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Nomadic Samuel Jeffery in cartoon form - Asia

Nomadic Samuel in cartoon form!

My story starts off a little different than what you´ll most likely read on your typical travel blog.  I don´t really in particular have an ´escape from the cubicle tale´ in the sense that I´ve never been in one before.  The story of my ´nomadic life´ is one in which I have yet to work in Canada as a post university graduate with the majority of my 20´s having been spent overseas in Asia working as an expat English teacher, model, photographer, freelance writer and – of course – as a wandering nomadic soul completely infatuated by all the splendor and woe longterm travel has to offer an individual.  I´m a bit of a jack of all trades and a man who wears many hats – the kind of individual that doesn´t like to stay in any one place for any serious length of time.

Nomadic Samuel Jeffery a man of many hats

Nomadic Samuel – a man of many hats

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I´m thrilled that you have taken the time to check out my website.  I hope that it offers the kind of travel photos/videos, quirky travel stories and photography tips that will tickle your fancy.  In my opinion, travel is filled with moments of splendor and moments of woe and I hope to capture both sides of the coin – at times not afraid to touch upon subjects that are off limits to others.  If you´re new to my website please check out my photo essaysphoto blog & video blog along with my quirky travel stories & Top 100 Travel Blogs and country guides as reference points.  These specific categories are where I will posting most often.

Nomadic Samuel Traveling around Asia and South America

Nomadic Samuel Travelling!

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Please enjoy the following fun facts below as a way to get to know me better:

Name: Samuel Jeffery

Nationality:  Canadian (Irish, French, Scottish, British, Dutch background)

Years Spent Abroad: 6

Years Spent in South Korea:  3

Languages:  English, Functional Korean, (some) Spanish & French

Careers (Chronological Order):  paperboy, hockey official, parks & recreation employee, pharmacist assistant, Canadian soldier reservist, grocery bag boy, landscaper, English tutor, English teacher, model, photographer and freelance writer


Countries I´ve visited:  26 in total

Americas (Canada, USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador) = 10

Asia (South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Brunei) = 16

Favorite Ethnic Cuisine:  A three way tie between Thai, Korean & Indian

Exotic Foods I´ve Tried At Least Once:  Silkworm larvae, raw squid, snake wine, snake blood, llama

Longest Bus Journey:  68 continuous insane hours of transit from Quito, Ecuador to Puno, Peru.

Favorite Country To Travel:  Thailand & India (another tie)

Most Underrated Country:  Argentina & Bolivia (another tie)

Most Disappointing Country:  Ecuador & Brunei (again, another tie)

Likelihood of an eventual return to North America:  Slim to none

Favorite Sport:  Hockey (I am Canadian after-all :P)

Hobbies other than travel:  Photography, ethnic cuisine, inline skating, reading nonfiction, yoga, fantasy sports, meditation

When I Plan on Quitting my Nomadic Life:  I´ll be pushing up daisies 😛

Best Journey:  Taking the trains in India!  If you watch my youtube videos below I think you might understand why!  What an epic adventure 🙂

Quirky Travel Story #1:  Korean grandma trying to pick the freckles off of my arm as if they were skittles.

Quirky Travel Story #2:  Saving a friend from going home with a Thai lady boy under false pretenses and consequently having to run for my life out of the back door of a nightclub in Bangkok to avoid getting mobbed.

Quirky Travel Story #3:  Almost getting blown up during a terrorist attack in Varanasi in mid December, 2010.

Quirky Travel Story #4:  Watching a Thai Cobra Show!  I won’t spoil it with details.

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Nomadic Samuel Jeffery traveling South America and Asia

Nomadic Samuel Traveling!

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