Port Dickson Travel Guide: Things to Do, See and Eat traveling in Port Dickson

Port Dickson Travel Guide

Photo by adampaulclay on Pixabay // CC0
Photo by adampaulclay on Pixabay // CC0


Had enough of the heat of Kuala Lumpur? Thankfully, there is a beach resort within an easy day trip of the big city. Situated on the Straits of Malacca, Port Dickson is not well known by foreigners, giving you a chance to mix with local Malaysians as they enjoy themselves on holiday.

Cultural Attractions

Drop by the oldest lighthouse in Malaysia while in Port Dickson by visiting Cape Rachado. Dating back to the 16th century when the Portuguese controlled the nearby port of Malacca, it was built by colonial authorities shortly after their takeover of the area to facilitate safe access to the Straits for shipping.

While marine lights have been located here since 1511, the current one dates from 1863 and was built by the British. While the lighthouse itself is off-limits, the cape it is situated on offers outstanding ocean views, so don’t forget your camera.

Learn about the Malaysian armed forces by visiting the Army Museum. Situated seven kilometres from the centre of Port Dickson, its grounds are home to a variety of tanks, planes, and other military vehicles and hardware.

Of particular interest is a reproduction of an underground tunnel dug by the Malayan Communist Party back in the 1930s when they were fighting the government in what is referred to as the Emergency Era. With free admittance, it is a great place to go if the weather isn’t cooperating during one of your days in Port Dickson.

Get a look at Taoist architecture by spending some time exploring Wan Loong Chinese Temple. Found at Mile 7 of the Port Dickson coastal road across from the PD World Marina Resort, this hall of worship is dedicated to the Monkey King and Kuan Yi, the goddess of mercy.

While it is a typical temple in many respects, fans of these attractions will appreciate the turtle and fish pond on its grounds, as well as the peaceful atmosphere, the latter of which makes for a pleasant break from the crowds which flood this town on busy weekends and holidays.

Hinduism is another major religion in the area – accordingly, it should come as no surprise to find a hall of worship the calibre of Sri Anjaneyar Alayam Temple in Port Dickson. Built in 1954 in honour of a revered local warrior, visitors will find an image of Lord Anjaneyar within.

Staring out to sea in the direction of Sri Lanka, it is a statue that ties the entire complex together. If you haven’t had a chance to see a Hindu temple up close since arriving in Malaysia, drop in after a day at the beach.

Other Attractions

By far, the quality of the beaches in Port Dickson is among this area’s biggest draws. Be sure to spend a full day enjoying the sands of Blue Lagoon Beach during your time here, as its colourful, clear waters, its lack of water sports traffic, and child-friendly depth makes it an ideal place to relax for those on holiday.

Situated 17 kilometres south of town, it can nonetheless get pretty crowded during weekends and holidays, so be sure to plan your trip during the week and outside local vacation periods if you don’t enjoy sharing the beach with throngs of people.

Teluk Kemang is another beach worth checking when you are on holiday in the Port Dickson area. Located closer to town between the 7th and 8th-mile posts on the Port Dickson coastal road, it is the largest beach in the region, and thus, one of its more popular strips of sand.

In contrast to Blue Lagoon Beach, water sports are allowed here – if you want to take a rip on a jet ski, hold on as a towed banana boat goes up and over waves, or take to the air on a parasailing excursion, this is where you’ll want to go.

Being a popular tourist town, Port Dickson has more than its share of cheesy (but fun) attractions. Of them, the Alive 3D Art Gallery is one of the best-loved by domestic tourists. Using optical illusion tricks like forced perspective, the works contained with its walls will give you plenty of opportunities to take hilarious pictures with family and friends. Be aware this attraction can get jam-packed with kids during school holidays, though – if there are a lot of kids in town, you may want to wait a few days before visiting.

Can’t get enough of the funny photo opportunities available in the previous attraction? Make sure to make time for The Upside Down Art Gallery during your time in Port Dickson. With plenty of different portrayals of objects, animals, and famous landmarks that encourage goofy poses, you’ll make plenty of shots that will have the family back home laughing.

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