Travel Tips

Travel tips related to budget travel, saving money for travel, extending holidays and backpacking around the world on a budget for rtw travelers. Our travel tips will help you save money and stay on the road longer. Whether you’re a budget traveler, a flash-packer or luxury traveler spending your money wisely is the name of the game. We try our best to ensure you have the best trip possible.

Travel tips advice box for travelers

Travel tips to save money for your next trip include being frugal on expenses and cutting down on unnecessary consumption. For example, reducing subscriptions, spontaneous shopping and dining out will allow you save money towards your next trip. If you plan far enough in advance you will know exactly how many weeks, months and/or years you need to save up.

For accommodations comparison shop. Check various websites to see whether or not hotels, short term-rentals, villa or homestay options are the best in terms of price and experience. Choose your ideal place to stay based on a combination of budget and price.

For tips on how to save money when you are visiting a certain destination compare the costs of walking on foot versus taking local public transportation, uber or taxi rides. Often taking the local train, bus or metro will help you save money.

Finally consider free attractions or reduced price days. Certain attractions are free every day but others are free only once a week or at a reduced price on holidays. Doing things for free helps you to keep your budget balanced for other travel activities.