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Europa-Park in Germany

When I was growing up once every year a small carnival featuring rides, snacks, games and entertainment would setup shop for several days in the main square of our small village.  The amount of excitement and anticipation I felt as a child was something that I can still remember clearly to this day.  Begging my [...]


A group of cats feed on a generous bounty of food left just outside of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.  If you look closely you

Taking a moment to stop just outside of Sultanahmet, sweat poured down my forehead as I gingerly placed my long sleeve shirt on the ground while reaching into my backpack to grab a bottle of water. Moments later when I looked down at my feet, a ginger coated cat was rolling around on top of [...]


Exploring Culloden and Clava Cairns with Haggis Adventures in the Scottish Highlands

On our first day of touring with Haggis Adventures we explored the Scottish Highlands including stops at the visitor center of the Battle of Culloden Moor and the mysterious Clava Cairn.   Battlefield of Culloden Moor   Standing on Culloden Moor I saw nothing but blue sky, white clouds and grassy fields dotted with sporadic [...]


As a travel photographer, visiting Petra, Jordan is like a boy realizing a childhood dream of visiting a fantasy land.  It was hard to put my camera down; however, I did manage to spend plenty of time taking in Petra with my own two eyes and not just behind the lens.

Our gregarious guide Mohammad pointed to the intricate carvings on the wall, “It’s a urinal. I need two volunteers.” Naturally, we were picked to do something this humiliating. Facing towards the ‘urinals’ we were suddenly spun around by his hands. My hand touched Audrey’s fingers and at that particular moment I finally clued in to [...]


This is a sunset shot from Wadi Rum where Audrey is rendered as a silhouette.  Our guides specifically took us to this particular point roughly half an hour before sunset.  We certainly were not disappointed.

As I walked up a steep hill I took the time to feel the warm sand beneath my toes as I took each step. When I reached the summit, I pivoted and marvelled at the scenery before my very eyes. Panoramic views of jagged rock formations on a bed of sand left a lasting impression. [...]


An elderly man flashes a smile as he

Several months ago I received an email that I typically tend to delete.  Often, my email inbox is bombarded with requests to help promote travel products, events and/or books.  Typically these emails are impersonal and not directed specifically at me.  I’ve learned to hit the delete button with zest in order to dwindle down my [...]


This cute little boy - wearing a poorboy cap - was smiling at me while taking a break from eating his section of corn on the cob in Lijiang, China.

Welcome to another round of my smiling faces series from around the world. Most people are aware that a smile is contagious but did you realize that it can boost your immune system? Apparently, when grinning from ear to ear, your body is in a more natural and relaxed state contributing to a stronger immune [...]


Scenic clouds and ocean views on a trip from Helsinki to Suomenlinna, Finland

On a lovely sunny afternoon we enjoyed a ferry ride from Helsinki, Finland to Suomenlinna visiting a Sea Fortress, wandering around the island and enjoying black licorice Salmiakki ice cream as part of our walking tour around the island. With a couple of days in Helsinki under our belt, we wanted to explore around some [...]


A Thai lady wearing a distinctly large sun hat laughs while folding a newspaper.

An elderly Thai lady wearing a conical hat dips her paddle into the water as I fire off an exposure of a vendor arranging an assortment of fruit at her individual stall. As a passenger on this small vessel making its way down a canal, I’m surrounded by colorful displays of goods and inundated by [...]



One of the most pleasant aspects of travel is when you discover something that exceeds your initial (or preconceived) expectations. Visiting the Harmandir Sahib Temple, also known as the Golden Temple, located in Amritsar, India ended up being one of the top highlights of my travels in India. Unlike the Taj Mahal, which is more [...]

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