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In recent months, I’ve quite regularly been contributing select travel photography tips, as a self-taught travel photographer, in order to hopefully help you improve your travel photography.  I’ve covered topics such as changing your vantage point, taking candid portraits, ways to protect and share your travel photos and when you should upgrade your travel camera. […]

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When should I upgrade my travel camera?  This is a question many of us ponder. With camera manufacturing companies constantly coming out with new and updated versions of models -with increasingly shortened life cycle periods – it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. Do I need a camera with more mega-pixels? Should I get a faster […]


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I’ve heard many say they would rather have their camera stolen than have their precious travel photos erased permanently.  In order to prevent this from happening there are a number of methods to back-up, store and showcase your amazing shots.  It’s one thing to just have your photos backed up on-line or on a portable hard-drive, […]


10 Tips to improve your travel photography

As nothing more than an amateur photog, I’ve hardly got all (or even any) of the answers when it comes to improving one’s photography; however, as someone who has become more passionate about taking photos, I have over the years learned a few things along the way. It seems almost comical that just a few […]


Having only taken travel photography seriously for the past two and half years I have to admit I already have a number one pet peeve. When somebody takes/shows/displays a great photo it’s the tendency for others to immediately ask the following question: “What camera are you using?” It’s not that the particular camera and its […]


One of the most common mistakes an amateur/novice photographer makes is to take the majority of their photos standing up with the camera held near chest or eye level.  Although this is the most comfortable/natural orientation it’s not the one that is going to yield impressive or unique photos.  Everybody else is doing it and […]


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Impressive monuments, sacred ruins & imposing architecture really in a lot of ways define certain locations.  However, it´s often the people of a region – specifically the locals – interacting naturally that really offers insight into the culture, lifestyle & general morale transpiring at that exact fixed moment in time.  It´s what is often referred […]