Wenzhou Travel Guide: 20 Top Things to Do in Wenzhou, China

Nestled on China’s eastern coast, Wenzhou is a city where natural beauty and urban sophistication meet in a harmonious blend. Known for its rugged landscapes, meandering rivers, and vibrant economy, Wenzhou offers a unique slice of Zhejiang Province. This city, often off the radar for the typical tourist, invites those with a keen sense of adventure and a desire to discover the road less traveled. Let’s embark on a journey through Wenzhou, exploring its hidden gems and well-loved attractions.

Incredible illuminated night views in Wenzhou, China

Gateway to Natural Wonders

Mountains, Seas and Rivers

Wenzhou’s geographical tapestry is a marvel, with the majestic Yandang Mountains offering breathtaking views and challenging hikes. The coastline stretches, revealing secluded beaches and bustling ports, showcasing the city’s intricate relationship with the sea.

The Ou River runs through Wenzhou, serving as a lifeline that has shaped the city’s culture and economy. Cruises on this river offer a serene perspective of Wenzhou’s scenic beauty and the daily lives of its people.

A Hub of Innovation and Culture

Wenzhou is renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit, home to bustling markets and innovative businesses. This economic vigor adds a dynamic layer to the city’s character, making it a fascinating study in modern Chinese commerce.

Wenzhou cityscape skyscraper lake views in China

Cultural Mosaic

The city’s cultural scene is as diverse as its landscapes. Ancient temples stand alongside modern art galleries, while traditional teahouses offer a moment of tranquility amid the urban hustle. Wenzhou’s festivals, celebrating everything from local cuisine to international arts, are a testament to its vibrant community life.

Culinary Delights

The flavors of Wenzhou are a reflection of its coastal location and agricultural richness. Seafood dishes are a must-try, prepared with a finesse that highlights the fresh catch of the day. The city’s street food scene offers a delectable journey through local snacks and sweets, inviting visitors to taste their way through Wenzhou’s culinary heritage. From the thrill of exploring its natural landscapes to the pleasure of navigating its markets and tasting its cuisine, Wenzhou invites curiosity and rewards it with genuine discoveries. This city, where mountains, rivers, and urban life blend seamlessly, is ready to unveil its secrets to those willing to venture into its heart.

Wenzhou City Guide: A Brief History Of Wenzhou, China

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Top Attraction In Wenzhou For Visitors


Known primarily as a city that makes 90% of the world’s glasses and a massive proportion of its shoes, Wenzhou is a place that frequently gets skipped by travellers for other parts of China.

This doesn’t mean there is nothing to see, though – with plenty of mountains, temples, and other cultural institutions, you’ll find enough things to do during your time there.

Come check out our Wenzhou travel guide as we cover the best things to do in Wenzhou, China.

Top Attractions

Start your visit to Wenzhou by exploring the halls and exhibits of the Wenzhou Museum. Inside, you’ll find more than 17,000 items in its collection, dating back to the origins of China as a nation. These have been brought in from sources across the region, and include items like jade, bronze wares, stone tools, gold and silver items, calligraphy, paintings, and more.

An entire section of the museum is dedicated to arts and crafts, and with plenty of English translations throughout the building, this attraction is a great place for foreigners to visit when the weather or air quality isn’t cooperating.

Before moving on from Wenzhou to your next destination in China, make sure to set aside several hours to check out the entirety of Jiangxin Island. Renowned as one of the four islands most revered over the course of Chinese history, it is packed with natural and cultural highlights that will almost certainly be the highlight of your trip here.

From trails that make their way through stands of olive, camphor, and banyan trees that are many hundreds of years old to Buddhist temples which hold a great deal of importance to the religion as a whole, your time on this isle will be spent travelling from one awesome sight to another.

Reached by a series of buses from the city centre and then a ferry boat for roughly 25 Yuan, it is an excellent way to spend a good weather day outside.

More Attractions

Make the most of the beautiful countryside found in the hinterlands of Wenzhou by spending time out at Yaoxi Scenic Resort. Situated amidst the mountains of the southeastern interior, its star attraction is a waterfall which cascades down from its highest heights.

Forming a gorge filled with fresh, powder blue water, it is a refreshing place to cool off on a hot day (of which there are many in summer) in the Wenzhou area. They make for a great place to refresh oneself after a strenuous hike into the hills above, which provide an excellent view of Wenzhou city to the east.

If possible, try to visit during the week, as this place can get overwhelmed by locals during the weekends, especially on Sunday.

While modern-day Wenzhou may not offer much in the way of ancient Chinese architecture or culture, there are many ancient towns and villages within an easy day trip that will allow you to get a taste of Classic China.

After catching a ferry to Oubei, take a minibus one hour north until you reach Yantoucun. Here, you’ll get a chance to walk along an attraction known as Lishui Street, which is a series of old-style Chinese rural houses built alongside a canal.

If you are looking to check out a traditional Chinese village, you’ll want to check out Furong Village, which has been continuously inhabited for many centuries.

Unlike the extremely touristy water villages within easy reach of Shanghai, these have a feel to them that is far more authentic. Overnight accommodation can be had here as well, though it bears saying that the standard may be more spartan than what you are used to at home.

Other Attractions

If you can’t find the time to make your way out to Yaoxi Scenic Resort, spend an afternoon enjoying nature on the slopes of Yangfu Mountain instead. In addition to tree-lined trails that will take you to cooler heights, there are amazing views that will allow you to capture the city of Wenzhou from above.

Like Yaoxi, though, this spot tends to get crowded on weekends and during the evening hours as well, so time your visit for the middle of the day during the week, if possible.

Jingshan Forest Park is another popular place where locals go to get away from the noisy, chaotic streets of Wenzhou. Here, you will find some shrines and a zoo, but on a hot day, there is no better place to be than its municipal pool. Again, this is a busy place on weekends, so try to go during the work week to avoid feeling like a sardine in a water-packed can.

Before making your way to your next destination in China, spend your last evening in Wenzhou shopping and dining on Wuma Street. Here, you will find shop everyday needs alongside luxury brands. No matter one’s reason for spending money here, though, everybody partakes of local delicacies, which are skilfully prepared by food stalls situated along this street’s length.

Visiting Jianxin Island in Wenzhou, China

Top 20 Things To Do in Wenzhou, China For Visitors

Known for its entrepreneurial spirit, beautiful landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, Wenzhou offers a variety of experiences for visitors. Here’s your list:

1. Explore Jiangxin Island

Jiangxin Island, situated in the Oujiang River, is a scenic spot known for its lush landscapes, ancient temples, and the iconic Jiangxin Tower. The island is a popular place for leisurely walks, picnics, and enjoying traditional Chinese architecture. At night, the island is beautifully lit, offering a magical view.

2. Visit Wenzhou Zoo

Wenzhou Zoo is home to a variety of animals, providing a fun day out for families and wildlife enthusiasts. It’s a place to learn about animal conservation efforts and see rare species in well-maintained habitats. The zoo also offers educational programs and interactive experiences.

3. Stroll through Wenzhou Jiushan Park

Jiushan Park, located near the city center, is a peaceful retreat with winding paths, serene lakes, and lush greenery. It’s a perfect spot for jogging, bird watching, or simply enjoying nature. The park’s traditional Chinese pavilions and bridges add to its charm.

4. Discover the Wenzhou Museum

The Wenzhou Museum offers a deep dive into the region’s history, culture, and art. With collections ranging from ancient ceramics to contemporary pieces, the museum provides a comprehensive overview of Wenzhou’s rich heritage. Special exhibitions are frequently held, showcasing both local and international artists.

5. Hike in Yandang Mountain

Yandang Mountain, a UNESCO World Geopark, is famed for its stunning natural beauty, including peaks, waterfalls, and ancient rock formations. Hiking trails of various difficulty levels allow visitors to explore the landscape’s wonders. The nighttime illumination of the mountain adds a mystical touch to the experience.

6. Shop at Wuma Street

Wuma Street is a bustling commercial area offering a wide range of shops, from traditional Chinese markets to modern malls. It’s an ideal place for shopping for local crafts, clothing, and souvenirs. The street is also lined with food stalls and restaurants serving delicious Wenzhou cuisine.

7. Relax at the Sanyou Cave Scenic Area

The Sanyou Cave Scenic Area is known for its breathtaking river views and the famous Sanyou Cave, which has inspired poets and artists for centuries. Visitors can take boat trips to enjoy the scenery and explore the cave’s historic inscriptions. The area’s tranquility makes it a perfect spot for relaxation.

8. Enjoy the Nightlife at Time Square

Time Square in Wenzhou is a modern entertainment hub with a lively atmosphere. It offers a mix of shopping, dining, and nightlife options, including bars, clubs, and live music venues. The square’s contemporary architecture and vibrant energy make it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

9. Visit Baizhangji Waterfall and Feiyun Lake

Baizhangji Waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in China, offers spectacular views, especially after rainfall. Nearby Feiyun Lake provides a serene setting for boating and fishing. The area’s natural beauty is perfect for photography and nature walks.

10. Explore the Nanxi River

The Nanxi River is renowned for its clear waters, traditional riverside villages, and dramatic landscapes. Visitors can take boat tours to appreciate the river’s beauty and discover hidden spots. Rafting and kayaking are also popular activities for adventure seekers.

11. Experience the Wenzhou World Trade Center

The Wenzhou World Trade Center, one of the tallest buildings in the city, offers panoramic views from its observation deck. The building houses offices, luxury shops, and fine dining restaurants. It’s a symbol of Wenzhou’s economic development and modernity.

12. Wander through Wenzhou’s Ancient City

Wenzhou’s Ancient City area, with its historic streets and traditional buildings, provides a glimpse into the city’s past. Visitors can explore ancient shops, temples, and residences that have been preserved over centuries. The area is also known for its traditional handicrafts and local snacks.

13. Visit the Dongtou District

Dongtou District, located on a group of islands off the coast of Wenzhou, is known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and coastal fortifications. It’s a great destination for water sports, seafood dining, and exploring the area’s unique island culture.

14. Take a Break at the Wenzhou Cultural Park

Wenzhou Cultural Park, blending modern art installations with traditional garden design, is a space for both relaxation and cultural exploration. The park hosts outdoor exhibitions, performances, and cultural events, making it a dynamic place to visit.

15. See the Ruian Dayu Rock

Ruian Dayu Rock, an impressive natural formation, is associated with the legendary figure Yu the Great, known for his flood control efforts. The site offers not only historical significance but also hiking trails and scenic views. It’s a place where nature and legend intertwine.

16. Enjoy Tea at the Cangpo Ancient Village

Cangpo Ancient Village, nestled in the mountains near Wenzhou, is known for its traditional tea culture and well-preserved ancient architecture. Visitors can participate in tea ceremonies, explore the village’s narrow lanes, and learn about the local way of life. It’s a peaceful retreat from the city.

17. Explore the East Sichuan Road Cultural Street

East Sichuan Road Cultural Street is a vibrant area where visitors can immerse themselves in Wenzhou’s artistic scene. The street is lined with galleries, bookstores, and cafes, each offering unique cultural experiences. It’s a hub for creative minds and those interested in contemporary Chinese culture.

18. Take a Culinary Tour

Wenzhou’s culinary scene is diverse, offering everything from street food to gourmet dining. Visitors can take a culinary tour to sample local specialties such as “Wenzhou-style” chicken, seafood dishes, and traditional snacks. It’s a delicious way to explore the city’s culture.

19. Participate in a Traditional Festival

Wenzhou hosts several traditional festivals throughout the year, celebrating its cultural heritage with music, dance, and customs. These festivals offer a chance to experience local traditions, sample festive foods, and engage with the community. It’s a colorful and lively introduction to Wenzhou’s cultural identity.

20. Visit the Chanshan Wumei Scenic Area

Chanshan Wumei Scenic Area, known for its plum blossoms, bamboo forests, and tranquil lakes, is a picturesque destination throughout the year. Visitors can hike the trails, enjoy picnics, and participate in seasonal festivals. The area’s natural beauty provides a serene backdrop for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Famous Wenzhou oranges are a must try snack for visitors

What To Eat and Drink in Wenzhou, China

The city’s cuisine, known for its emphasis on seafood and its distinct preparation methods, provides a culinary adventure for food enthusiasts. Here’s a guide to what you should eat and drink while in Wenzhou, where each dish tells a story of tradition, geography, and innovation.

Must-Try Dishes

1. Wenzhou-style Seafood

Given its coastal location, Wenzhou’s seafood is a must-try. Dishes like steamed fish in Wenzhou style, which emphasizes the natural sweetness and freshness of the sea, are delicacies. The preparation is usually simple, letting the quality of the seafood shine.

2. Yandang “Three Yellow” Chicken (Yandang San Huang Ji)

This dish features chicken that is locally bred in the Yandang Mountains, known for its tender meat and rich flavor. The “three yellow” refers to the chicken’s yellow beak, yellow feathers, and yellow feet, signifying its pure breed. It’s often cooked using traditional methods, such as steaming or simmering in soups.

3. Ou River Soup (Ou Jiang Tang)

A comforting bowl of Ou River Soup, made from fresh river fish and local vegetables, reflects the simplicity and purity of Wenzhou’s culinary philosophy. The broth is light yet flavorful, with a focus on the fresh ingredients’ natural tastes.

4. Dongtou Seaweed

Dongtou, an archipelago under Wenzhou’s administration, is famous for its seaweed, harvested from the clean, unpolluted waters. The seaweed is used in various dishes, from soups to salads, and is valued for its nutritional benefits and unique texture.

5. Wontons and Noodles

While not unique to Wenzhou alone, the city has its own versions of these Chinese staples. Wenzhou wontons are smaller, with delicate wrappers and rich fillings, often served in a clear, tasty broth. Noodles, whether in soup or stir-fried, are a staple in the local diet, with each family boasting their own secret recipe.

Local Beverages

1. Yandang Green Tea

The Yandang Mountain area, with its misty climate, is perfect for tea cultivation. Yandang Green Tea is a local favorite, known for its refreshing taste and aromatic fragrance. Enjoying a cup allows for a moment of tranquility amidst the bustling city life.

2. Yellow Rice Wine

A traditional alcoholic beverage in the region, yellow rice wine has a mild, sweet taste, making it a popular choice for both cooking and drinking. It’s often consumed during meals and is believed to have health benefits.

3. Plum Juice

Wenzhou’s warm climate is conducive to growing a variety of fruits, including plums. Plum juice, made from local varieties, is a refreshing drink, especially during the hot summer months. It’s sweet with a slight tartness, embodying the flavors of Wenzhou’s orchards.

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Tours For Visitors To Wenzhou, China

Whether you’re drawn to the serenity of ancient temples, the raw beauty of the coastline, or the hustle and bustle of market life, Wenzhou has tours that cater to every interest. Here’s a guide to some of the best tours available for visitors to Wenzhou, China.

1. Yandang Mountains Exploration

Embark on a guided tour to the Yandang Mountains, recognized as a UNESCO World Geopark. These tours typically cover the dramatic peaks, deep valleys, and cascading waterfalls that define the landscape, including the famous Night Moon Over the Dinghu Peak and the Lingfeng Peak for sunrise or sunset views. Experienced guides share insights into the geological formation and cultural significance of these mountains.

2. Jiangxin Island Excursion

A visit to Jiangxin Island, located in the middle of the Ou River, offers a blend of natural beauty and historical richness. Tours here explore ancient temples, the captivating Jiangxin Tower, and beautifully landscaped gardens. It’s a perfect half-day trip for those looking to immerse themselves in tranquility and history.

3. Cultural Heritage Walk in Wenzhou City

Discover the heart and soul of Wenzhou with a walking tour through its bustling streets and hidden alleys. Highlights include visits to the Wenzhou Museum, where you can delve into the region’s history and art, and the century-old Wenqing Mosque, reflecting the city’s diverse cultural influences. These tours often include stops at local teahouses or snack vendors, offering a taste of Wenzhou’s culinary delights.

4. Wenzhou Gastronomy Tour

For food enthusiasts, a gastronomy tour through Wenzhou’s markets and eateries is a must. Sample local specialties such as Wenzhou-style seafood, Ou River soup, and the city’s unique take on wontons. Guides not only introduce the foods but also share stories about the city’s culinary traditions and the influence of its geography on its cuisine.

5. Dongtou District Coastal Trip

The Dongtou District, with its captivating archipelago, offers tours focused on the coastal and marine beauty of Wenzhou. Visit lighthouses, beaches, and witness the rugged coastline that defines this area. Seafood lovers will enjoy the opportunity to sample fresh catches directly from the local fishermen.

6. Nanxi River Rafting Adventure

For those seeking a bit of adventure, rafting down the Nanxi River provides an exhilarating experience. Tours here include navigating through gentle rapids against a backdrop of lush bamboo forests and ancient cliffside carvings. It’s a wonderful way to experience the natural beauty of the Wenzhou region from a different perspective.

7. Ancient Village Cultural Experience

Explore the ancient villages around Wenzhou, where time seems to stand still. Tours to places like Yantou Village offer insights into traditional Chinese rural life, showcasing ancient architecture, traditional crafts, and age-old customs that have been preserved through the generations.

8. Tea Plantation and Tasting Tours

The hills around Wenzhou are dotted with tea plantations, offering tours that explore the art of tea cultivation and processing. Visitors can walk through tea fields, learn about different tea varieties, and enjoy tastings that highlight the subtleties of local tea blends.

9. Wenzhou Architectural Tour

Discover the architectural diversity of Wenzhou, from ancient temples and historic bridges to modern skyscrapers and public parks. These tours provide insights into the city’s development, architectural styles, and the stories behind significant buildings.

10. Shopping and Craft Markets Tour

Dive into the vibrant market scene of Wenzhou with a tour designed for shoppers. Explore everything from high-end shopping districts to traditional craft markets, where you can find local handicrafts, fashion, and souvenirs. Guides can help negotiate prices and explain the craftsmanship behind local products.

Massive Oujiang Bridge in Wenzhou, China

Wenzhou Accommodations Guide: Hotels, Guesthouses and Hostels

Here’s a comprehensive travel guide to some of the best places to stay in Wenzhou.

Luxury Hotels

1. Shangri-La Hotel Wenzhou

Offering stunning views of the Ou River and the mountains beyond, the Shangri-La Hotel Wenzhou epitomizes luxury. Guests can enjoy spacious rooms, an indoor swimming pool, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and multiple dining options serving both international and local cuisine. The hotel’s exemplary service ensures a memorable stay.

2. Sheraton Wenzhou Hotel

The Sheraton Wenzhou Hotel blends modern elegance with local touches. Located in the city center, it provides easy access to Wenzhou’s shopping, dining, and cultural attractions. With its well-appointed rooms, fine dining establishments, and relaxing spa, the Sheraton caters to discerning travelers.

Mid-Range Hotels

3. Ex Palm D’or Hotel

The Ex Palm D’or Hotel is known for its stylish rooms and excellent customer service at a mid-range price point. Centrally located, it offers convenience for both business and leisure travelers. The hotel features modern amenities, including a business center and a chic café.

4. Dynasty Hotel Wenzhou

Offering comfort and value, the Dynasty Hotel Wenzhou provides guests with spacious accommodations and traditional Chinese hospitality. It’s situated close to key attractions and business centers, making it an ideal choice for various travelers. Guests can enjoy authentic local dishes at the hotel’s restaurant.

Budget Accommodations

5. Wenzhou Wuma Meishilin Hongjing Hotel

For travelers on a budget, the Wenzhou Wuma Meishilin Hongjing Hotel offers clean, comfortable rooms without breaking the bank. Located near Wuma Street, guests have easy access to local eateries and markets. The hotel provides basic amenities, ensuring a pleasant stay.

6. AK Youth Hostel

The AK Youth Hostel is perfect for backpackers and solo travelers looking for affordable accommodations in Wenzhou. With its communal lounge, it’s a great place to meet other travelers. The hostel offers both dormitory-style and private rooms, catering to different preferences.

Boutique and Themed Hotels

7. Jiangxin Riverview Hotel

Situated on the serene Jiangxin Island, the Jiangxin Riverview Hotel offers a boutique experience with breathtaking views of the Ou River. Its unique location makes it a peaceful retreat within the city, with elegantly designed rooms and attentive service.

8. Clouds Art Hotel

For art enthusiasts, the Clouds Art Hotel incorporates contemporary art into every aspect of its design and hospitality. Located near the Yandang Mountains, it’s as much a gallery as it is a hotel, providing a unique and inspiring stay.

Guesthouses and B&Bs

9. Lucheng Inn

The Lucheng Inn is a cozy bed and breakfast offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s an excellent option for travelers seeking a homey stay. The inn features comfortable rooms and a friendly staff that goes above and beyond to make guests feel at home.

10. Time Tunnel Designer Hotel

The Time Tunnel Designer Hotel is a charming option for those looking for something out of the ordinary. Each room is uniquely decorated, following different themes that range from traditional Chinese to modern chic. The hotel prides itself on creativity and personal service.

Yandang mountains make for an incredible day trip

Day Trips From Wenzhou, China

Whether you’re interested in hiking through scenic mountains, discovering ancient villages, or relaxing by serene lakes, the area surrounding Wenzhou offers a multitude of experiences for day-trippers. Here’s a guide to some of the best day trips from Wenzhou, China.

1. Yandang Mountains

Recognized as a UNESCO Global Geopark, the Yandang Mountains boast spectacular scenery with their towering peaks, deep valleys, and rushing waterfalls. A day trip here can include hiking through the Lingfeng Peak for panoramic views, exploring the night-time beauty of the Dalongqiu Waterfall, and marveling at ancient rock formations. The area is also rich in biodiversity, making it a haven for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

2. Nanxi River

Just a short drive from Wenzhou, the Nanxi River offers a tranquil escape into nature with its clear waters and lush landscapes. Visitors can enjoy bamboo rafting, where they’ll glide past picturesque scenery and traditional villages. Hiking along the riverbanks reveals hidden waterfalls and ancient cliff inscriptions. The Nanxi River is also known for its traditional round stone houses, providing a glimpse into rural Chinese architecture.

3. Dongtou Island

Part of the Dongtou Archipelago, Dongtou Island is famed for its crystal-clear waters, sandy beaches, and unique rock formations. A visit to the Dongtou Lighthouse offers stunning ocean views, while the Xiangshan Mountain is perfect for hiking enthusiasts. The island’s coastal defense history is explored through its remaining forts and bunkers. It’s an ideal destination for those looking to relax by the sea or explore coastal trails.

4. Jiangxin Island

Located in the middle of the Ou River, Jiangxin Island is a peaceful retreat known for its lush gardens, ancient temples, and the iconic Jiangxin Pagoda. The island is a popular spot for picnics, leisurely walks, and cultural exploration. At night, the illuminated pagoda reflects beautifully on the river, creating a magical atmosphere. It’s a perfect blend of natural beauty and historical significance, easily accessible from Wenzhou.

5. Wuyanling National Nature Reserve

For the adventurous, Wuyanling National Nature Reserve presents a challenging and rewarding day trip with its pristine forests and rare wildlife, including the chance to spot the Chinese serow. The reserve’s hiking trails lead through diverse ecosystems, offering opportunities for bird watching and discovering endemic plant species. Conservation efforts and eco-tourism initiatives can be explored through guided tours. It’s a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and those interested in conservation.

6. Cangpo Ancient Village

Stepping into Cangpo Ancient Village is like traveling back in time. This well-preserved village showcases traditional Chinese rural life, with centuries-old houses, stone bridges, and tranquil waterways. Visitors can learn about the village’s history, culture, and the unique architectural style of its buildings. It’s an insightful experience into China’s rural heritage, located within a scenic landscape.

7. Baizhangji Waterfall and Feiyun Lake

The Baizhangji Waterfall, one of the highest in China, cascades into the serene Feiyun Lake, creating a breathtaking natural spectacle. A day trip here offers not just the chance to witness the waterfall’s majesty, but also activities like boating on Feiyun Lake. The surrounding area is perfect for hiking, with trails leading through lush forests and offering scenic views. It’s a refreshing escape into nature, ideal for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

8. Qingjing Mosque

As one of the oldest mosques in China, the Qingjing Mosque in Wenzhou offers a fascinating insight into the Islamic culture and architecture of the Song Dynasty. Visitors can admire the mosque’s ancient stone carvings, archways, and the unique blend of Chinese and Arabic architectural styles. It’s a peaceful and spiritual site, reflecting the diverse cultural influences that have shaped Wenzhou. Guided tours provide a deeper understanding of its historical significance.

9. Aojiang River Night Cruise

An evening cruise along the Aojiang River lets visitors experience Wenzhou’s beauty under the stars. The riverbanks light up with the city’s nightlife, offering a different perspective of Wenzhou. It’s a relaxing way to end a day of exploration, with views of illuminated bridges, traditional houses, and modern skyscrapers. Dining options on the boat add to the experience, serving local delicacies.

10. Shitoushan Park

Just a short trip from Wenzhou, Shitoushan Park is known for its unique rock formations, tranquil ponds, and lush vegetation. The park’s paths and stairways lead to ancient Buddhist temples nestled among the rocks, offering serene spots for reflection. It’s a popular destination for both its natural beauty and spiritual significance. Climbing to the park’s higher points rewards visitors with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Triple waterfalls in Wenzhou, China

Wenzhou Transportation Guide

Here’s a detailed guide to getting around in Wenzhou.

Public Buses

Public buses in Wenzhou offer an extensive network covering the city and its suburbs. They provide an economical way to travel, with routes connecting major attractions, shopping areas, and residential districts. Buses are frequent, though routes can be complex for newcomers. English route information may be limited, so having a map or translation app handy is beneficial.


Taxis are a convenient and relatively affordable option for getting around Wenzhou. They are plentiful throughout the city and can be hailed on the street or booked via hotel concierges. Most taxi drivers do not speak English, so it’s advisable to have your destination written in Chinese. Ride-hailing apps like Didi also operate in Wenzhou, offering an alternative for those with access to mobile data.

Metro System

Wenzhou’s metro system, though not as extensive as those in larger Chinese cities, provides a fast and efficient way to navigate the city. Currently, it consists of a few operational lines with plans for expansion. The metro connects key areas of Wenzhou, including the railway station, shopping districts, and some tourist attractions. Stations and trains are equipped with English signage.

High-Speed Trains

Wenzhou is well-connected to other major cities in China via its high-speed train network. The Wenzhou South Railway Station serves as the main hub for these trains, offering routes to cities like Shanghai, Hangzhou, and beyond. High-speed trains are a fast, comfortable option for day trips or further exploration of the region.

Bicycles and E-bikes

With the rise of bike-sharing platforms, renting a bicycle or an e-bike has become a popular and eco-friendly way to explore Wenzhou. Various apps allow users to unlock bikes scattered throughout the city, offering flexibility for short commutes or leisurely rides along the river. Always be mindful of traffic rules and wear a helmet for safety.


For those staying in central areas, Wenzhou is quite walkable, with pedestrian-friendly zones around shopping streets and parks. Walking is an excellent way to experience the city’s bustling markets, historic neighborhoods, and riverfront areas. However, due to the city’s size, walking is more suited for exploring specific districts rather than moving between distant points.


Wenzhou’s location along the coast and its river systems make ferries a scenic option for travel, especially to islands like Dongtou. Ferries provide not just transportation but also a chance to enjoy the maritime landscape of the region. Services vary by season and weather conditions, so it’s best to check schedules in advance.

Long-Distance Buses

For trips to nearby cities, towns, or attractions outside Wenzhou, long-distance buses are a viable option. The Wenzhou Central Bus Station and other smaller stations offer routes covering the province and beyond. Buses can be a more economical choice for reaching destinations not serviced by trains.

Private Hire Vehicles

Hiring a private car with a driver can be arranged through travel agencies or some hotels for those preferring a personalized travel experience. This option is ideal for families, groups, or travelers with specific itineraries, offering convenience, comfort, and the ability to explore at one’s own pace.

Air Travel

Wenzhou Longwan International Airport serves domestic and limited international flights, connecting Wenzhou with major cities across China and some destinations in Southeast Asia. It’s a quick way to reach Wenzhou or depart for further travels, with airport shuttles and taxis providing easy access to the city center.

Wenzhou historic distinct bridge in China

Wenzhou 3-4 Days Travel Itinerary

With its unique geographical location, rich cultural heritage, and bustling city life, planning a 3-4 day itinerary can help you capture the essence of Wenzhou. Here’s how you can make the most of your visit.

Day 1: Discovering the Heart of Wenzhou


  • Start your day with a visit to the Jiangxin Island, accessible via a short ferry ride. Explore the ancient Jiangxin Temple and the picturesque Jiangxin Park. Don’t miss the iconic Jiangxin Pagoda for stunning views of the Ou River.
  • Enjoy a traditional Wenzhou breakfast at a local café near the riverbank.


  • Head back to the mainland and visit the Wenzhou Museum to immerse yourself in the region’s history and culture. The museum’s collections range from ancient artifacts to modern art pieces.
  • Have lunch at a nearby restaurant, trying out local specialties like Wenzhou-style seafood or Dongtou seaweed dishes.


  • Explore the vibrant Wuma Street, a bustling commercial area perfect for shopping and dining. This area comes alive in the evening, offering a glimpse into the city’s modern life.
  • Enjoy dinner at a restaurant on Wuma Street, sampling Wenzhou’s renowned culinary delights.

Day 2: Adventure in the Yandang Mountains


  • Set out early for a day trip to the Yandang Mountains, a UNESCO Global Geopark. Begin with a hike to the Lingfeng Peak to catch breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscape.
  • Visit the Dalongqiu Waterfall and marvel at its beauty, especially impressive after rainfall.


  • Enjoy a local lunch in the small town near the Yandang Mountains, sampling dishes made from fresh mountain ingredients.
  • Spend the afternoon exploring other scenic spots within the geopark, such as the Night Moon Over the Dinghu Peak and the Three Fold Waterfall.


  • Return to Wenzhou in the evening. Relax and unwind at a riverside café, reflecting on the day’s adventures.
  • Opt for a light dinner, perhaps trying out some street food delicacies in the city center.

Day 3: Cultural Immersion and Coastal Beauty


  • Visit the Qingjing Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in China, showcasing a blend of Islamic and Chinese architectural styles.
  • Explore the nearby East-West Pagodas, offering insights into the city’s religious diversity.


  • Head to the Dongtou District for an afternoon by the sea. Enjoy the coastal scenery, visit lighthouses, and if time allows, relax on one of the beaches.
  • Have seafood lunch at a local restaurant, experiencing the freshness of the catch directly from the sea.


  • Return to Wenzhou and spend your evening at the Time Square of Wenzhou, where you can indulge in some last-minute shopping and dining.
  • For dinner, choose one of the high-end restaurants in the area to enjoy a fusion of local and international cuisine.

Day 4 (Optional): Leisure and Departure


  • Start your day leisurely with a visit to the Sanyang Wetland Park, a perfect spot for a morning walk amidst lush greenery and ponds.
  • Enjoy a brunch at a café, sampling Wenzhou’s local tea and light snacks.


  • Depending on your departure time, visit the Baizhangji Waterfall and Feiyun Lake, if you’re in the mood for a quick excursion.
  • Alternatively, relax at the Century Square, soaking in the modern landscape of Wenzhou one last time.


  • Prepare for your departure from Wenzhou. Reflect on the memories and experiences gathered over the past few days.

Hanzhou is a must visit destination in China

Where To Visit After Your Trip To Wenzhou?

Here’s a list of destinations to consider visiting after your trip to Wenzhou, each offering unique experiences that range from ancient historical sites to breathtaking natural wonders.

1. Hangzhou

Just a high-speed train ride away, Hangzhou is renowned for its picturesque West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city combines natural beauty with rich cultural heritage, including the Lingyin Temple and the traditional tea villages. Hangzhou’s cuisine, notably the Beggar’s Chicken and West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy, is a culinary delight. The modern and historic blend seamlessly in Hangzhou, making it a must-visit for those coming from Wenzhou.

2. Shanghai

As China’s largest city, Shanghai is a bustling metropolis that offers an impressive skyline, historic neighborhoods, and a vibrant arts scene. The Bund and Shanghai Tower offer stunning city views, while the French Concession area provides a glimpse into the city’s colonial past. Shanghai’s diverse culinary scene, shopping opportunities, and dynamic nightlife make it an exciting next stop. High-speed trains link Wenzhou to Shanghai, making travel between the two cities convenient.

3. Nanjing

Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, is rich in history, having served as the capital for several Chinese dynasties. Visitors can explore the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, and the ancient city wall, among the largest in the world. Nanjing’s Memorial Hall of the Nanjing Massacre provides a poignant look into the city’s more recent history. The city’s green parks, like Xuanwu Lake, offer peaceful retreats from urban life.

4. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)

For nature enthusiasts, Huangshan offers breathtaking scenery with its iconic pine trees, peculiar granite peaks, and sea of clouds. Hiking trails range from easy walks to challenging treks, offering something for everyone. The nearby ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi, both UNESCO World Heritage sites, showcase exquisite examples of traditional Chinese architecture. Huangshan is accessible by bus or train from Wenzhou, offering a dramatic change in landscape.

5. Suzhou

Known as the “Venice of the East,” Suzhou is famous for its elegant classical gardens, traditional canals, and silk production. The Humble Administrator’s Garden and the Lingering Garden are just two of the city’s many UNESCO-listed sites. Suzhou’s ancient town, with its historic Pingjiang Road, offers a glimpse into the city’s thousand-year-old history. High-speed trains make Suzhou an easily accessible destination from Wenzhou.

6. Fuzhou

The capital of Fujian Province, Fuzhou, is known for its lush landscapes, historic temples, and thriving tea culture. The city’s West Lake Park offers a tranquil escape, while the ancient Three Lanes and Seven Alleys district features well-preserved Ming and Qing dynasty buildings. Fuzhou’s hot springs are perfect for relaxation after days of exploration. The city’s location makes it a gateway to exploring the nearby coastal areas and islands.

7. Xiamen

Xiamen, a coastal city facing the Taiwan Strait, is renowned for its beautiful Gulangyu Island, a car-free zone with colonial architecture and winding alleyways. The city’s South Putuo Temple and the nearby tea plantations offer insights into China’s Buddhist culture and tea history. Xiamen’s beaches provide a relaxing seaside retreat. Direct flights and trains from Wenzhou to Xiamen facilitate easy travel.

8. Wuyishan

For a serene natural and cultural experience, Wuyishan offers stunning mountain landscapes, rich biodiversity, and famous oolong tea plantations. The Nine-Bend River rafting provides unique views of the scenic area’s dramatic gorges. Wuyishan is also significant for its role in the development of Neo-Confucianism, with several historic sites to explore. Accessible by train or plane from Wenzhou, Wuyishan is an ideal destination for those looking to immerse themselves in nature.

9. Qiandao Lake

Qiandao Lake, or Thousand Islands Lake, is a man-made lake known for its clear waters and over 1,000 islands, each with its own unique attractions. Activities include boat tours, hiking, and exploring the underwater city of Shicheng, submerged during the lake’s creation. The area is also known for its clean air and beautiful scenery, offering a peaceful retreat. Qiandao Lake is accessible by bus or car from Wenzhou, making for an easy getaway.

10. Lishui

Lishui, located in the southwestern part of Zhejiang Province, is celebrated for its pristine natural beauty, encompassing mountains, rivers, and traditional villages. The city serves as a gateway to exploring the region’s vast national parks, such as the picturesque Yunhe Rice Terraces and the ancient Guyan Huaxiang scenic area. Lishui’s commitment to environmental conservation makes it a model for sustainable tourism. Direct buses and trains from Wenzhou make Lishui an accessible destination for nature lovers.

Stunning night views in Wenzhou, China

Wenzhou Travel Guide: Final Thoughts

Wenzhou is a city that might not dominate the headlines like Beijing or Shanghai, but its charm, history, and spirit stand uniquely its own. Let’s take a moment to reflect on what makes Wenzhou a must-visit destination and how its hidden gems and bustling streets offer a deeper understanding of China’s diverse identity.

The Soul of Wenzhou

Beyond the Surface

Wenzhou surprises at every turn. It’s a place where ancient temples rest quietly in the shadow of towering skyscrapers and where traditional markets buzz just streets away from modern malls. This city, with its foot in both the past and the present, offers a glimpse into the complexity and dynamism of contemporary China.

Nature’s Embrace

The natural beauty surrounding Wenzhou – from the majestic Yandang Mountains to the tranquil Nanxi River – reminds us of the serenity and splendor that lies just beyond urban life. These landscapes not only provide a stunning backdrop for adventure but also a space for reflection and connection with nature’s timeless rhythms.

Culinary Delights

A Feast for the Senses

Wenzhou’s culinary scene is a testament to the city’s rich cultural heritage and its people’s love for good food. From succulent seafood to delectable street snacks, eating in Wenzhou is an adventure in itself, one that delights and surprises with every bite.

Cultural Immersion

Learning and Understanding

Engaging with Wenzhou’s culture, whether through a visit to a historical museum, a leisurely stroll through Jiangxin Island, or participation in a local festival, offers insights into the heart and soul of its people. It’s these experiences that forge a deep connection and understanding, enriching our travels far beyond the mere act of sightseeing.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re drawn by the call of the mountains, the stories etched in ancient stones, or the simple pleasure of a meal shared in good company, Wenzhou welcomes all who seek to discover and understand. So here’s to Wenzhou – a city that, in its quiet way, captivates, educates, and inspires.

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