Zhuhai Travel Guide: Things to Do, See and Eat traveling in Zhuhai

Welcome to Zhuhai, a captivating city nestled on the southern coast of China’s Guangdong Province. Known as the “Chinese Riviera,” Zhuhai boasts stunning coastal scenery, a pleasant subtropical climate, and a harmonious blend of natural beauty and modern development. This travel guide will introduce you to the highlights and attractions that make Zhuhai a must-visit destination.

Zhuhai is renowned for its picturesque coastline, with long stretches of sandy beaches and panoramic ocean views. The city’s coastal charm is best experienced at Lover’s Road (Lianhua Road), a scenic promenade that winds along the shore and offers breathtaking vistas of the sea and neighboring islands. Take a leisurely stroll, rent a bicycle, or simply relax on one of the numerous benches while enjoying the sea breeze.

The city also boasts a rich cultural heritage, evident in its diverse architectural styles and historical sites. The New Yuan Ming Palace is a must-visit attraction, featuring a replica of the Beijing Imperial Palace. Explore the intricately designed palaces, beautiful gardens, and cultural exhibitions that provide insights into China’s imperial history.

For nature enthusiasts, Zhuhai offers several parks and green spaces where you can unwind and connect with nature. Seaside Park is a popular destination, offering expansive lawns, gardens, and a beautiful view of the city skyline. Zhuhai Fisher Girl Statue, an iconic landmark, stands tall in the park and symbolizes the city’s fishing tradition.

If you’re seeking a thrilling experience, make your way to the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, one of the world’s largest marine theme parks. Dive into an underwater wonderland and encounter a wide variety of marine life, including majestic whales, playful dolphins, and colorful coral reefs. The park also features thrilling rides, live shows, and entertaining performances.

Food enthusiasts will be delighted by Zhuhai’s culinary scene. Sample a variety of local delicacies, including fresh seafood dishes, dim sum, and traditional Cantonese cuisine. Zhuhai’s night markets offer a feast for the senses, with an array of street food, snacks, and local specialties to satisfy your cravings.

Zhuhai’s proximity to Macau, known for its vibrant casinos and Portuguese-influenced culture, makes it an excellent base for exploring this neighboring city. A short ferry ride will take you to Macau, where you can visit world-class resorts, historical sites, and indulge in the lively entertainment options.

With its breathtaking coastline, cultural landmarks, and culinary delights, Zhuhai is a destination that captivates travelers with its unique charm. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, cultural immersion, or thrilling experiences, Zhuhai offers a memorable and diverse array of attractions. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey in this coastal paradise.

Zhuhai Travel Guide: Things to do in Zhuhai, China city views

Zhuhai City Guide: A Brief History Of Zhuhai, China

Situated on the southern coast of China’s Guangdong Province, Zhuhai has a rich history that spans centuries. Known as a modern and vibrant city today, Zhuhai’s roots can be traced back to ancient times.

In ancient China, the area that is now Zhuhai was inhabited by various ethnic groups, including the Baiyue and Zhuang people. It was a region of strategic importance due to its coastal location and proximity to the Pearl River Delta.

During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Zhuhai began to emerge as a significant trading port. It served as a hub for maritime trade between China and neighboring regions, including Southeast Asia. The city’s favorable geographical location facilitated its growth as a prosperous trading center.

In the 19th century, during the Qing Dynasty, Zhuhai became a key location for foreign trade. The Treaty of Nanjing in 1842 opened up several ports in China to foreign powers, and Zhuhai became a treaty port in 1876. The city’s port and its accessibility to international trade contributed to its economic development and cultural exchange with Western countries.

Zhuhai’s transformation into a modern city began in the late 1970s when the Chinese government implemented economic reforms and opened up the country to foreign investment. In 1980, Zhuhai was designated as one of the first Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in China, along with Shenzhen and other cities in the region. This status brought rapid economic growth and development to Zhuhai, attracting investment and establishing it as a hub for industries such as electronics, tourism, and high-tech manufacturing.

Today, Zhuhai is known for its modern infrastructure, well-planned urban development, and thriving economy. The city has become a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from both within China and abroad. Its proximity to Macau and its integration with the Pearl River Delta region make it an important economic and cultural center.

As you explore Zhuhai, you’ll witness the harmonious blend of traditional Chinese heritage and modern influences. Historic landmarks, such as the New Yuan Ming Palace and remnants of colonial architecture, stand alongside sleek skyscrapers and contemporary attractions. This blend of history and progress offers travelers a unique experience and an opportunity to appreciate the city’s rich cultural heritage.

By understanding the history of Zhuhai, travelers can gain a deeper appreciation for the city’s development, cultural significance, and its role as a gateway to the Pearl River Delta region. Explore Zhuhai’s historical sites, immerse yourself in its cultural offerings, and discover the stories that have shaped this vibrant coastal city.

Zhuhai night views with clear views of the architecture and roads in China

Zhuhai Top Attractions and Best Places to Visit in China

Located across from Macau in Southern China, Zhuhai will be the first city you’ll encounter if you enter Mainland China from this popular Asian travel destination.

With the world’s largest aquarium, an excellent living history museum, and beautiful offshore islands, coming here will get your trip off to a great start.

Come check out our Zhuhai travel guide as we cover the best things to do in Zhuhai, China.

If you have an active interest in marine species or are travelling as a family upon your arrival in Zhuhai, do not leave town without checking out the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. This park has been certified as the world’s largest aquarium park, with more than 48 million litres worth of tanks on the premises.

In addition to the display tanks and live shows these animals put on, there are a number of roller coasters, flume rides, and other amusements that will keep you entertained throughout your stay at this vaunted park.

Long ago, a grand royal residence known as the Old Summer Palace existed near Beijing, Built in the 18th century during the Qing Dynasty, it stood for 140 years before going down in flames at the hands of foreign invaders.

In order to show off the glory of this old structure to current generations, a model was built in the late 20th century near Zhuhai. Popular among domestic tourists, it is known today as the New Yuan Ming Palace.

Although it is only 1/6 the size of the original, it has been lauded for being faithful to the parts it did recreate. Because of this, it has been honoured by Chinese authorities with an AAAA rating.

Be sure not to miss the Imperial Garden, which boasts fountains, various types of architecture, and over 500 species of plants.

If you consider yourself a temple fan, make certain you include a visit to the Jintai Temple in your plans. Built over 700 years ago in the Song Dynasty, it sits among gorgeous surroundings, with mountains, lush forests, and placid lakes.

When you have finished enjoying its architecture and statues, join the temple’s monks for a lovely vegetarian buffet lunch, which can be had at a reasonable price.

If the weather during your stay in Zhuhai cooperates, spend an entire day enjoying everything Dong’ao Island has to offer. While the Club Med resort that was here has recently closed, it still possesses fantastic beaches which draw plenty of day trippers from nearby Macau.

Backpacking travellers will be pleased to find out that camping is allowed on the island, but try not to be too dismayed by the sight of trash on the island. As regrettable as it is, this is the norm in many parts of Asia – if you hold places like this up to Western norms, you’re likely to come away disappointed by many destinations on your trip through China and elsewhere on the continent.

Zhuhai reservoir greenery from a high vantage point in China

Other Cultural Attractions: Trip to Zhuhai, China

While in Zhuhai, take a quick ten or fifteen minutes to check out the Statue of Fisher Girl. A monument which has become a symbol of the city of Zhuhai, this statue sits on a granite rock in Xianglu Bay, standing almost nine metres high.

Installed in 1982, this statue of a dragon girl holding up a pearl pays homage to the legend which purports that an immortal girl came down from the heavens because she was compelled by the amazing scenery of the area.

After meeting and falling in love with a local fisherman, she took off a bracelet to show her love for him, which ended in her death. Thankfully, a local elder found a cure which brought her back to life. In gratitude, she dove into the ocean and found a beautiful pearl for the elder, as is depicted in the monument.

The views from here of Macau are fantastic, giving photographers not interested in random monuments another reason to visit this attraction.

Continue to take in the scenery of the Zhuhai area by taking a walk down Lovers’ Road. Lined with palm trees and extending 17 kilometres along the Zhuhai waterfront, this is a place where locals come after work and on weekends to enjoy their free time. The views of Macau are fabulous here as well, so be sure to drop by on a clear day.

Sample the local catch by spending an evening dining on Wanzai Seafood Street. Home to markets filled with seafood fresh off the boat, there are upwards of 120 stalls where cooks stand ready to cook your purchases to your liking.

After all the sightseeing you’ll do during your time in Zhuhai, your muscles will be as sore as heck. Relieve them by spending a few hours at the Zhuhai Imperial Hot Spring. Drawing on geothermically heated water found beneath the earth in the Zhuhai area, an evening here will conclude your time in the area in grand fashion.

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Top 33 Things To Do in Zhuhai, China For Visitors

Zhuhai is a beautiful coastal city located in Guangdong Province, southern China. Renowned for its scenic beauty, pleasant climate, and a multitude of attractions, Zhuhai is an excellent destination for both relaxation and exploration. Here’s a detailed list of the top 33 things to do when in Zhuhai:

1. Lovers’ Road:
Spanning about 17 kilometers, this meticulously maintained coastal pathway offers stunning ocean views, benches for contemplation, and periodic viewing platforms. Biking or walking here during sunset or sunrise is especially recommended for the breathtaking hues painting the sky.

2. Zhuhai Fisher Girl Statue:
This 8.7-meter tall statue isn’t just a monument; it’s the embodiment of Zhuhai. The legendary tale of a celestial being-turned-fisher girl, clutching a radiant pearl, is symbolic of the city’s pure essence.

3. New Yuanming Palace:
This expansive replica estate is an ode to Beijing’s Summer Palace. Its grounds consist of beautiful gardens, mesmerizing water features, and frequent traditional performances, making it a living museum.

4. Jiuzhou City:
Modern meets traditional in Jiuzhou City. Amid its modern high-rises are pockets of historic architecture, plush eateries, and a bustling nightlife.

5. Meixi Royal Stone Archways:
More than just decorative structures, the archways serve as a walk through history, with each intricately detailed arch narrating stories from Chen Fang’s life.

6. Jintai Temple:
Established over a millennium ago, this temple offers a spiritual respite. Its courtyards, halls, and pagodas are all intricately designed and soaked in history.

7. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom:
One of Asia’s crowning jewels, this park features several marine habitats, thrilling rides, and immersive experiences. The gigantic aquariums here offer a window into the deep sea’s wonders.

8. Zhuhai Opera House:
This striking structure, reminiscent of seashells, not only captivates with its design but also promises an unmatched acoustic experience inside.

9. Dong’ao Island:
This gem offers a blend of untouched beaches, lush green trails, and underwater treasures, making it an adventurer’s paradise.

10. Wailingding Island:
With its rich pirate history, this island offers a mix of lore and leisure. Historical tours combined with beach activities make for a full day.

11. Zhuhai Seaside Park:
A favorite among families, this park boasts well-maintained lawns, children’s play areas, and unobstructed sea views.

12. The Former Residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen:
This museum offers an intimate look into the life of a leader who shaped modern China, with personal memorabilia and well-preserved rooms.

13. Bailian Cave Park:
A natural wonder, this park captivates with its unique cave formations, reflective ponds, and a panoramic view of Zhuhai.

14. Shijingshan Park:
A hike here is rewarded with a panoramic city view. The mix of natural beauty and urban skyline is truly captivating.

15. Ocean Hot Springs:
These naturally occurring springs offer therapeutic benefits, making them a favorite relaxation spot.

16. Fortress Hill Park:
A historic hill that once saw battles, it now offers peaceful trails and stunning viewpoints.

17. Dream Water City:
Splash around in this water haven. With slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools, it promises endless fun.

18. International Circuit:
Racing enthusiasts can feel the adrenaline rush, either as spectators or participants in this state-of-the-art circuit.

19. Hengqin Oyster Cultural Village:
Delve into the fascinating world of oyster farming and get a chance to sample some delicacies.

20. Zhuhai Golf Club:
With its challenging terrains and lush greens, this club promises a day of leisure and sport.

21. Gongbei Underground Market:
Shop to your heart’s content in this underground maze filled with gadgets, apparel, and souvenirs.

22. Wanzai Seafood Street:
Seafood lovers, rejoice! This street offers a plethora of options, each fresher than the other.

23. Jida Beach:
Golden sands, azure waters, and a variety of water sports make this a popular spot.

24. Gu Yuan Museum of Art:
This museum showcases the evolution of Chinese art, from ancient techniques to contemporary masterpieces.

25. Pingsha Island:
Renowned for its avian diversity, bird enthusiasts can spot several exotic species, especially during migrations.

26. Baiteng Lake:
Perfect for picnics and boat rides, this freshwater lake is a serene escape from city life.

27. Zhuhai Botanical Garden:
Flora from around the world finds a home here, laid out in themed sections for visitors to explore.

28. Xiangzhou Port:
Hop on a ferry to explore nearby islands or enjoy a scenic boat ride around the harbor.

29. Agricultural Scientific Academy:
Get hands-on with agricultural practices, pick fresh produce, and learn about sustainable farming.

30. Qinglv Road Night Market:
This bustling market is a sensory overload with its myriad colors, aromas, and sounds.

31. Haiquan Bay:
A beach paradise with luxury resorts and water activities for every age group.

32. Yangming Plaza:
Shop luxury brands, enjoy gourmet meals, or participate in cultural events held throughout the year.

33. Hebao Island:
A diver’s haven, the island’s coral reefs are teeming with marine life, offering a visual feast underwater.

When visiting Zhuhai, it’s also essential to savor the local Cantonese cuisine, try dim sum at local restaurants, and engage with the locals to truly experience the essence of this beautiful city. Whether you’re an adventurer, history buff, or just looking to relax, Zhuhai offers something for every traveler.

Zhuhai is famous for dim sum which is a must try dish in China

What To Eat and Drink in Zhuhai, China

Zhuhai is known for its delicious cuisine, influenced by Cantonese flavors and fresh seafood. Here are some must-try dishes and beverages to savor during your visit to Zhuhai:

  1. Zhuhai-style Seafood: As a coastal city, Zhuhai is famous for its abundance of fresh seafood. Head to local seafood markets or restaurants and indulge in mouthwatering dishes such as steamed fish, grilled squid, spicy clams, and stir-fried prawns. Be sure to try the signature “beach-style” boiled seafood, where you select your live seafood and have it cooked to perfection.
  2. Cantonese Dim Sum: Dim sum is an integral part of Cantonese cuisine, and you’ll find an array of delectable options in Zhuhai. Head to dim sum restaurants or tea houses and enjoy a variety of bite-sized treats, including steamed dumplings, barbecued pork buns, rice rolls, and custard tarts.
  3. Roasted Pigeon: Zhuhai is renowned for its roasted pigeon, a specialty dish that shouldn’t be missed. The pigeons are marinated, roasted to perfection, and served with a crispy skin and tender meat. It’s a flavorful and unique culinary experience.
  4. Salted Egg Yolk Dishes: Salted egg yolk is a popular ingredient in Zhuhai cuisine, and you’ll find it incorporated into various dishes. Indulge in salted egg yolk prawns, salted egg yolk crab, or salted egg yolk custard buns, which have a delightful balance of savory and sweet flavors.
  5. Phoenix Egg Rolls (Fenghuang Danjia): These crispy and flaky egg rolls are a popular snack in Zhuhai. They are made with a thin egg-based batter, rolled into delicate layers, and fried to perfection. Enjoy them as a quick bite or bring them home as a souvenir.
  6. Herbal Tea: Stay refreshed with a cup of herbal tea, a popular beverage in Zhuhai. Herbal tea shops offer a variety of options, such as chrysanthemum tea, winter melon tea, and herbal concoctions that are believed to have health benefits.
  7. Durian: Zhuhai is known for its high-quality durians, a spiky fruit with a distinctive aroma and rich, creamy flesh. If you’re adventurous, try this “king of fruits” and savor its unique flavor. You can find durian vendors or specialty shops offering durian desserts and pastries.
  8. Zhuhai Beer: Zhuhai is home to its own local beer brand, Zhuhai Beer. Enjoy a cold pint of this refreshing brew, which pairs well with seafood and local cuisine. You can find Zhuhai Beer in bars, restaurants, and convenience stores throughout the city.

When dining in Zhuhai, be adventurous and explore the local food scene. Venture into local eateries, night markets, and street stalls to discover hidden culinary gems. Embrace the flavors of Zhuhai’s cuisine and immerse yourself in the vibrant culinary culture of this coastal city.

source: The China Traveller on YouTube

Top Restaurants In Zhuhai, China

Zhuhai is a culinary hotspot with its delightful seafood offerings and a blend of Cantonese and international cuisines. From sophisticated dining to street-side delicacies, the city presents an array of gustatory experiences. Here are some of the top restaurants in Zhuhai:

1. Yue Chinese Restaurant at Sheraton Zhuhai Hotel:

  • Location: Jiuzhou Boulevard.
  • Cuisine: Cantonese.
  • Details: This upscale restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience with its modern twist on traditional Cantonese dishes. With elegant interiors and panoramic views of the sea, it’s perfect for a fine dining experience.
  • Must-try: Peking Duck, Dim Sums, and their signature seafood dishes.

2. Sao Paulo Fusion:

  • Location: Moon Bay Avenue.
  • Cuisine: Brazilian Fusion.
  • Details: Sao Paulo Fusion gives you a blend of Brazilian flavors fused with Asian influences. The ambiance is contemporary with live music on select nights.
  • Must-try: Brazilian BBQ, Seafood Paella, and their tropical cocktails.

3. Café De Coral:

  • Location: Multiple outlets across the city.
  • Cuisine: Chinese Fast Food.
  • Details: A popular fast-food chain in the region, this restaurant offers quick, tasty, and affordable Chinese dishes.
  • Must-try: Baked Pork Chop Bun, Hainanese Chicken Rice.

4. 1920 Restaurant & Bar:

  • Location: Shihua East Road.
  • Cuisine: German.
  • Details: Known for its authentic German delicacies, the restaurant also boasts a range of imported beers. The rustic ambiance complements the hearty meals served here.
  • Must-try: Pork Knuckle, Sausage Platter, and their draft beers.

5. The London Lounge:

  • Location: Haiwan Road.
  • Cuisine: British.
  • Details: A touch of British elegance in Zhuhai, this place offers classic British dishes, a selection of teas, and a cozy atmosphere.
  • Must-try: Fish and Chips, Beef Wellington, and Afternoon Tea.

6. Bao Jian Street Hotpot City:

  • Location: Bao Jian Road.
  • Cuisine: Chinese Hotpot.
  • Details: A haven for hotpot lovers, this place offers a rich variety of broths, meats, and accompaniments. The vibrant setting adds to the immersive hotpot experience.
  • Must-try: Spicy Broth, Fresh Seafood selection, and Handmade Noodles.

7. The Factory:

  • Location: Shihua West Road.
  • Cuisine: Western.
  • Details: With an industrial chic design, The Factory is known for its pizzas, pastas, and craft beers. The rooftop offers a fantastic view of the city.
  • Must-try: Margherita Pizza, Seafood Pasta, and their range of craft beers.

8. Yu Hotpot:

  • Location: Jingshan Road.
  • Cuisine: Sichuan Hotpot.
  • Details: Bringing the spicy flavors of Sichuan to Zhuhai, this restaurant is for those who love a fiery hotpot experience.
  • Must-try: Mala (spicy) Broth, Beef Slices, and Tofu Skins.

9. Jin Yue Xuan:

  • Location: Yuehai East Road.
  • Cuisine: Seafood.
  • Details: Capitalizing on its coastal location, Jin Yue Xuan offers a fresh seafood feast. The ambiance is upscale, making it suitable for special occasions.
  • Must-try: Steamed Garoupa, Abalone, and Lobster dishes.

10. La Seine French Restaurant:

  • Location: Lovers’ Road.
  • Cuisine: French.
  • Details: Overlooking the sea, this restaurant provides authentic French cuisine. The wine list is extensive, and the dishes are artfully presented.
  • Must-try: Foie Gras, Coq au Vin, and Tarte Tatin.

When in Zhuhai, it’s not just about savoring the food, but also soaking in the ambiance, the flavors, and the culinary stories each establishment offers. Whether you’re a lover of traditional Chinese flavors or you’re seeking international dishes, Zhuhai’s restaurant scene promises a rich and fulfilling gastronomic journey.

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Tours For Visitors To Zhuhai, China

When visiting Zhuhai, there are several tours available that can enhance your experience and help you explore the city’s highlights. Here are some popular tours for visitors to Zhuhai:

  1. Zhuhai City Highlights Tour: This guided tour takes you to the city’s top attractions, such as the New Yuan Ming Palace, Zhuhai Fisher Girl Statue, and Lover’s Road. Learn about the city’s history, culture, and architectural landmarks while enjoying informative commentary from your guide.
  2. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Day Trip: Embark on a full-day tour to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, one of the world’s largest marine theme parks. Discover a vast array of marine life, thrilling rides, and entertaining shows, making it a perfect outing for families and animal lovers.
  3. Day Trip to Macau: Take a day trip from Zhuhai to Macau, a neighboring region known for its vibrant casinos and cultural attractions. Explore Macau’s UNESCO-listed historic center, visit iconic landmarks such as the Ruins of St. Paul’s, and indulge in the city’s unique blend of Chinese and Portuguese culture.
  4. Hengqin Island Excursion: Explore Hengqin Island, located near Zhuhai, on a guided tour. Visit attractions such as the Hengqin Bay International Circus City, where you can witness thrilling performances, or relax on the island’s pristine beaches and enjoy recreational activities.
  5. Pearl River Night Cruise: Experience the enchanting beauty of the Pearl River on a nighttime cruise. Enjoy the glittering lights of Zhuhai’s skyline, marvel at the illuminated bridges, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the city at night.
  6. Zhuhai Spa and Wellness Tour: Indulge in a day of relaxation and rejuvenation at one of Zhuhai’s luxurious spa resorts. Enjoy treatments such as massages, facials, and hot springs, allowing you to unwind and recharge.
  7. Zhuhai Food Tour: Join a culinary tour and immerse yourself in the local food scene. Explore Zhuhai’s night markets, street food stalls, and restaurants, sampling a variety of delectable dishes while learning about the city’s culinary traditions and flavors.
  8. Zhuhai Cycling Tour: Discover Zhuhai on two wheels with a cycling tour. Ride along the picturesque coastline, explore hidden neighborhoods, and enjoy the city’s green spaces and parks, all while getting a unique perspective of the city.

These tours provide different perspectives of Zhuhai, allowing you to delve into its cultural heritage, natural beauty, and culinary delights. Whether you’re interested in history, entertainment, relaxation, or gastronomy, there’s a tour to suit your preferences and make your visit to Zhuhai even more memorable.

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Zhuhai Accommodations Guide: Hotels, Guesthouses and Hostels

When it comes to accommodations in Zhuhai, you’ll find a range of options to suit different budgets and preferences. From luxury hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses, here’s a guide to help you find the right place to stay in Zhuhai:

  1. Zhuhai Gongbei District: This area is popular among travelers due to its convenient location near the border with Macau. It offers a wide range of accommodations, including luxury hotels, mid-range options, and budget guesthouses. Staying in Gongbei provides easy access to transportation, shopping malls, and dining options.
  2. Zhuhai Jida District: Located near the city center, Jida District is a bustling area known for its shopping centers, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. It offers a variety of accommodation choices, ranging from high-end hotels to affordable guesthouses.
  3. Hengqin Island: If you prefer a more serene and resort-like atmosphere, consider staying on Hengqin Island. This island is known for its beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, and entertainment facilities. It’s a great option for those seeking relaxation and leisure activities.
  4. Zhuhai Qianshan: Qianshan is a scenic area in Zhuhai, known for its picturesque landscapes and natural attractions. It’s a suitable choice for nature lovers and those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Accommodations in this area range from luxury resorts to budget-friendly options.
  5. Zhuhai Tangjia District: Tangjia District is located in the northern part of Zhuhai and offers a mix of residential and commercial areas. It’s a good option if you’re looking for a quieter and more residential neighborhood to stay in. Tangjia also has a variety of accommodation choices, including hotels and guesthouses.

When selecting your accommodation, consider factors such as location, budget, amenities, and proximity to public transportation. It’s recommended to book in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure the best options. Many international hotel chains and reputable local hotels operate in Zhuhai, ensuring quality service and comfort for your stay.

Additionally, it’s worth checking customer reviews and ratings to get insights from previous guests and make an informed decision. Online travel platforms and hotel booking websites can be helpful in comparing prices and finding the most suitable accommodation for your needs.

Whether you’re seeking luxury, convenience, or a more budget-friendly option, Zhuhai offers a variety of accommodations to cater to different preferences. Find the perfect place to rest and recharge as you explore the city’s attractions and immerse yourself in its unique charm.

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Day Trips From Zhuhai, China

Zhuhai’s strategic location provides easy access to several fascinating destinations within a short distance. Here are some recommended day trips from Zhuhai:

  1. Macau: Just a short ferry ride away, Macau is a must-visit destination known for its vibrant casinos, Portuguese architecture, and cultural attractions. Explore historical sites such as the Ruins of St. Paul’s, Senado Square, and the A-Ma Temple. Don’t forget to try Macau’s famous egg tarts and Portuguese cuisine.
  2. Hong Kong: While Hong Kong is not a typical day trip from Zhuhai, it’s still within reach for those who want to experience its bustling city life and iconic attractions. Take a high-speed ferry or cross the border at the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to explore famous landmarks like Victoria Peak, the Avenue of Stars, and the bustling street markets.
  3. Zhongshan: Located adjacent to Zhuhai, Zhongshan is a historical city known as the hometown of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of modern China. Visit the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, explore ancient villages like Wugui Mountain, and enjoy the scenic landscapes of Yixian Lake.
  4. Kaiping Diaolou: Venture to the Kaiping region, known for its unique architectural structures called diaolou. These fortified towers are a blend of Chinese and Western architectural styles and are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the diaolou clusters, such as Zili Village and Majianglong Village, to appreciate their historical and cultural significance.
  5. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom: Spend a fun-filled day at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, located in Hengqin Island. This world-class marine theme park offers immersive exhibits, thrilling rides, and entertaining shows featuring various marine creatures, making it a perfect day trip for families and animal lovers.
  6. Guangzhou: As the capital of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou offers a vibrant mix of modernity and traditional Chinese culture. Visit attractions like the Canton Tower, Yuexiu Park, and the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall. Don’t miss the chance to savor Cantonese cuisine, known for its delicate flavors.
  7. Shenzhen: Another neighboring city worth exploring is Shenzhen, known as China’s technology hub. Discover futuristic architecture, visit theme parks like Window of the World, and experience the vibrant shopping scene at places like Huaqiangbei Electronics Market.

These day trips from Zhuhai offer a diverse range of experiences, from cultural exploration to theme park adventures and city sightseeing. Plan your itinerary based on your interests and the amount of time you have available, and enjoy the opportunity to discover the unique offerings of these nearby destinations.

source: South China Morning Post on YouTube

Zhuhai Transportation Guide

Getting around Zhuhai is relatively convenient, thanks to its well-developed transportation system. Here’s a transportation guide to help you navigate the city:

  1. Public Buses: Zhuhai has an extensive bus network that covers most areas of the city. Public buses are an affordable and convenient mode of transportation for getting around. Look for bus stops with route maps and numbers displayed in both Chinese and English. Prepare small denominations of cash or use a Zhuhai Transportation Card for payment.
  2. Taxis: Taxis are readily available throughout Zhuhai. Flag down a taxi on the street or find them at taxi stands. Make sure the driver uses the meter or agree on a price before starting your journey. It’s advisable to have your destination written down in Chinese or show it on a map, as some drivers may have limited English proficiency.
  3. Light Rail: Zhuhai has a modern light rail system known as the Zhuhai Rail Transit (Zhujiang Intercity Rail). It connects major areas of the city, including Gongbei, Jida, and Tangjiawan. The light rail is an efficient and comfortable option for traveling longer distances within Zhuhai.
  4. Bicycles: Zhuhai has a bike-sharing program, allowing you to rent bicycles for short trips. Look for bicycle rental stations throughout the city and use a mobile app to unlock and rent a bike. This eco-friendly option is great for exploring parks, coastal areas, and smaller streets.
  5. Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macau Bridge: The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) connects Zhuhai with Hong Kong and Macau. You can take shuttle buses, private vehicles, or taxis to cross the bridge. It offers a convenient and efficient way to travel between the three destinations.
  6. Zhuhai Airport: Zhuhai Jinwan Airport is the city’s main airport, serving domestic and international flights. It’s located in Jinwan District, approximately 40 kilometers from the city center. You can reach the city center from the airport by airport shuttle buses, taxis, or private transfers.
  7. Ferries: Zhuhai has several ferry terminals that provide transportation to neighboring destinations, including Macau and Hong Kong. The Zhuhai-Jiuzhou Port and Wanzai Port are major ferry terminals, offering frequent services to Macau. The Jiuzhou Port is also a gateway to various islands in the Pearl River Delta.
  8. Car Rental: Renting a car is an option for those who prefer the flexibility and convenience of driving. Major car rental companies have outlets in Zhuhai, but be aware of local traffic rules and parking regulations.

Navigating Zhuhai is relatively straightforward, and signs are usually displayed in both Chinese and English. It’s advisable to carry a map or use a navigation app to assist with directions, especially if you’re not familiar with the city. Consider using public transportation or taxis during peak hours to avoid traffic congestion.

With this transportation guide, you can explore Zhuhai and its neighboring areas with ease, making the most of your time in this vibrant coastal city.

source: mabelevollove on YouTube

Zhuhai 1 Day Travel Itinerary

Here is a detailed travel itinerary for a day in Zhuhai, a beautiful coastal city in the Guangdong province of China. The city is known for its stunning landscape, rich cultural heritage, and modern infrastructure.


7:00 AM – 8:00 AM: Breakfast at your hotel

Most hotels in Zhuhai offer a breakfast buffet with a blend of Western and Chinese food. If you’re staying in a hotel that offers such services, make sure you take full advantage of it. However, if you want to start your day with some local flavor, head to one of the city’s numerous breakfast spots for a bowl of Cantonese congee or dim sum.

8:30 AM – 10:30 AM: Visit the New Yuan Ming Palace

Start your sightseeing with a visit to the New Yuan Ming Palace, a reproduction of the original Summer Palace in Beijing, which was burned down by British and French troops during the Second Opium War. Spread over 1.39 square kilometers, the palace features magnificent gardens, traditional architecture, and beautiful statuary. It provides an insight into China’s imperial past through various performances including the grand evening show, ‘The Dream of the Palace’. As it’s a large area to cover, ensure you’ve worn comfortable shoes!

10:45 AM – 12:30 PM: Explore Meixi Royal Stone Archways Tourist Area

A 15-minute drive from the New Yuan Ming Palace will take you to the Meixi Royal Stone Archways, an important historical site in Zhuhai. The area includes the former residence of Chen Fang, a Chinese emigrant who became an important official in Cuba in the late 19th century. You’ll see intricately designed stone archways, beautiful gardens, and the Chen Fang Memorial Museum.


12:30 PM – 1:30 PM: Lunch

For lunch, visit one of the local seafood restaurants, such as Yue Chinese Restaurant or Yijing Seafood Restaurant, for a taste of Zhuhai’s famed fresh seafood.

1:45 PM – 3:30 PM: Enjoy Zhuhai’s Beaches

After lunch, it’s time to relax and what better way to do that than by visiting Zhuhai’s beaches. The city is home to some of the best beaches in Guangdong Province. Visit the Zhuhai Golden Beach or the Palm Spring Beach. Both beaches have soft, golden sand and clear blue water. You can either take a refreshing swim or simply enjoy the beach’s calm and serene atmosphere.

4:00 PM – 5:30 PM: Visit Zhuhai Opera House

A 30-minute drive from the beach will take you to the Zhuhai Opera House, located on an island within Zhuhai’s city limits. The opera house is an architectural marvel, featuring two shell-shaped buildings that resemble two white pearls on the blue sea. If there’s a performance, consider booking in advance and extending your visit into the evening.


6:00 PM – 7:00 PM: Dinner

For dinner, consider visiting the popular Di Shui Dong Restaurant, where you can enjoy Hunan cuisine, or alternatively, King Prawn Seafood Hotpot for a local hotpot experience. Both restaurants offer a unique dining experience and a great range of food.

7:30 PM – 9:00 PM: Explore the Vibrant Nightlife at the Bar Street

Finish your day by exploring the vibrant nightlife of Zhuhai. The city’s Bar Street, located near Jiuzhou Port, is filled with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. The area has a great atmosphere, with live music and performances throughout the evening. If you prefer a more relaxed end to the day, the seafront promenade offers beautiful night views of the city’s skyline.

9:00 PM onwards: Leisurely Walk Along Lover’s Road

End your day with a leisurely walk along Lover’s Road, a 17 km long coastal road that offers stunning views of the city’s coastline and the neighboring Macao SAR’s cityscape. There are also several sculptures and landmarks along the road that you can explore.

Remember, this itinerary is flexible, and depending on the time spent at each location and traffic conditions, you may have to adjust accordingly. But, with this guide, you’re sure to have a fantastic day exploring Zhuhai!

source: A German in China 吴雨翔 on YouTube

Zhuhai 3-4 Days Travel Itinerary

Here we’ll examine an in-depth itinerary for a 3-4 days stay in Zhuhai. The city offers a wealth of attractions, including natural beauty, historical sites, cultural experiences, and modern marvels. Here’s a sample itinerary:

Day 1: Exploring Historical Zhuhai


  • 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM: Breakfast at the hotel
  • 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM: Visit the New Yuan Ming Palace: Start your journey through Zhuhai’s history at the New Yuan Ming Palace, a replica of the old Summer Palace in Beijing.
  • 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM: Visit Meixi Royal Stone Archways Tourist Area: This historical site offers insights into the life of a prominent Chinese emigrant from the late 19th century.


  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM: Lunch: Enjoy a traditional Cantonese lunch at a local restaurant.
  • 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM: Visit Zhuhai Museum: This museum showcases the rich history and culture of the region, including artifacts dating back to the Neolithic period.
  • 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM: Stroll around Jingshan Park: This park, located in the city center, is home to a beautiful lake and offers stunning views of the city.


  • 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM: Dinner: Sample some local seafood at one of Zhuhai’s many seafood restaurants.
  • 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM: Walk along Lover’s Road: Enjoy a leisurely walk along this scenic coastal road, taking in the evening views of the city and the sea.

Day 2: Natural Beauty of Zhuhai


  • 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM: Breakfast at the hotel
  • 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Visit the Jiuzhou City: This scenic spot offers an excellent view of the city, and you can also explore the various themed parks and attractions within.
  • 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM: Visit Dong’ao Island: Take a ferry to this beautiful island, which is part of the Wanshan Archipelago.


  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM: Lunch: Enjoy a seafood lunch on Dong’ao Island.
  • 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Explore Dong’ao Island: Spend the afternoon swimming, snorkeling, or just relaxing on the island’s beautiful beaches.


  • 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM: Return to Zhuhai
  • 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM: Dinner: Have dinner at a local restaurant in Zhuhai.
  • 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM: Visit Zhuhai Grand Theatre: Catch a performance at this beautiful theatre, which is shaped like two seashells.

Day 3: Modern Zhuhai


  • 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM: Breakfast at the hotel
  • 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM: Visit Chimelong Ocean Kingdom: This theme park is home to one of the largest aquariums in the world and has various exciting rides and attractions.
  • 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM: Explore Chimelong International Circus: Watch a performance at this circus, which features a variety of acts from around the world.


  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM: Lunch: Have lunch at one of the restaurants within the Chimelong complex.
  • 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM: Continue Exploring Chimelong Ocean Kingdom: Spend the afternoon enjoying the various attractions at the park.


  • 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM: Return to Zhuhai City
  • 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM: Dinner: Enjoy a delicious meal at one of Zhuhai’s fine dining restaurants.
  • 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM: Visit the Bar Street: Spend your evening exploring the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Day 4: A Day at the Beach


  • 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM: Breakfast at the hotel
  • 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM: Visit Zhuhai Golden Beach: Spend your morning swimming or relaxing on the beach.
  • 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM: Visit Zhuhai Seaside Park: Take a walk through this beautiful park, which offers excellent views of the sea and the city.


  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM: Lunch: Have a beachside lunch at one of the local restaurants.
  • 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM: Visit Wailingding Island: Take a ferry to this island, which is known for its beautiful beaches and clear waters.


  • 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM: Return to Zhuhai
  • 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM: Farewell Dinner: Enjoy a special farewell dinner at a local restaurant.
  • 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM: Stroll around Gongbei Underground Shopping Mall: Spend your last evening in Zhuhai shopping for souvenirs and gifts at this large underground shopping mall.

Remember, this is just a suggested itinerary, and you can adjust it based on your interests and the time you have available. No matter how you choose to spend your time in Zhuhai, you’re sure to have a wonderful experience!

Zhuhai city statue on the water in China

Zhuhai 1 Week Travel Itinerary

A week in Zhuhai will give you plenty of time to explore this beautiful city in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. Let’s draft a detailed itinerary for a week’s stay:

Day 1: Arrival and Exploring Zhuhai’s Historic Sites

Upon arriving at the Zhuhai airport, you can take a taxi or arrange for a hotel shuttle to your accommodation. After settling in, start your journey in Zhuhai with a visit to:

  • New Yuan Ming Palace: An expansive park that recreates the former Summer Palace in Beijing. Spend your morning exploring this fascinating replica of one of China’s most famous royal residences.
  • Meixi Royal Stone Archways: In the afternoon, visit this historic site, once the residence of Chen Fang, a Chinese emigrant who became a prominent figure in Cuba in the late 19th century.

Day 2: Cultural Discovery

Dedicate your second day to immerse yourself in the local culture:

  • Zhuhai Museum: Begin with a visit to the Zhuhai Museum to gain insights into the region’s history and culture.
  • Zhuhai Opera House: In the afternoon, visit this architectural marvel located on an island within Zhuhai’s city limits.
  • Zhuhai Traditional Chinese Medicine Park: This park offers an understanding of China’s long history and tradition of herbal medicine.

Day 3: Exploring the Outdoors

Take advantage of Zhuhai’s natural beauty and outdoor spaces:

  • Zhuhai Seaside Park and Beach: Spend your day relaxing on the beach, playing volleyball, or walking along the beautiful promenade.
  • Jingshan Park: In the evening, head over to Jingshan Park, home to a beautiful lake and stunning city views.

Day 4: Day Trip to Dong’ao Island

Dedicate your fourth day to explore Dong’ao Island, a beautiful island in the Wanshan Archipelago. Take a ferry from Zhuhai and enjoy various activities like swimming, snorkeling, or hiking. Don’t miss out on the local seafood here!

Day 5: Exciting Wildlife and Theme Parks

Zhuhai is home to some fantastic theme parks. Spend your day at:

  • Chimelong Ocean Kingdom: Known as the “Sea World” of China, it’s one of the largest aquariums in the world, housing a variety of marine animals.
  • Chimelong International Circus: In the evening, watch a spectacular performance showcasing talent from around the world.

Day 6: Visit to a Fishing Village and Hot Springs

Experience local life and relaxation:

  • Baijiao Village: In the morning, visit Baijiao Village to experience the life of local fishermen. Enjoy freshly caught seafood in one of the local restaurants.
  • Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort: In the afternoon, relax at this famous hot spring and resort.

Day 7: Shopping and Leisure

Dedicate your last day to shopping and leisure:

  • Gongbei Underground Shopping Mall: Spend your day shopping for local souvenirs, clothes, and other products.
  • Bar Street: In the evening, head over to the city’s Bar Street near Jiuzhou Port. Enjoy live music, performances, and taste local snacks.
  • Lover’s Road: End your journey with a leisurely stroll along Lover’s Road, a scenic coastal road offering stunning views of the city’s skyline and neighboring Macao SAR’s cityscape.

This itinerary offers a balanced experience of everything Zhuhai has to offer – its history, culture, natural beauty, modern attractions, and local life. Of course, feel free to adapt the itinerary to better suit your personal interests and preferences! Enjoy your week in Zhuhai!

Zhuhai and Macau high vantage point views

Is Zhuhai A Safe City To Visit?

Zhuhai is considered a safe city for tourists to visit. Like many cities in China, it has a relatively low crime rate, particularly in relation to violent crime. However, this doesn’t mean that visitors should disregard basic safety precautions, as petty crime such as pickpocketing and bag-snatching can occur, particularly in crowded areas.

Here are several factors that contribute to Zhuhai’s safety:

1. Low Crime Rates:

The crime rate in Zhuhai, particularly serious crime, is relatively low compared to many Western cities. The local government maintains a strong law enforcement presence throughout the city, with CCTV cameras widely installed in public areas. It’s also important to note that penalties for crimes in China are quite stringent, which can be a deterrent for potential offenders.

2. Good Healthcare Facilities:

In terms of health safety, Zhuhai has a number of well-equipped hospitals and clinics, many of which have staff who speak English. The city has implemented modern healthcare systems, although it’s always recommended for travelers to have comprehensive travel insurance that covers healthcare.

3. Well-Maintained Infrastructure:

The city is known for its good infrastructure and cleanliness, contributing to overall safety. The roads, public transportation systems, and pedestrian areas are well-maintained, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

4. Emergency Services:

Zhuhai has efficient emergency services, and police response times are generally good. The police in Zhuhai are professional and there are tourist police in areas that are frequented by tourists.

Despite Zhuhai’s overall safety, it’s important to note that no city is completely devoid of crime or safety concerns. Here are a few safety tips:

  • Be Alert: As in any city, keep an eye on your belongings at all times. Be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded places like markets, tourist sites, and public transportation, where pickpocketing is more likely to occur.
  • Travel Insurance: Make sure you have travel insurance that covers theft, loss, accidents, and health issues.
  • Local Customs and Laws: Familiarize yourself with local customs, traditions, and laws to ensure that you don’t unknowingly offend anyone or violate any laws.
  • Emergency Numbers: Keep local emergency numbers, as well as the address and contact information of your home country’s embassy or consulate, handy.

In terms of health safety, it’s also recommended to:

  • Drink Bottled Water: Although the tap water in Zhuhai is generally safe to drink after boiling, it’s often recommended that travelers stick to bottled water.
  • Vaccinations: Ensure all routine vaccinations are up to date, and consider additional vaccines based on where you’ll be traveling. It’s best to consult with a healthcare professional or travel clinic well in advance of your trip.

Remember, safety can be subjective and can vary over time. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check recent travel advisories from reliable sources when planning your visit to Zhuhai or any other destination.

Zhuhai silk ties for sale in China

When Is The Best Time To Visit Zhuhai?

When planning a visit to Zhuhai, a coastal city in Guangdong province, southern China, it’s important to consider factors like weather, tourist crowds, and local events. Zhuhai enjoys a subtropical climate with mild winters and hot, humid summers.

1. Weather

Given the subtropical climate, Zhuhai experiences different seasons throughout the year:

  • Spring (March to May): Spring in Zhuhai is generally warm and comfortable, with temperatures ranging between 15°C (59°F) to 26°C (78.8°F). This season sees moderate rainfall. The comfortable weather makes spring a good time for outdoor activities, such as exploring the city’s parks and beaches.
  • Summer (June to September): Summers in Zhuhai are hot and humid, with temperatures often reaching up to 34°C (93.2°F). It’s also the season with the highest rainfall, particularly from May to October when the city is susceptible to typhoons. Despite the heat, summer is a peak tourist season due to school vacations.
  • Autumn (October to December): Autumn sees a decrease in temperature and humidity, making it another great time to visit Zhuhai. Temperatures range from 15°C (59°F) to 28°C (82.4°F). Autumn is considered the most beautiful season in Zhuhai when the city is adorned with blooming flowers.
  • Winter (January to February): Winters in Zhuhai are mild and dry, with temperatures ranging from 10°C (50°F) to 18°C (64.4°F). Winter is the off-peak season for tourism, which means fewer crowds at major attractions.

2. Crowds

Zhuhai is a popular destination for both local and international tourists. The city can get particularly crowded during Chinese holidays such as the Spring Festival (usually in late January or early February), Labor Day (early May), and National Day (early October). If you prefer avoiding crowds, it might be best to plan your visit outside these periods.

3. Events and Festivals

There are also various events and festivals throughout the year that might influence your decision:

  • Zhuhai International Beach Music Festival (October): This is a large music event held on the beach, attracting a crowd of music lovers.
  • Zhuhai International Circus Festival (November): This event showcases the world’s best circus performances.
  • Macao Grand Prix (November): While this event is held in nearby Macao, it often attracts visitors to the region, including Zhuhai.

Considering the weather, crowds, and events, the best time to visit Zhuhai would likely be in the autumn months (October and November). The weather is pleasant, the city is beautiful with blooming flowers, and several events take place during this time. However, “the best time” can vary depending on your personal preferences for weather, crowd sizes, and events.

source: Reuters on YouTube

Must-Visit Festivals and Events in Zhuhai

Zhuhai, like many cities in China, is rich in cultural festivities and events that offer a unique window into its traditions, innovations, and communal spirit. Here’s a detailed look into some must-visit festivals and events in Zhuhai:

1. Zhuhai International Beach Festival:

  • When: Every year in September.
  • Details: This festival celebrates Zhuhai’s coastal beauty. The main event is a grand parade with themed floats, traditional dance performances, and music. The shores are dotted with stalls selling local crafts, delicacies, and beach-themed games. Surfing and beach volleyball competitions are major crowd-pullers.

2. Zhuhai Air Show:

  • When: Held biennially, usually in November.
  • Details: The largest of its kind in Asia, the air show displays civilian and military aircraft from across the world. Aerial acrobatic performances, tech exhibitions, and interactive workshops make it an event for both aviation enthusiasts and casual visitors.

3. Zhuhai Classical Music Festival:

  • When: Every year in October.
  • Details: Set in the mesmerizing backdrop of the Zhuhai Opera House, the festival welcomes international and national orchestras, soloists, and ensembles. With a mix of classical pieces and contemporary compositions, the festival is a treat for the ears.

4. Zhuhai Film Festival:

  • When: Annually, typically in November.
  • Details: Celebrating the magic of cinema, this festival screens a curated list of international and Chinese films. Filmmaker interactions, red carpet events, and workshops on various aspects of filmmaking are also organized.

5. Zhuhai International Dragon Boat Festival:

  • When: Annually during the Dragon Boat Festival, usually in June.
  • Details: Steeped in history, this event witnesses colorful dragon boats racing on the waters amidst the beating of drums. The festival also has traditional foods like ‘zongzi’ (rice dumplings) and various cultural performances.

6. Zhuhai International Fireworks Festival:

  • When: Every year, dates vary but generally around the Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • Details: The sky lights up with dazzling fireworks choreographed to music. Teams from various countries compete, making the skies above Zhuhai a canvas of colors and patterns.

7. Zhuhai Fishing Festival:

  • When: Annually in August.
  • Details: Celebrating the city’s fishing heritage, this festival involves fishing competitions, seafood markets, and culinary events showcasing the myriad ways to prepare fish and seafood.

8. Zhuhai Jasmine Flower Festival:

  • When: Annually in June, during the jasmine blooming season.
  • Details: The fragrance of blooming jasmine envelops the city. Flower shows, jasmine tea tastings, and musical performances dedicated to the jasmine flower are the festival’s highlights.

9. Zhuhai International Circus Festival:

  • When: Held biennially, dates vary.
  • Details: Artists and acrobats from all over the globe converge in Zhuhai, displaying their talents. From trapeze acts to clown performances, it’s a mesmerizing spectacle for all ages.

10. Zhuhai Marathon:

  • When: Annually, usually in January.
  • Details: Drawing participants from around the world, this marathon showcases Zhuhai’s scenic routes, passing through its coastline, urban areas, and green landscapes. It’s as much a sporting event as it is a cultural and communal gathering.

Attending these festivals and events in Zhuhai offers a comprehensive experience of the city’s ethos, culture, and vibrancy. It’s not just about the events but the communal spirit, the shared joy, and the blending of traditions with modernity that make these celebrations truly memorable.

source: Bamborn on YouTube

Shopping and Souvenirs Worth Buying in Zhuhai

Zhuhai, known for its beautiful coastline and vibrant culture, is also a shopper’s delight. From sprawling shopping malls to bustling street markets, the city offers a wide range of shopping experiences. Here’s a detailed guide on shopping and noteworthy souvenirs to purchase in Zhuhai:

1. Gongbei Underground Market:

  • Location: Near Gongbei Port.
  • Details: This expansive underground market is a maze of shops selling electronics, apparel, accessories, and much more. It’s particularly popular for affordable fashion and gadgets.
  • Must-buy: Knock-off designer bags and watches (just ensure you’re aware they aren’t the real thing), local handicrafts, and traditional Chinese attire.

2. Jingshan Road Night Market:

  • Location: Jingshan Road.
  • Details: A lively evening market where vendors sell an array of items from clothing to souvenirs.
  • Must-buy: Street fashion, handcrafted jewelry, and quirky trinkets.

3. Zhuhai Duty-Free Shopping Mall:

  • Location: Jiuzhou Avenue.
  • Details: As the name suggests, this mall offers an extensive range of duty-free products, making it a favorite among tourists.
  • Must-buy: Imported cosmetics, fragrances, wines, and chocolates.

4. Huafa Commercial Plaza:

  • Location: South Yingbin Road.
  • Details: An upscale shopping destination with a range of international and local brands.
  • Must-buy: High-end fashion, luxury accessories, and branded electronics.

5. Local Tea and Herbal Shops:

  • Details: Zhuhai has several tea and herbal medicine shops showcasing the rich Chinese tradition of tea drinking and natural medicine.
  • Must-buy: Oolong tea, jasmine tea, and traditional Chinese medicinal herbs.

6. Zhuhai Fisher Girl Souvenir Shops:

  • Details: Near the iconic Fisher Girl statue, several souvenir shops sell memorabilia related to this symbol of Zhuhai.
  • Must-buy: Miniature Fisher Girl statues, postcards, and themed jewelry.

7. Lianhua Road Commercial Street:

  • Location: Lianhua Road.
  • Details: A bustling shopping street with numerous boutiques, eateries, and souvenir shops.
  • Must-buy: Handcrafted ornaments, silk products, and traditional Chinese lanterns.

8. Fresh Seafood Markets:

  • Details: Being a coastal city, Zhuhai boasts several markets selling freshly caught seafood.
  • Must-buy: Dried seafood like scallops, abalone, and shrimp. These make for a great gift for those who appreciate gourmet delicacies.

9. Traditional Craft Shops:

  • Details: Scattered throughout the city, these shops highlight the art and craftsmanship of local artisans.
  • Must-buy: Bamboo crafts, Chinese calligraphy sets, and hand-painted porcelain.

10. Hengqin Oyster Cultural Village:

  • Location: Hengqin New Area.
  • Details: Dedicated to the oyster farming heritage of Zhuhai, this area not only educates about oyster cultivation but also has shops selling oyster-related products.
  • Must-buy: Oyster sauces, dried oysters, and oyster-inspired handicrafts.

Tips for Shoppers:

  • Bargaining: Especially in street markets and some shops, bargaining is not only acceptable but expected. Starting at about half the quoted price and working your way up is a common tactic.
  • Quality Check: For electronics and designer knock-offs, ensure you check the quality before purchasing. Testing products and closely inspecting items is advisable.
  • Payment: While many upscale malls accept international credit cards, it’s always handy to have local currency for street markets and smaller shops.

In Zhuhai, shopping isn’t just a transactional experience; it’s a journey through its culture, craftsmanship, and local life. Whether you’re looking for high-end luxury items or unique local artifacts, Zhuhai offers a wealth of options to satisfy every shopper’s whim.

source: Samuel and Audrey on YouTube

Where To Visit After Your Trip To Zhuhai?

After your trip to Zhuhai, there are several fantastic destinations nearby that you can consider visiting. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Macau: Just a short ferry ride away, Macau is a vibrant city known for its lively casinos, Portuguese architecture, and unique blend of Chinese and Western cultures. Explore historical sites like the Ruins of St. Paul’s, Senado Square, and the Macau Tower. Indulge in Macanese cuisine and try your luck at the casinos.
  2. Hong Kong: With its iconic skyline, bustling street markets, and cultural attractions, Hong Kong is a dynamic city worth exploring. Take in the panoramic views from Victoria Peak, explore vibrant neighborhoods like Central and Mong Kok, and enjoy a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.
  3. Guangzhou: As the capital of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou offers a mix of modernity and traditional Chinese culture. Visit attractions like the Canton Tower, Yuexiu Park, and the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall. Explore the city’s vibrant markets and savor delicious Cantonese cuisine.
  4. Shenzhen: Known as China’s technology hub, Shenzhen is a modern city that offers a futuristic skyline, theme parks, and shopping opportunities. Visit attractions like Window of the World, OCT Loft Creative Culture Park, and Shenzhen Bay Park. Explore the city’s vibrant culinary scene and enjoy its lively nightlife.
  5. Zhongshan: Located adjacent to Zhuhai, Zhongshan is a historical city and the hometown of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of modern China. Visit the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, explore ancient villages like Wugui Mountain, and enjoy the scenic landscapes of Yixian Lake.
  6. Foshan: Known for its rich martial arts heritage, Foshan offers a glimpse into traditional Chinese culture. Visit the Foshan Ancestral Temple, the Nanfeng Ancient Kiln, and the Foshan Folk Art Research Institute. Enjoy Foshan’s renowned Cantonese cuisine, including its famous dim sum.
  7. Kaiping Diaolou: Venture to the Kaiping region and explore the unique architectural structures known as diaolou. These fortified towers are a blend of Chinese and Western architectural styles and are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit diaolou clusters such as Zili Village and Majianglong Village.
  8. Guilin: Known for its stunning karst landscape, Guilin is a city in Guangxi Province renowned for its picturesque scenery. Take a cruise along the Li River, explore the stunning Reed Flute Cave, and visit the iconic Elephant Trunk Hill.
  9. Zhangjiajie: Located in Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie is famous for its towering sandstone pillars that inspired the landscapes in the movie “Avatar.” Explore Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianmen Mountain, and the breathtaking glass-bottomed Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Skywalk.
  10. Yangshuo: Another gem in Guangxi Province, Yangshuo is a charming town surrounded by karst mountains and picturesque countryside. Enjoy activities like bamboo rafting on the Yulong River, cycling through rice paddies, and watching the stunning Impression Liu Sanjie light show.
  11. Xiamen: Situated on the southeast coast of China, Xiamen is known for its pleasant subtropical climate, beautiful beaches, and colonial architecture. Visit attractions like Gulangyu Island, Nanputuo Temple, and enjoy the vibrant food scene along Zhongshan Road.
  12. Hainan Island: For those seeking tropical beach getaways, Hainan Island is an ideal destination. Known as the “Hawaii of China,” it offers pristine beaches, luxury resorts, and outdoor activities like snorkeling, diving, and exploring rainforests in places like Sanya and Haikou.
  13. Zhangzhou and Quanzhou: These two neighboring cities in Fujian Province offer a glimpse into ancient Chinese history and culture. Visit Kaiyuan Temple, the Maritime Silk Road Museum, and explore traditional Fujianese architecture in Quanzhou. Zhangzhou is famous for its beautiful countryside and tea plantations.
  14. Wuyi Mountains: Located in Fujian Province, the Wuyi Mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage site known for their dramatic landscapes and cultural significance. Explore the scenic beauty of the area, hike through the lush forests, and discover ancient temples and rock formations.
  15. Hangzhou: Located in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou is renowned for its stunning West Lake, beautiful gardens, and historic temples. Take a boat ride on the lake, visit the famous Lingyin Temple, and explore the charming streets of Hefang Street.
  16. Suzhou: Known as the “Venice of the East,” Suzhou is famous for its classical gardens, ancient canals, and silk industry. Visit the Humble Administrator’s Garden, explore the water towns of Zhouzhuang and Tongli, and witness traditional silk weaving.
  17. Shanghai: A bustling metropolis, Shanghai offers a blend of modernity and history. Explore the iconic Bund, visit the historic Yu Garden, and discover the vibrant shopping and dining scene in Nanjing Road. Don’t miss the opportunity to take in the city skyline from the Shanghai World Financial Center or the Oriental Pearl Tower.
  18. Chengdu: If you’re a nature and animal lover, Chengdu in Sichuan Province is a great choice. Get up close and personal with giant pandas at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, visit the Leshan Giant Buddha, and savor the famous Sichuan cuisine.
  19. Beijing: As the capital of China, Beijing is rich in history and cultural heritage. Explore iconic landmarks like the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven. Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant hutongs (traditional alleys) and indulge in Beijing’s famous roast duck.
  20. Xi’an: Home to the Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an is an ancient city with a rich history. Visit the UNESCO-listed Terracotta Army, cycle along the city walls, and explore the Muslim Quarter to sample local street food.
  21. Zhangye: If you’re interested in unique natural landscapes, consider visiting Zhangye in Gansu Province. Witness the otherworldly Rainbow Mountains (Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park) and explore the cultural heritage of the Giant Buddha Temple.

These destinations offer diverse experiences, from exploring historical sites and cultural attractions to indulging in culinary delights and enjoying modern entertainment. Choose based on your interests and the amount of time you have available, and continue your adventure by discovering the unique charms of these nearby destinations.

Zhuhai bridge connecting Hong Kong and Macau

Zhuhai Travel Guide: Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of this Zhuhai travel guide, we hope it has provided you with valuable information and inspiration for your visit to this coastal city. Zhuhai offers a delightful mix of natural beauty, cultural attractions, and modern developments, making it a captivating destination for travelers.

From the scenic coastline and Lover’s Road to the historic New Yuan Ming Palace and Fisher Girl Statue, Zhuhai showcases a blend of traditional Chinese heritage and contemporary charm. Whether you’re exploring the city’s cultural landmarks, indulging in delectable seafood cuisine, or embarking on day trips to neighboring destinations, Zhuhai has something to offer every visitor.

Make sure to immerse yourself in the local culture, try the flavorsome Zhuhai-style seafood, and take part in the vibrant night markets and street food scenes. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit nearby Macau, Hong Kong, or other destinations in the Pearl River Delta region, which further enrich your travel experience.

Remember to plan your itinerary well, considering the weather, peak travel seasons, and the specific attractions and activities you wish to explore. Booking accommodations and transportation in advance is recommended, especially during holidays and popular travel periods.

With its captivating coastal views, historical landmarks, culinary delights, and proximity to neighboring attractions, Zhuhai offers a memorable travel experience for all types of travelers. Enjoy your time exploring the city’s wonders, embracing its unique charm, and creating unforgettable memories in this coastal gem of China.

In Zhuhai’s embrace, the sea and sky unite, A coastal city, its beauty shining bright. From Lover’s Road, the waves dance with glee, As travelers wander, hearts filled with glee.

New Yuan Ming Palace, a glimpse of old, Whispers of history, stories yet untold. Fisher Girl Statue, serene and fair, Symbol of Zhuhai’s maritime affair.

Stroll through parks, where nature blooms, Seeking tranquility, escaping city rooms. Taste the flavors of Zhuhai’s seafood delight, Savor each bite, a culinary flight.

Beneath the skyline, a city’s heartbeat, Modern and vibrant, innovation’s feat. But amidst the hustle, a peaceful retreat, Where moments of serenity and connection meet.

Day trips beckon to lands afar, Macau’s allure, like a shining star. Hong Kong’s energy, a vibrant force, The Pearl River Delta, a traveler’s course.

Zhuhai, a gateway to wonders untold, A tapestry of stories, waiting to unfold. Embrace its beauty, let your spirit soar, Discover Zhuhai’s treasures, forevermore.

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