Zhuhai Travel Guide

Zhuhai Travel Guide

Zhuhai Travel Guide
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Located across from Macau in Southern China, Zhuhai will be the first city you’ll encounter if you enter Mainland China from this popular Asian travel destination.

With the world’s largest aquarium, an excellent living history museum, and beautiful offshore islands, coming here will get your trip off to a great start.

Come check out our Zhuhai travel guide as we cover the best things to do in Zhuhai, China.

Top Attractions

If you have an active interest in marine species or are travelling as a family upon your arrival in Zhuhai, do not leave town without checking out the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. This park has been certified as the world’s largest aquarium park, with more than 48 million litres worth of tanks on the premises.

In addition to the display tanks and live shows these animals put on, there are a number of roller coasters, flume rides, and other amusements that will keep you entertained throughout your stay at this vaunted park.

Long ago, a grand royal residence known as the Old Summer Palace existed near Beijing, Built in the 18th century during the Qing Dynasty, it stood for 140 years before going down in flames at the hands of foreign invaders.

In order to show off the glory of this old structure to current generations, a model was built in the late 20th century near Zhuhai. Popular among domestic tourists, it is known today as the New Yuan Ming Palace.

Although it is only 1/6 the size of the original, it has been lauded for being faithful to the parts it did recreate. Because of this, it has been honoured by Chinese authorities with an AAAA rating.

Be sure not to miss the Imperial Garden, which boasts fountains, various types of architecture, and over 500 species of plants.

If you consider yourself a temple fan, make certain you include a visit to the Jintai Temple in your plans. Built over 700 years ago in the Song Dynasty, it sits among gorgeous surroundings, with mountains, lush forests, and placid lakes.

When you have finished enjoying its architecture and statues, join the temple’s monks for a lovely vegetarian buffet lunch, which can be had at a reasonable price.

If the weather during your stay in Zhuhai cooperates, spend an entire day enjoying everything Dong’ao Island has to offer. While the Club Med resort that was here has recently closed, it still possesses fantastic beaches which draw plenty of day trippers from nearby Macau.

Backpacking travellers will be pleased to find out that camping is allowed on the island, but try not to be too dismayed by the sight of trash on the island. As regrettable as it is, this is the norm in many parts of Asia – if you hold places like this up to Western norms, you’re likely to come away disappointed by many destinations on your trip through China and elsewhere on the continent.

Other Attractions

While in Zhuhai, take a quick ten or fifteen minutes to check out the Statue of Fisher Girl. A monument which has become a symbol of the city of Zhuhai, this statue sits on a granite rock in Xianglu Bay, standing almost nine metres high.

Installed in 1982, this statue of a dragon girl holding up a pearl pays homage to the legend which purports that an immortal girl came down from the heavens because she was compelled by the amazing scenery of the area.

After meeting and falling in love with a local fisherman, she took off a bracelet to show her love for him, which ended in her death. Thankfully, a local elder found a cure which brought her back to life. In gratitude, she dove into the ocean and found a beautiful pearl for the elder, as is depicted in the monument.

The views from here of Macau are fantastic, giving photographers not interested in random monuments another reason to visit this attraction.

Continue to take in the scenery of the Zhuhai area by taking a walk down Lovers’ Road. Lined with palm trees and extending 17 kilometres along the Zhuhai waterfront, this is a place where locals come after work and on weekends to enjoy their free time. The views of Macau are fabulous here as well, so be sure to drop by on a clear day.

Sample the local catch by spending an evening dining on Wanzai Seafood Street. Home to markets filled with seafood fresh off the boat, there are upwards of 120 stalls where cooks stand ready to cook your purchases to your liking.

After all the sightseeing you’ll do during your time in Zhuhai, your muscles will be as sore as heck. Relieve them by spending a few hours at the Zhuhai Imperial Hot Spring. Drawing on geothermically heated water found beneath the earth in the Zhuhai area, an evening here will conclude your time in the area in grand fashion.

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