOU! We are super excited to be at #97!
    Our 3rd travel writing contest started Sept 11 & we already have 25 entries!
    2nd one had 181 writers from 31 countries!! Hoping the theme of gratitude brings great tales!
    Thanks so much!!
    We Said Go Travel

  73. says: Jacqui

    Wow, this is list is an inspiration of awesome bloggers to follow and learn from! Thanks for putting it together Samuel ! I have a fairly new blog but would love to have the honour of interviewing you one day? 🙂

  74. says: Sab

    Woo-hoo! Awesome list! I hope next time I can make it! My Alexa rank is fine, just my PA and DA has to improve. Way to go…
    Thanks Samuel for all the time and work you put into this! I appreciate!

  75. Great! I can tell that they deserve it. Plus they are useful and informative. I am now planning to have such kind of blogs and i can definitely say that i would be one of them in the near future. Thanks for sharing

  76. says: Cora S. Prather

    I’m not sure why but this website is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later
    and see if the problem still exists.

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  80. says: Tim Moon

    I thought I might be getting close to breaking into the list…my Alexa score was tracking to dip under 200k last month but the score dropped to 1.5 million despite growing traffic. lol Anyway, this list has been really helpful for finding great blogs to read. Thanks for doing all the hard work.

  81. says: Joe

    Great list of top travel blogs. The time and thoroughness you put into your ranking system is pretty impressive. I just bookmarked this page. Thanks!

      1. says: Giuseppe

        10 hours per! Well, great work. I have seen very few blog posts with this many comments, so I think it goes without saying that there are a bunch of people out there (me included!) who appreciate the time you put into this list 🙂

  82. says: Tetyanochka

    Great blogs, thanks for the list. As I see Ukraine and Kiev is not so popular in this blogs, so maybe one day I will be here also.

  83. says: Prasad Np

    This is a great list, some blogs I have read but some are revelations to me. You have explained the various steps to make to the list in different articles in very easy to understand way. I wish one day I will make to the list 🙂 that will be the day 🙂

      1. Glad you liked the joke 😉

        Somehow people seem to take travelling seriously and it has become competitive. Is there place for the joy, play, happiness, or passion? Or is it just counting ranks, links, countries, years, ticking items off from all kinds of lists, and bragging about all visited UN heritage sights?

  84. Pingback: Interview with Nomadic Samuel - Number 1 Travel Blogger in the World -
  85. says: The Guy

    Fabulous list Samuel. I also appreciate your effort to pull it together, it must have taken a long time.

    I am familiar with quite a few of them but thankfully there are lots of new ones for me to explore 🙂

  86. There’s a difference between targeting people through advertising that you think would be interested in your blog, and then either targeting advertising at/purchasing likes in countries like Egypt and Nepal where they cost a lot less. I doubt you see much interaction from these ‘fans’ and they’re there just to make numbers look big.

    Also interesting how the other blog you started what…maybe a little over a year ago?…is also featured on this list, too. You think bloggers don’t take this seriously? Have a read of your comments here!

    How to make it better? Stop using scam sites like Alexa and SEOMoz that benefit those that have the toolbars installed. Having someone like Leave Your Daily Hell, who I know for a fact gets tens of thousands of hits per day, rank outside a top 100…it’s just plain fishy. You know very well that Alexa doesn’t, unlike you say near the beginning of this page, measure traffic. There’s a difference between inaccuracy, and something that simply encourages you to install and repeatedly use their product for your own personal benefit.

    Anyway, I think I’ve made my feelings clear. I just wish bloggers would play fair.

    1. Tom,

      You keep bringing up our facebook pages with reference to our demographics. You have no idea what our demographics are (and you never will) because I don’t intend on sharing them with you. It is none of your damn business.

      I’ve taken the time to personally contact Robert Schrader to suggest ways in which he can improve his Domain Authority, Page Authority and Alexa. He has shown no interest in improving his site in those key areas. The fact remains that the engagement levels on his site (comments and social media presence) and amount of incoming links don’t suggest he has one of the top travel blogs in the world. He (and you) can continue whining about it all you’d like; however, you’re only just sending out a loud and clear statement out into the world that you don’t understand how to grow your sites.

      Once again, I don’t appreciate your trolling and if you don’t enjoy this list get a life and stop looking at it. Moreover, stop stalking us on facebook (our personal profiles and fan pages) and other social media platforms. We’ve never done anything to you and your level of harassment only proves how immature you are as an grown man.

      1. says: Jonny Blair

        Hi Sam and Waegook Tom, I have to stick up for Samuel on this one – the amount of work that goes into compiling lists like this and you’re slagging him off? Have you watched his and Audrey’s videos? They spend a lot of time on the road making these videos and putting effort into promoting their sites. Come on – even McDonalds and Coca Cola pay people to “like” their posts so thats hardly something to complain about. Its a marketers world, Tom. I love these lists, and happy to be featured on this one for the first time after 6 years blogging. I personally dont think Sam should have to remove himself from the list either. We’ll agree to disagree then Tom. Safe travels one and all. Jonny

        1. Thanks Jonny,

          I really appreciate your level-headed comment. I don’t understand why I’ve been accused of manipulating categories for my own personal gain. I started this list when my blog was only 6.5 months old and I wasn’t even in the top 50 on the first update; Audrey wasn’t even on it. The categories I’ve selected have remained the same and my Alexa score is actually worse now than prior to creating the list. On top of that, each update (I’ve now done 9) takes between 9-10 hours to complete and given the amount of traffic I get from the list (2.5 to 3K pageviews a month) would have been much better spent on writing guest posts or fresh content for my site.

    2. Tom,

      I will agree that it’s a shame that Sam and others buy FB Likes/Followers. Sam doesn’t deny it, so I assume it’s true.

      I disagree with Jonny Blair’s everyone’s-is-doing-it argument below. Lots of people steal, so should I steal too? I hope that Sam and others stop this practice because it’s easy to spot anyway. I’ve seen people with hundreds of thousands of followers, but when they post/tweet, they get just a couple of comments. That’s often a dead giveaway that they bought followers.

      Tom, you whined that Leave Your Daily Hell is not in the top 100. As of Dec 2013, it is #87.
      Also, it means little that a site has “ten of thousands of daily hits.” I get 100,000+ daily hits (not unique visitors) and I wasn’t on this list until now.

      Indeed, if there is one flaw on Sam’s list it is that a blogger must submit his blog to be considered. I hadn’t heard of this list until now, so I wasn’t on Sam’s radar. When Sam pumped my site’s stats in his equation, I debuted at #56. So there may be other top 100 travel sites that don’t appear simply because they haven’t contacted Sam.

      SOLUTION: If Sam discovers a site that seems like it could make the list, he should proactively add it, without waiting for the owner to contact him. It is more work for Sam (since he has to plug in some sites that won’t make the cut), so I understand if he doesn’t want to do that.

      Tom, your suggestions on improving this are summed up with: don’t use Alexa and SEOMoz or anything with a toolbar.
      Great. So now what?
      Just leave the list based on Domain/Page Authority?
      That’s a step backward.
      I agree with Sam solution: add more metrics to the equation, not fewer. Generally the more relevant variables in the equation, the more accurate the index. Since no measuring stick is perfect, blending several together is the smartest solution.

      Happy Travels Fellas!


      1. Francis,

        Tom has been trolling on our blogs, facebook fan pages and personal profiles for close to a year now. He’s been blocked on twitter and facebook because of his obnoxious and steadfast attempts to smear our names without any form of provocation.

        I’ve had it trying to be patient and civil with the guy – enough is enough.

        He keeps coming up with bogus claims even after he’s been refuted. First, he suggested that my girlfriend didn’t receive any traffic to which a screen capture proved him wrong. Once, that was finished he started whining ad nauseam about Alexa; however, the interesting thing is that my Alexa score was actually better in the past (prior to creating this list) than it is now:
        Any blogger under the sun knows that installing the Alexa toolbar is going to provide a slight boost in rankings; however, if you look at the top blogs ranked by Alexa you’ll see the same familiar names you see on any top travel blogger list: Matt, Gary, Y Travel Blog, The Planet D, etc. To suggest that simply installing the toolbar means you get an amazing score (sub 50,000K) is beyond ridiculous. If it were that ‘easy’ everyone would be doing it. Although Alexa is admittedly a flawed system it works remarkably well. To have a good Alexa score you need to have solid traffic AND solid engagement. If one of these components is missing your score will not be good.

        The idea that Moz can be ‘gamed’ is completely asinine and shows a complete lack of research. Moz rankings have only to do with links (external and internal) and bloggers who complain about their score in this given area are quite frankly lazy. In order to have a high Moz score you need to be constantly guest posting, getting featured on larger sites, exchanging links and having good on-site SEO.

        His latest attempt to smear our names has to do with facebook fans and advertising.

        Let’s be very clear about something. It’s paramount to distinguish between ‘buying’ fans and ‘advertising’ to attract fans. I would never be foolish enough to buy fans from a site that sells likes on fake profiles. What I have done is advertised using facebook to attract a larger following spending thousands of dollars. As a personal business decision I do not have to justify this anyone; however, considering my name and reputation is being under attack here I’m providing a screen shot from May-June of this when I was most aggressive with ads: I’ve blacked out $ spent and click through rate.

        A few critics (including Tom) suggested I include SEMRush which I now have.

        The bottom line is this: haters are always going to find a way to hate.

        1. Sam,
          Thanks for defending yourself, especially about Tom’s claim that you buy Likes/Followers. Of course you’re right that advertising is a totally legitimate way of building a following. Kudos to you.

  87. Oh, Alexa. Once you get a new computer and don’t re-install the toolbar, watch your rating change for the worse even when your traffic is actually increasing. My ranking was improving when my traffic was going through a slump, too. Sorry, but this whole game that puts you in the top 10 travel bloggers – ahead of Adventurous Kate?! – is, to be quite frank, a load of rubbish, especially when you’ve openly said that you’re considering selling this very site, and merely a tool that (along with the FB likes you’ve bought – don’t deny it, the majority of your ‘likes’ are from 13-24 year olds in Kathmandu, over 10,000 new likes in one day) as a metric so that you can eventually flash impressive, though manipulated, numbers to DMOs and the like, hoping they’ll fall for it. For actual traffic, this is far from a reliable list. According to credible sources, I, and most of the other blogs on this list, have got more traffic than the number 29 blog on this list, that just so happens to be your girlfriend’s, another travel blog with 50,000+ FB likes – more than Nomadic Matt and Stuck In Customs combined.

    Seriously. No blogger that’s been around a while finds this list to be anywhere near credible. It makes me sad and angry.

    1. Tom,

      If you don’t value this list the best thing you could possibly do is ignore it and not give it any attention. Most travel bloggers don’t take it too seriously. As with any tools that measure the performance of websites they’re all critically flawed in some capacity. To say that Alexa has no use as a category simply isn’t true. If you cross-reference the top travel blogs as ranked by traffic you’ll notice every site has a sub 100 Alexa score and most are under 50K, which are both elite levels.

      What business is it of yours to be commenting about our facebook pages? Do you not have better things to do with your life than troll on my site and make up incredulous lies about us? Many other travel bloggers partake in facebook advertising. Audrey and I are no different aside from the fact we may spend more aggressively on campaigns than others. As a personal business decision, I don’t feel the need to justify that to anyone – especially you.

      You have a well documented history of trolling and engaging in a number of different anti-social behaviors including harassing other bloggers. Your opinion isn’t particular welcome here.

  88. says: Dimas Agil R.K.

    there is still no travel blog from Indonesia. I hope someday I can be a representative of Indonesia. 😀

  89. says: PIE RIVERA

    great to see that a Filipino blogger ranks 76th! Congrats to FlipNomad! I hope more and more Pinoys get to share the beauty of our country The Philippines 🙂

  90. says: Top Pictures

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  91. says: Top Pictures

    very impressive information, now it is very easy to find good blogs with high ranking and purely good articles, I’m sure it will help many bloggers to become top ones….

    Highly recommended this site : nomadicsamuel

  92. It is always a pleasure to find great travel sites that are both informative and equally engaging. I have to admint that we had never heard of this blog until recently, but have been told it is the Number 1 travel blog, so will be reading more to continue to be inspired, and hopefully to inspire others. Keep up the travelling, and the good work.

  93. What an awesome job you’ve done tracking all these sights, collecting all the data and posting them for us. I really appreciate it. I’ve visited every site on your list and am amazed at the different kinds of travels people are doing.

    I’ve been traveling full-time by RV and sailboat for 6 years, and I didn’t seen any RV or cruising blogs on the list. I’d love to make your list some day so folks can see what fun it is to take your home with you on your travels…

    The only question I have is that quite a few of the blogs on the list didn’t meet all 3 criteria. Don’t you require that all three criteria be met?? Do you bend those rules sometimes??

  94. says: Deepak@Trekking in Nepal

    Really informative travel blog list you have listed, Very useful.Thank you so much for great effort and works.

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  96. says: Shimla Packages

    I am happy to find your blog and this list. I found them helpful and inspiring as I try to further improve my travel blog.

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  140. says: Deli

    I am happy to find your blog and this list. I found them helpful and inspiring as I try to further improve my travel blog. Thanks and happy new year,too 🙂

  141. says: goindigo

    in fact, we even have a branch office near Gallipoli at Canakkale. Since 2000, we have been one of the biggest tour operators for Anzac Day Tours .

  142. says: goindigo

    I just started blogging 3 weeks ago and dreaming of getting into list… well, maybe in 5 years, let’s see. Anyway, this list is very helpful and I can learn a lot from the blogs which are listed here.

  143. says: Sab

    There are simply 2 reasons why I’m commenting on this blog.

    Firstly, thanks for the list, very impressive. I just started blogging 3 weeks ago and dreaming of getting into list… well, maybe in 5 years, let’s see. Anyway, this list is very helpful and I can learn a lot from the blogs which are listed here.

    And second, it seems you reply on every post. I’m just curious what’s your reply to me 🙂
    I like your blog, you’re really inspiring. Only your design could improve a bit. No offense, that’s the designer speaking in me 😉
    Just kidding, great blog. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m a big fan!

  144. says: manjeet provides all type of online information about Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Pharmacy Companies and other organizations related to medical sector, who want to share the information online.

  145. says: Bill Weston

    Thank you for the great resource and congrats on number 5. I am always trying to find ways to make my blog better and it looks like I should of started here. Thank you so much for this resource and all of your other great posts.

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  147. says: anzac day gallipoli tour

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  148. says: Rajasthan Tourism

    I am looking for travel & tourism blog for optimize my travel website. I will use these blog for blog commenting and after that analysis about these list

  149. says: Ailsa Ross

    Hey Samuel,

    For Alexa rankings – I was wondering how important Alexa reviews are? How helpful would it be to get fans and friends to write reviews for your site?
    Also, I was trying to get my head around links. 8 out of the whole 9 links I have for my site, are from writing comments like this on other travel sites. Are links that lead TO your site given much more weight than links you create on other sites? Does that make sense?
    Cheers, Ailsa

    1. says: Samuel

      Hey Ailsa,

      I’ve heard from others that doing an Alexa review doesn’t impact the rankings much but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have some done on your site. As far as links are concerned, having somebody put you up on their blogroll or doing a guest post on a site is of much greater value than blog comments which are nofollow links (don’t pass much link juice).

  150. I love these lists, not only showcase excellent blogs, but they give aspiring blogger something to… well… aspire to. Thanks for putting this together. It’s also a great contact list of the big-wigs in the business. Good for them and all the other bloggers on this page.

  151. says: bhavani

    great list. thanks for this… i follow a couple and hope to read many more from this list and will be good to see others..!
    hope to make it here someday 🙂 but seems like a daunting task! like someone else said above, there are so many ppl out there. so how do you make your content unique but relevant!

  152. says: Krishna

    Hi Samuel,

    Thanks for the list, I have my own Food & travel blog. I wanted to know the best in the niche thanks for sharing them.


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  154. Nice lists, I had saved a page similar to this but they stopped updating it, this one is much better… hope to make it on here one day too 🙂

    While I’m here… your coverage of India is epic! There was a video I watched a while ago where you filmed a kid running along the train tracks and just as he jumped you slowed it down… pretty sure it was your vid… oh no, now I’m not sure if it was yours lol… well anyways that moment is engraved into my brain and I give you fill credit for inspiring me to try and capture an image as good as that too. Cheers! 🙂

  155. Pingback: Bolivian-People-Faces-of-Bolivia (404): Photography Tips | Ron's Photography Tips
  156. Pingback: Clothesline | Penang (George Town), Malaysia | Travel Photo
  157. I’m both happy and sad to have come across this list. I would love to be on the top 100 but had no idea there was so much competition. I’ve been to many of these blogs and a lot of them are great and an inspiration. Nomadic Matt and The Everywherist are a couple of my favorites, plan on checking out yours as well Nomadic Samuel. Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me before I get there.

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  168. It’s hard to gather all the travel blogs around the world into a top 100 list but you have put together a great list. Still a couple of others I’d recommend but maybe for another list 😉

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  184. Cool list, during April this year we were hitting 20,000 unique visitors a day and maybe if that had continued we may have made the listed unfortunately it has dropped off but i’m sure we can get it back and one day we will be on here.

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  195. says: Federico

    Thanks for the update Samuel! It’s weird how I keep going up and down with Alexa rankings, varying between 120k and 80k every 2 to three weeks…cheers!

  196. Pingback: Bolivian-People-Faces-of-Bolivia (133): Happy Faces
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  200. Pingback: alexa | Everything In Here
  201. says: Leslie (Downtown Traveler)

    Shoot- guess we fell off your list! Does adding the badge have anything to do with rankings? Hope we get back on next time 🙂

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  206. says: Brenda

    I’m still very new at blogging and found your tips to be very interesting and helpful – hopefully I’ll also make it on to you list some day 🙂
    I also love the lists of travel blogs. Thanks

  207. says: emily

    Great list. I am a start up on backpacking travel to kenya. You list is of great assistance on developing my own. I am sure in the recent future I will be at the your top 100 travel site/blogs.

    Thank you again.

  208. Huge thanks for including in this famous travel bloggers list – we travel bloggers need to keep together and supporting each other much more to stand out in the competition of other blogging subjects and you just did make that easier for us!!!! Well done with all the work to make the list and to keep it up! Very much appreciated!

    Happy summer travel everyone 🙂

  209. says: Arti

    An amazing effort from you! This is a great list for all travel lovers like me! Let me check my stats and see if I fit in!!! Though I wonder why the GPR is not taken into consideration!!

  210. says: Dave

    I know this is a TON of work for you to create. Like Chris said above, even though they’re not perfect, they do provide a useful snapshot for the bloggers to know how they’re doing relative to others.

    I’d also share my GA traffic if it meant a more accurate listing. Thanks for trying to make the least subjective ranking list possible!

    1. Thanks Dave,

      It is a lot of work but oddly enough I quite enjoy doing it. I used to do roto style baseball scoring for fantasy leagues in the 90’s before online systems took over. It makes me feel a big nostalgic doing it 🙂

  211. Once again, great job!! These lists are so comprehensive and I am so happy to be a part of them. Also, lots of new blogs I’ve never heard of! Need to start bookmarking these!

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  213. Being number 100 for a few short weeks on Nomadic Samuel’s top 100 list was the crowning achievement in my life. I will always look back at those few wonderful weeks as my glory days. Unfortunately, the removal will also be seen as my downfall. It is drinks, gambling, and loose women from here on out 🙂 Actually, that is the way it has always been, so scratch that about this being my downfall 🙂