Tivat Travel Guide

Tivat Travel Guide

Tivat Travel Guide
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Along the Montenegrin coast, Kotor and Budva attract much of the attention, and for a good reason. The former has a legendary old town, while the latter has the best beaches Montenegro.

However, if you want a quiet place to stay while in the area, consider Tivat. Located roughly halfway between the two destinations, it has all the natural beauty of the other spots. Not only that, but it also has attractions worth seeing on their own merits.

Come check out our Tivat travel guide as we cover the best things to do in Tivat, Montenegro.

Top Attractions

Begin your time in Tivat by checking out the Maritime Heritage Museum. Back when Montenegro was a part of Yugoslavia, Tivat was home to the famed Arsenal shipyard. It once housed ships for that’s nation’s navy, but today, it is full of artifacts from that era.

However, you won’t find its top attractions inside. Outdoors, you’ll find two Yugoslav submarines in dry dock. While they no longer patrol the waters of the Adriatic, you can climb atop them via a steel staircase on the side. You even go inside, but to do that, you’ll need to sign up for the guided tour. At 5 EUR apiece, it’s a great value!

Before moving onto the other cultural attractions that Tivat has to offer, get a selfie with The Jadran. The Jadran is a 19th-century sailboat that the Montenegrin navy inherited from the former Yugoslavia. While you can’t board the ship, it’s a spectacular sight, especially when the crew unfurls its sails!

The Tivat area boasts a pair of small but impressive churches. Start by checking out the St. Roko Church. It is easy to access, as it is on the waterfront near the centre of town. This 19th-century beauty looks older than its age, as locals built it from rock quarried from nearby mountains. Because of this, it blends in well with surrounding buildings.

The interior is cosy and peaceful, making it a great place to reflect and recharge. Just be sure to dress and act respectfully – this church is more a local’s spot than a bona fide tourist attraction. If you’d prefer to attend mass, the local priest holds services here daily at 9 am.

Venture further out of Tivat, and you’ll find St. Mary’s Church. This 15th-century gem boasts sweeping views of the Bay of Kotor and Perast, as it sits atop a local hill. Vehicle access is a challenge – the road is narrow, making it tough when encountering opposing traffic.

While it is physically taxing, we recommend hiking up. By taking your time and packing plenty of water, you’ll get there, minus the stress of driving. The pastor often closes the church to outside visitors, but its exterior has impressive character. Besides, the views offer their own reward!

Are you staying in the area long-term? Take in some performing arts with the locals at the Tivat Culture Centre. The stage here host regional theatre troupes and touring musical acts alike. When shows aren’t on, take in the art gallery, which features pieces from Montenegrin artists.

Other Attractions

Some choose to dock in Kotor or Budva. However, many superyacht owners seek out the relative anonymity of Tivat by calling at Porto Montenegro instead. Consequently, if you choose to stay here, you’ll get to check out all the boats that the rich & famous use to explore the world.

All this wealth attracts a variety of high-end businesses. Adjacent to the docks, you’ll find many excellent designer shops, restaurants, and bars. Even if you don’t patronize them, their presence makes for incredible people-watching. If you’re not staying in Tivat, consider coming here for Porto Montenegro – you won’t regret it!

Tivat can’t compete with the likes of Budva when it comes to beaches. But it does have a pair that are great spots to spend a gorgeous day. Start by laying out a towel at Plavi Horizonti Beach. You’ll find it a little way out of town in a small cove.

The waters here are very shallow, so this beach is an excellent place to take a young family. This fact also means the water here is warmer than elsewhere – perfect if you are accustomed to tropical beaches. The beach itself is a mix of sand and small pebbles, so it is easy on the feet.

Note that there is an entrance fee of 3 EUR per person. However, it does come with sun lounger access, which may be attractive to some.

Kalardovo Beach is another beach popular with Tivat locals and long-stay tourists. Its location puts it close by the regional airport – this may annoy some, but plane-spotters love it. Like Plavi Horizonti, the water here is shallow, making it suitable for children. A cafe and bar are on-site, so those who enjoy such conveniences may prefer this beach.

End your visit to Tivat with an evening on the Pine Embankment. A popular place among locals, you’ll see plenty of them in the evening hours. Join them in a stroll, then have a meal in a cafe, restaurant, or bar. Porto Montenegro is nearby, so feel free to head here after visiting the famous marina.

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