Batumi Travel Guide: Top 20 Things to Do in Batumi, Georgia

Nestled on the coast of the Black Sea, Batumi is Georgia’s shining gem, a city where modernity brushes against tradition, and nature’s beauty is mirrored in architectural marvels. This vibrant city, often referred to as the “Las Vegas of the Black Sea,” offers a unique blend of ancient history, subtropical lushness, and a lively contemporary culture that captivates every visitor. From the charming cobblestone streets of its Old Town to the dazzling neon lights of its skyscrapers, Batumi invites you on a journey of discovery. Let’s embark on an exploration of Batumi, a city that promises an adventure as diverse and dynamic as its landscape.

Batumi Miracle Park in Georgia

A Stroll Through Time and Nature

Historical Heartbeat

The soul of Batumi lies in its rich history, visible in the ancient ruins and historical structures that dot the city. The Old Town, with its picturesque 19th-century European architecture, tells tales of Byzantine, Ottoman, and Soviet influences, offering a glimpse into the city’s multifaceted past.

Green Escapes

Amidst the urban landscape, Batumi’s green spaces offer serene escapes. The Batumi Botanical Garden, sprawling over a massive area, showcases plant species from around the world, making it a haven for nature lovers. Meanwhile, the city’s boulevards and parks, lined with palm trees and adorned with sculptures and fountains, provide perfect settings for leisurely strolls.

Cultural Melting Pot

Vibrant Traditions

Batumi’s cultural tapestry is as vibrant as its streets, with music, dance, and art deeply woven into the city’s identity. The Batumi International Art-house Film Festival and the Black Sea Jazz Festival are just two events that highlight the city’s thriving arts scene, drawing artists and performers from across the globe.

Culinary Delights

A journey to Batumi is incomplete without indulging in the local cuisine. Georgian culinary traditions shine in Batumi, with local restaurants serving up dishes like Khachapuri and Khinkali, paired with the renowned Georgian wines. The city’s fusion cuisine also reflects its geographical crossroads, offering flavors that cater to every palate.

Batumi by Night

A City That Never Sleeps

As the sun sets, Batumi transforms into a city of lights and energy. The nightlife scene here is electric, with bustling beach bars, nightclubs, and casinos offering endless entertainment. The Batumi Boulevard comes alive, with locals and tourists alike gathering to enjoy the sea breeze and vibrant atmosphere.

Gateway to Adventure

Beyond the City

Batumi serves as a gateway to the wider charms of the Adjara region. Adventures await in the surrounding mountains, where hiking trails lead to breathtaking views and hidden waterfalls. The region’s beaches extend beyond the city, offering tranquil spots for relaxation and water sports. Batumi promises a journey filled with discoveries.

Batumi Travel Guide: Things to do in Batumi, Georgia

Batumi City Guide: A Brief History Of Batumi, Georgia

With a history that spans millennia, Batumi is a city where ancient myths intertwine with the narratives of empires. You can hear the whispers of traders who once walked its streets. This city, with its unique blend of natural beauty and architectural diversity, has been a crossroads of civilizations, each leaving an indelible mark on its cultural and urban landscape. Let’s delve into the rich tapestry of Batumi’s past, exploring the epochs that have shaped this enchanting city.

From Ancient Myths to a Modern Metropolis

The Ancient Crossroads

Batumi’s story begins in the annals of antiquity, where it was known as a thriving port and a gateway between the Greek and Georgian worlds. The area around Batumi is steeped in legend, including the myth of the Golden Fleece, sought by Jason and the Argonauts, which is said to have taken place in the verdant realms of Colchis, modern-day Georgia.

The Byzantine Beacon and Ottoman Oasis

As centuries turned, Batumi found itself under the sway of the Byzantine Empire, serving as a crucial naval base and a center of Christianity in the region. Later, the Ottomans added their architectural and cultural signatures, transforming Batumi into a cosmopolitan hub where multiple languages filled the air, and diverse traditions coexisted.

The Russian Influence and the Birth of a Resort

A New Era of Growth

The transfer of Batumi to the Russian Empire in the 19th century heralded a period of unprecedented growth and transformation. The city blossomed into a fashionable resort, with elegant European-style buildings, grand public gardens, and a burgeoning oil industry that connected it with the world.

The Soviet Chapter

Under Soviet rule, Batumi underwent another metamorphosis, embodying the architectural and ideological ambitions of the era. This period saw the construction of unique monuments and buildings, many of which stand today as symbols of Batumi’s resilience and adaptability.

Independence and Renaissance

Reclaiming Heritage

With Georgia’s independence in 1991, Batumi began reclaiming its historical and cultural heritage, restoring its historic buildings and revitalizing its cultural institutions. The city has embarked on a new chapter of development, blending its rich past with a vision for a vibrant future.

Batumi Today: A City Reimagined

Today, Batumi is a testament to its layered history, a city that celebrates its diversity through festivals, art, and a dynamic urban life. Its streets tell stories of ancient traders, Ottoman governors, and Soviet planners, all set against the backdrop of the Georgian spirit.

Batumi incredible cityscape views in Georgia

Batumi Top Attractions and Best Places to Visit in Georgia

Sitting on the Black Sea, Batumi is Georgia’s second-largest city and its top tourist destination. With ocean, mountains, and a delightful subtropical climate, it has a long summer season.

There’s more to do than lounge by the seashore, though – its museums, churches, and public art will captivate you.

Soon after getting settled in Batumi, make the Borjgalo Ethnographic Museum your first stop. This institution is the work of Kemal Turmanidze – he built it with little in the way of government assistance.

Folklore and More

Here, you’ll learn about the folklore of Georgia, its crafts, and its agricultural past. Kemal Turmanidze carved many of the wood pieces that you’ll see as you wander amid this museum’s exhibits. Each implement had either decorative or practical value during the pre-modern era.

As amazing as this place is, it can be a bit tricky to find. It is far from the centre of Batumi, so walking is out of the question. Take bus 39 or 132 from the city centre and tell the driver you want to go to the Ethnographic Museum.

Dig further into the past of this part of Georgia by exploring Batumi Archaeological Museum. It is one of the oldest museums in the entire country and focuses on local finds made by archaeologists. Despite its small size, curators have packed this building with artifacts. Over 22,000 items – from Stone Age tools to Roman-era dishes – await you here. For only a couple of Lari, this place represents excellent value for your travel dollar.

Georgia has hosted Christian churches dating back to the early days of the religion. If you’re looking for churches to explore in Batumi, start with the Batumi Cathedral of the Mother of God. Its constructors built it in the Gothic Revival Style in the 19th century.

More Attractions

By the 20th century, though, it was forcibly occupied by the Soviets. Not fond of religion, they converted this hall of worship into a high voltage laboratory. As the Communists lost their grip on Georgia in 1989, the Georgian Orthodox Church assumed control of the building.

Today, despite its beautiful stained glass windows, most visitors are the faithful. As you sightsee, show respect for those worshipping. Dress conservatively and refrain from taking pictures of people without their permission.

The Church of St. Nicholas is another noteworthy Christian point of interest in Batumi. At over 150 years old, it is the oldest church in the city. Ilya Efremidi, then mayor of Batumi, was Greek in ethnicity. Shortly after his election, he spearheaded its construction, much to the glee of Batumi’s Greek Orthodox community.

Despite being a Christian church, it lacks an essential component. When Turkish authorities granted Mr Efremidi permission to build, it came with the condition that they exclude the bells. This issue didn’t take long to fix, though. In 1878, Russian military members took up a collection, buying the church the bells it lacked. It closed when the Bolsheviks took over in Moscow. However, persistent petitioning by locals reopened it in 1946.

Today, locals and visitors alike admire this church for its attractive frescoes and unique architecture. Like the Batumi Cathedral of the Mother of God, the Church of St. Nicholas has a strict dress code. If you are wearing shorts, have exposed shoulders or chest, authorities will likely deny you entry.

Batumi cable car views in Georgia

Other Cultural Attractions: Trip to Batumi, Georgia

Take in incredible views of Batumi and the Black Sea by taking the Argo Cable Car into the hills. It’s a long ride, but once you reach the top, the photo ops will make up for it. The older parts of the city, its rapidly modernizing parts, and the ocean will have you clicking away.

Once you have gotten your fill, take in the view as you linger over a coffee. Before taking the return trip down, also check out their wine shop – Georgian vino is surprisingly good!

In Batumi, the average January high is 7 degrees Celsius, making snow rare. Because of this, a wide range of subtropical plants can grow, as you’ll see at the Batumi Botanical Garden. Botanist Andrey Krasnov created this park during the Russian era and served as a research garden during the reign of the Soviets.

Today, it plays host to 2,000 different species, 104 of them endemic to the Caucasus. Do note that the park is on a steep slope – their paths will give infrequent walkers a workout. Golf carts are available for the motion-impaired, or for those who tire easily.

After a long day sightseeing in the region, spend an evening on Batumi Boulevard. Here, you’ll find dancing fountains, cafes, beach bars, and more. However, the Ali and Nino Monument stands out. This slick moving sculpture of metal captures a tale of two star-crossed lovers. Ali, a soldier and Azerbaijani Muslim, longed to be with Nino, a Georgian princess. Fate kept them apart multiple times, and eventually, Ali died in a battle.

Even if you don’t know its backstory, its mesmerizing movements of this artwork will impress you just the same.

source: Matt and Julia on YouTube

Top 20 Things To Do in Batumi, Georgia For Visitors

Here are the top 20 things to do in Batumi, offering a blend of natural beauty, historical exploration, and modern entertainment:

Batumi distinct architecture at night in Georgia

1. Visit the Batumi Botanical Garden

Explore one of the largest botanical gardens in the former Soviet Union, showcasing flora from nine phyto-geographic areas. Situated above the Black Sea, it provides stunning views and a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for nature enthusiasts or anyone seeking a peaceful retreat. With over 5,000 plant species spread across 111 hectares, the garden serves as a living museum of botany, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the diversity of the world’s flora.

2. Stroll Along Batumi Boulevard

This iconic seafront promenade, stretching for several kilometers along the Black Sea coast, is lined with cafes, restaurants, and sculptures, making it the social heart of Batumi. The boulevard is perfect for leisurely walks, bike rides, and soaking in the vibrant local life and sea views. At night, the area transforms with illuminated fountains and lively street performances, offering a different experience under the stars. It’s a must-visit for anyone wanting to feel the pulse of the city.

3. Explore Europe Square

Europe Square is a testament to Batumi’s blend of historical and modern architecture, featuring beautifully restored European-style buildings. The square is a bustling hub of activity, hosting numerous cafes, shops, and landmarks, including a replica of the Medici Fountain from Paris. It’s a great starting point for city tours and a perfect spot for people-watching and soaking in the local atmosphere. The square’s vibrant energy and architectural beauty make it a top destination for photographers and culture enthusiasts alike.

4. Take a Ride on the Batumi Cable Car

Offering breathtaking views of Batumi and the Black Sea, the Batumi Cable Car is an experience not to be missed. The ride takes you up to a hilltop, where you can enjoy panoramic views, a café, and a small garden. It’s especially magical at sunset, when the city lights begin to twinkle below. This aerial journey provides a unique perspective of the city, making it a favorite among tourists and locals.

5. Visit the Ali and Nino Statue

This moving sculpture is a symbol of love and unity, depicting the characters from Kurban Said’s novel “Ali and Nino”. The statues of the Muslim boy and Christian girl move toward each other and merge every evening in a captivating display. Located near the seafront, it’s not only a romantic spot but also a striking piece of public art that tells a story of enduring love across cultural divides. It’s a poignant reminder of the power of love and reconciliation.

6. Discover the Piazza Square

Piazza Square is known for its distinctive architecture and lively atmosphere, reminiscent of an Italian piazza. It hosts several high-end restaurants, cafes, and a hotel, all set around a charming central square that frequently features live music and performances. The square’s intricate design and vibrant cultural scene make it a popular gathering place for locals and tourists alike. It’s an ideal spot for enjoying a meal or drink in a picturesque setting.

7. Explore the Batumi Sea Port Area

The Batumi Sea Port area is a blend of historical charm and modern leisure facilities. It’s bustling with cafes, bars, and shops, making it a lively spot to spend an afternoon or evening. The port also offers boat tours, giving visitors a chance to see Batumi from a different angle. Whether you’re interested in maritime history or simply looking for a pleasant place to relax by the water, the sea port area has something for everyone.

8. Visit the Dolphinarium

The Batumi Dolphinarium offers an unforgettable experience with its dolphin shows and interactive programs. It’s a family-friendly attraction where you can learn about marine life and the importance of conservation. The performances are both entertaining and educational, making it a hit among children and adults alike. For those looking for a more hands-on experience, the dolphinarium also offers the chance to swim with dolphins under professional supervision.

9. Admire the Architecture of the Batumi Cathedral of the Mother of God

This beautiful cathedral is a significant cultural and religious landmark in Batumi. Originally built as a Catholic church, it now serves as an Orthodox cathedral, showcasing a blend of architectural styles. Its peaceful interior and historical significance make it a must-visit for those interested in architecture and history. The cathedral stands as a testament to Batumi’s diverse cultural and religious heritage.

10. Check Out the Astronomical Clock

Located on the facade of the Batumi National Bank, this intricate astronomical clock not only tells the time but also displays astrological information, such as the positions of the sun, moon, and zodiac constellations. It’s a unique blend of art, science, and technology, and a fascinating attraction for those interested in astronomy. The clock is a reminder of Batumi’s commitment to blending tradition with modern innovation.

11. Enjoy the Beaches

Batumi’s beaches offer a mix of relaxation and recreational activities, from sunbathing and swimming to water sports. The city boasts several well-maintained beaches, such as Batumi Beach, Sarpi Beach, and Gonio Beach, each with its own charm. Whether you’re looking for a lively beachfront with bars and entertainment or a quieter spot to unwind, Batumi’s coastline has something to suit every preference.

12. Sample Georgian Cuisine

No visit to Batumi would be complete without indulging in Georgian cuisine, known for its rich flavors and hearty dishes. Try local specialties such as khachapuri (cheese-filled bread), khinkali (dumplings), and ajapsandali (vegetable stew). Many restaurants in Batumi offer traditional Georgian meals alongside beautiful sea views, providing a delightful dining experience. Don’t forget to sample Georgian wines, renowned for their quality and variety.

13. Visit the Gonio Fortress

Located just outside Batumi, the Gonio Fortress is an ancient Roman fortification with a rich history dating back to the 1st century AD. The site includes well-preserved walls, baths, and a small museum showcasing archaeological finds. It’s a fascinating excursion for history buffs and offers beautiful views of the surrounding area. The fortress also has a mysterious legend about the burial place of the Apostle Matthew, adding to its allure.

14. Explore the Batumi Archaeological Museum

Dedicated to the history and archaeology of the region, the Batumi Archaeological Museum houses an extensive collection of artifacts from various periods. The exhibits provide insights into the ancient civilizations that inhabited the area, including Greek, Roman, and Colchian cultures. It’s an educational visit for anyone interested in the deep history of the Black Sea region and its impact on European and Asian history.

15. Enjoy the Nightlife

Batumi comes alive at night with its array of bars, clubs, and live music venues. Whether you’re into electronic dance music, jazz, or live rock bands, there’s a spot in Batumi that caters to your taste. The city’s nightlife is vibrant and diverse, offering everything from beach parties to sophisticated wine bars. It’s the perfect way to experience the local culture and meet both locals and travelers.

16. Take a Trip to Makhuntseti Waterfall

Just a short drive from Batumi, the Makhuntseti Waterfall is a natural wonder nestled in the lush Georgian countryside. It’s one of the tallest waterfalls in the area and offers a refreshing escape from the city. The surrounding area is ideal for hiking and picnicking, making it a popular day trip destination. The waterfall’s serene beauty and the tranquility of the surrounding forest create a perfect setting for relaxation and nature appreciation.

17. Visit the Miracles Park

Miracles Park, located near the seafront, is home to some of Batumi’s most iconic structures, including the Alphabet Tower and the Ferris wheel. The park combines modern art installations with leisure facilities, making it a fun visit for families and art enthusiasts. It’s a great place to enjoy the outdoors while admiring the creativity and innovation that define Batumi’s public spaces. The park also offers excellent views of the city and the sea, especially from the Ferris wheel.

18. Experience the Batumi Art and Music Center

The Batumi Art and Music Center is a cultural hub hosting concerts, ballets, and opera performances. It’s a prime venue for experiencing the rich performing arts scene in Batumi, showcasing both Georgian and international talent. The center’s modern architecture is a sight in itself, blending seamlessly with the city’s artistic landscape. Attending a performance here is a must for culture lovers seeking an evening of high-quality entertainment.

19. Shop at the Batumi Flea Market

For a taste of local life, visit the Batumi Flea Market, where you can find everything from antiques and handcrafted jewelry to fresh produce and traditional Georgian spices. It’s a vibrant marketplace that offers a glimpse into the everyday lives of Batumi’s residents. Bargaining is part of the experience, so don’t hesitate to negotiate prices with vendors. The flea market is a great place to find unique souvenirs and gifts, as well as to sample local snacks.

20. Relax in the 6 May Park

Established in the 19th century, the 6 May Park is one of the oldest public parks in Georgia. It features a small lake, a zoo, and an amusement park, making it a popular spot for families and those seeking a leisurely day out. The park’s lush greenery and shaded pathways offer a peaceful retreat from the urban hustle. It’s an ideal location for picnics, leisurely walks, or simply enjoying a quiet moment amidst nature.

Khachapuri is Georgian cuisine that you can try

What To Eat and Drink in Batumi, Georgia

Here’s a travel guide to the must-try foods and drinks when visiting Batumi, each promising a taste of Georgia’s rich culinary traditions and Batumi’s local bounty.

Must-Try Georgian Dishes

1. Khachapuri

  • Perhaps Georgia’s most famous culinary export, Khachapuri is a warm, cheese-filled bread that varies in shape and style across the country. In Batumi, try the Adjarian (Acharuli) Khachapuri, a boat-shaped bread filled with cheese, topped with a raw egg and a generous amount of butter, mixed together at the table.

2. Khinkali

  • These juicy dumplings are a staple of Georgian cuisine. Filled with spiced meat (usually beef and pork), herbs, and broth, Khinkali are eaten with your hands, carefully biting into them to sip the broth before devouring the rest. Vegetarian versions with mushrooms or potatoes are also available.

3. Chakapuli

  • A springtime stew that combines tender lamb with sour plums, tarragon, and white wine, Chakapuli is a fragrant and refreshing dish that perfectly balances rich and tangy flavors, reflecting Georgia’s love for both meat dishes and fresh herbs.

Seafood Delights

4. Black Sea Fish

  • Batumi’s location on the coast means seafood is a menu staple. Try local fish like Red Mullet (Sultanina) or Turbot (Kalkani), often grilled or fried, and served simply with lemon to let the fresh flavors shine.

5. Seafood Kebabs

  • Grilled skewers of shrimp, squid, or mixed seafood, often marinated in local spices and herbs, offer a taste of Batumi’s freshest catch. They’re perfect for a seaside meal, capturing the essence of Black Sea cuisine.

Vegetarian Favorites

6. Pkhali

  • This traditional Georgian dish combines finely chopped and seasoned vegetables (like spinach, beet leaves, or beans) with walnuts, garlic, and herbs into a cold spread, served with bread. It’s a vegetarian delight that packs a punch of flavor.

7. Lobio

  • A hearty bean stew often cooked with coriander, onions, garlic, and walnuts, Lobio is served in a clay pot with Mchadi (Georgian cornbread) and marinated vegetables, showcasing the rustic simplicity of Georgian vegetarian cuisine.

Georgian Sweets

8. Churchkhela

  • Often called Georgian Snickers, Churchkhela is a traditional sweet made by threading nuts (usually walnuts) onto a string, dipping them into thickened grape juice, and drying them into a chewy, candle-shaped treat. It’s a natural, delicious snack that’s perfect for energy during your explorations.

9. Pelamushi

  • A pudding made from grape must, flour, and sugar, Pelamushi can be served either solid or semi-liquid. This sweet, tangy dessert encapsulates the importance of grapes and wine in Georgian culture.

Drinks to Savor

10. Georgian Wine

  • Georgia’s winemaking tradition, the oldest in the world, is something to explore in Batumi. Try local varieties like Tsolikouri or Chkhaveri, experiencing the unique flavors of wines made in qvevri (clay vessels).

11. Chacha

  • Often referred to as Georgian grappa or vodka, Chacha is a strong spirit distilled from grape must. It’s a fiery drink typically enjoyed in small shots, either as an aperitif or a digestive.

12. Georgian Lemonade

  • Unlike the clear, fizzy lemonade found elsewhere, Georgian lemonade comes in a variety of natural flavors such as tarragon, pear, and grape, offering a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage option that’s distinctly Georgian.

Saperavi vineyard in Batumi, Georgia

Top Restaurants In Batumi, Georgia

From upscale restaurants with panoramic Black Sea views to cozy cafes nestled in historic streets, here’s a guide to some of the top restaurants in Batumi where you can savor the flavors of the region and beyond.

1. Ajarian House (Acharuli Sakhli)

  • Specializing in traditional Ajarian cuisine, this restaurant is a must-visit for those looking to try the iconic Acharuli Khachapuri, a boat-shaped cheese bread filled with an egg. The warm, rustic ambiance and authentic dishes provide a perfect introduction to local flavors.

2. Shemoikhede Genatsvale

  • Known for its outstanding Georgian cuisine, particularly its Khinkali (Georgian dumplings), Shemoikhede Genatsvale offers a cozy, traditional dining experience. The restaurant’s interior, adorned with Georgian cultural artifacts, complements the hearty, flavor-packed dishes.

3. Retro

  • Overlooking Batumi’s bustling Europe Square, Retro combines stylish décor with a menu that features both Georgian and European dishes. The restaurant’s open terrace is ideal for enjoying a meal while watching the world go by, especially during the warm summer evenings.

4. Keto and Kote

  • Set in a beautifully restored old Batumi house, Keto and Kote offers a fusion of modern and traditional Georgian cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. The elegant setting and creative dishes make it a perfect spot for a special dinner.

5. Gonio Fish Restaurant

  • For seafood lovers, Gonio Fish Restaurant, located near the Gonio fortress, is a must. Specializing in freshly caught Black Sea fish and seafood, this restaurant offers simple, delicious dishes that highlight the natural flavors of its ingredients.

6. Sanapiro

  • Offering stunning views of the Black Sea, Sanapiro is renowned for its relaxing atmosphere and excellent Georgian and international cuisine. It’s an ideal place to enjoy a glass of Georgian wine while listening to the waves crash against the shore.

7. Barbarestan

  • Based on recipes from a 19th-century Georgian duchess’s cookbook, Barbarestan offers a unique dining experience that brings forgotten Georgian dishes back to life. The intimate, vintage-inspired décor and attentive service make dining here a memorable experience.

8. Chocolatte Coffee-Room

  • Perfect for coffee enthusiasts and those with a sweet tooth, Chocolatte Coffee-Room serves some of the best coffee in town, alongside an impressive selection of cakes and pastries. The modern, chic interior provides a comfortable setting for a leisurely breakfast or afternoon treat.

9. Ristorante Venezia

  • Bringing a taste of Italy to Batumi, Ristorante Venezia is celebrated for its authentic Italian cuisine, including handmade pasta, pizza, and delectable desserts. The warm, inviting atmosphere and attention to detail in every dish make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

10. Hemingway Batumi

  • Hemingway Batumi is not just a restaurant but a cultural space, offering a selection of Georgian and European dishes in a setting inspired by the legendary writer. With live music, an extensive wine list, and a charming garden, it’s a great place to spend an evening.

Batumi promenade lighthouse in Georgia

Tours For Visitors To Batumi, Georgia

Here’s a travel guide to some of the most compelling tours in and around Batumi, each promising to enrich your visit with unique insights and unforgettable memories.

1. Batumi City Tour

  • Dive into the heart of Batumi with a comprehensive city tour that takes you through its charming Old Town, bustling promenade, and modern architectural marvels. Highlights include the Piazza Square, Ali and Nino statue, and the Alphabet Tower. This tour offers a perfect introduction to Batumi’s eclectic blend of European and Asian influences.

2. Botanical Garden Tour

  • The Batumi Botanical Garden, one of the largest and most diverse in the world, is a haven of tranquility and natural beauty. A guided tour of the garden reveals exotic plant species from around the globe, stunning landscapes, and breathtaking views of the Black Sea. It’s an ideal outing for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful escape.

3. Georgian Wine and Culinary Tour

  • Explore Georgia’s rich culinary traditions and renowned wine culture with a tour that takes you to local vineyards, traditional Georgian restaurants, and markets. Taste the unique flavors of Georgian dishes, learn about the ancient qvevri wine-making process, and enjoy wine tastings that highlight the country’s diverse grape varieties.

4. Adjara Mountain Tour

  • Venture into the lush mountains of the Adjara region for a day of exploration in Georgia’s stunning countryside. Visit traditional villages, ancient bridges, and waterfalls, and learn about the local way of life. This tour offers breathtaking scenery and a chance to experience Georgia’s pristine natural beauty.

5. Mtsvane Kontskhi (Green Cape) and Gonio Fortress Tour

  • Discover the natural and historical treasures of the Mtsvane Kontskhi area, including the serene Green Cape and the ancient Gonio Fortress. Learn about the fortress’s Roman origins and its significance through the ages while enjoying panoramic views of the sea and surrounding landscapes.

6. Batumi Nightlife Tour

  • Experience Batumi after dark with a tour of its vibrant nightlife scene. Visit the best bars, clubs, and beachfront venues, where you can enjoy live music, dance the night away, or simply relax with a cocktail while soaking in the lively atmosphere of the city.

7. Birdwatching Tour in Kolkheti National Park

  • For wildlife enthusiasts, a birdwatching tour in the nearby Kolkheti National Park offers the chance to observe a wide variety of bird species in their natural habitat. The park’s unique ecosystems, including marshlands and wetlands, provide excellent birdwatching opportunities, especially during migration seasons.

8. Tea Plantation and Factory Tour

  • Delve into the world of Georgian tea with a visit to a local tea plantation and factory. Learn about the history of tea production in the region, discover the process from leaf to cup, and enjoy tastings of freshly brewed Georgian tea.

9. SUP and Kayaking Tour on the Black Sea

  • Explore the waters of the Black Sea with a stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) or kayaking tour along the coast of Batumi. This adventure offers a unique perspective of the city’s skyline and the chance to experience the tranquility of the sea.

10. Art and Culture Walking Tour

  • Immerse yourself in Batumi’s thriving arts scene with a walking tour that covers galleries, street art, and cultural venues. Learn about Georgian artists, witness live performances, and explore the city’s creative spaces.

Batumi distinct architecture in Georgia

Batumi Accommodations Guide: Hotels, Guesthouses and Hostels

Here’s a travel guide to some of the top places to stay in Batumi, each promising a unique experience to make your visit unforgettable.

Luxury Hotels

1. Hilton Batumi

  • Situated near Batumi Beach and the city’s famous seaside promenade, the Hilton Batumi offers elegant rooms with panoramic sea or mountain views, a spa, an indoor pool, and an onsite casino. It’s ideal for travelers seeking luxury and convenience in the heart of Batumi.

2. Sheraton Batumi Hotel

  • This iconic, tower-shaped hotel is a landmark in itself, located just steps from the beach and Batumi Boulevard. The Sheraton Batumi offers spacious rooms, a lavish spa, and outdoor and indoor pools, catering to guests who desire top-notch amenities and service.

Mid-Range Hotels

3. Wyndham Batumi

  • For those seeking comfort and style without the luxury price tag, the Wyndham Batumi is located close to Europe Square and offers modern rooms, a wellness center, and a casino. Its central location makes exploring Batumi’s attractions convenient.

4. Colosseum Marina Hotel

  • Overlooking the Marina and the Black Sea, Colosseum Marina Hotel provides guests with comfortable accommodations, an outdoor swimming pool, and easy access to the beach. Its Mediterranean architecture and seafront position make it a unique stay.

Budget Accommodations

5. Batumi Hostel

  • Located in the Old Town, Batumi Hostel offers a cozy and friendly atmosphere for backpackers and budget travelers. With shared lounges, a kitchen, and both dormitory and private rooms, it’s a great choice for those looking to meet fellow travelers.

6. Mardi Plaza Hotel

  • For travelers watching their wallets, Mardi Plaza Hotel provides simple yet comfortable rooms without breaking the bank. Situated within walking distance of Batumi’s main attractions, it offers excellent value and convenience.

Guesthouses and B&Bs

7. Guest House Old Batumi

  • Offering a more personal touch, Guest House Old Batumi is set in a charming building in the historic part of the city. With its welcoming hosts and homey atmosphere, it’s perfect for travelers seeking a quiet retreat with a local feel.

8. Boutique Hotel 32

  • This boutique hotel combines the intimacy of a guesthouse with the design elements of a modern hotel. Located near the Batumi Drama Theatre, it features uniquely decorated rooms and a cozy café, providing a stylish yet comfortable stay.

Unique Stays

9. Sky Tower Hotel

  • For those looking for an unconventional stay, Sky Tower Hotel offers accommodations in one of Batumi’s tallest buildings, featuring rooms with breathtaking views of the city and the Black Sea. The hotel’s rotating rooftop restaurant allows guests to dine with a 360-degree view of Batumi.

10. Divan Suites Batumi

  • Located in the heart of Old Batumi, Divan Suites blends historical charm with contemporary luxury. Its Ottoman-inspired décor, spacious suites, and attentive service offer a unique and opulent experience.

Gonio Fortress day trip from Batumi, Georgia

Day Trips From Batumi, Georgia

Here’s an easy travel guide to day trips from Batumi, each promising an adventure that’s as enriching as it is exciting.

1. Mtirala National Park

  • Just a short drive from Batumi, Mtirala National Park is a haven for nature lovers, offering lush landscapes, waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. Trekking paths wind through the park, leading to breathtaking viewpoints and serene picnic spots. The park’s name, meaning “weeping,” reflects the high rainfall that nurtures its vibrant ecosystem. It’s an ideal escape for those seeking tranquility and a touch of adventure in the great outdoors.

2. Gonio Fortress

  • Gonio Fortress, located just south of Batumi near the Turkish border, is a beautifully preserved Roman fortification with a rich history dating back to the 1st century AD. The site includes well-preserved walls, bathhouses, and an ancient amphitheater, offering a glimpse into the past civilizations that once thrived here. The fortress also boasts stunning views of the Black Sea, making it a perfect combination of cultural exploration and scenic beauty. Guided tours are available, offering insights into the site’s archaeological significance.

3. Kutaisi

  • A few hours’ drive from Batumi, Kutaisi is one of Georgia’s oldest and most significant cities, featuring UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Gelati Monastery and Bagrati Cathedral. The city’s vibrant markets, historic streets, and the nearby Prometheus Cave offer a diverse array of attractions. Kutaisi serves as a gateway to exploring the Imereti region’s rich culture and history. The journey itself showcases the stunning Georgian countryside, making the trip as enjoyable as the destination.

4. Ureki and Magnetiti Beaches

  • Known for their therapeutic magnetic sands, Ureki and Magnetiti beaches offer a unique seaside experience just a couple of hours north of Batumi. These beaches are perfect for families and those seeking health benefits attributed to the sands’ curative properties. The calm waters of the Black Sea here make it ideal for swimming and relaxing by the shore. The area’s laid-back atmosphere provides a stark contrast to Batumi’s bustling vibe.

5. Makhuntseti Waterfall and Queen Tamar’s Bridge

  • Venture to the Adjara mountains to discover the Makhuntseti Waterfall, one of the tallest and most picturesque waterfalls in Georgia. Nearby, the medieval arched stone Queen Tamar’s Bridge spans a river amidst lush greenery, offering a picturesque spot for photos and picnics. This area, rich in natural beauty and historical significance, is easily accessible by car or tour from Batumi. Local restaurants and wine cellars offer the chance to sample Georgian cuisine and wine.

6. Batumi Botanical Garden

  • While technically in Batumi, the expansive Batumi Botanical Garden feels like a world of its own, sprawling across a massive area with plants from around the globe. The garden’s location on a hillside offers stunning views of the Black Sea, making it a perfect spot for nature walks and relaxation. Unique themed sections display flora from different climatic zones, including the Caucasus, East Asia, New Zealand, and more. It’s an ideal half-day trip for those looking to immerse themselves in nature without straying too far from the city.

7. Mirveti Village and Waterfall

  • A scenic drive from Batumi through the Adjara mountains leads to Mirveti, a quaint village known for its beautiful waterfall and lush, green surroundings. Hiking trails lead visitors through the village to the waterfall and the ancient Mirveti stone arch bridge, offering a peaceful retreat into nature. The village itself, with its traditional stone houses and gardens, provides a glimpse into rural Georgian life. Local guesthouses and cafes offer warm hospitality and traditional Georgian meals.

8. The Wine Route of Adjara

  • Georgia’s proud winemaking tradition extends to the Adjara region, where several wineries offer tastings and tours. This day trip invites oenophiles to explore local vineyards, learn about Georgian winemaking techniques, and sample unique local varieties. The lush landscapes of the Adjara wine country provide a stunning backdrop for a day of indulgence. Pairing wine tastings with traditional Georgian cuisine enhances the experience, making it a must-do for food and wine enthusiasts.

9. Dadiani Palaces Historical and Architectural Museum in Zugdidi

  • A bit farther afield, the Dadiani Palaces in Zugdidi offer a fascinating look into Georgian royalty and history. The museum complex includes several palaces surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden, housing artifacts that belonged to the Dadiani family, including one of Napoleon’s death masks. Zugdidi, the regional capital of Samegrelo, is rich in history and culture, making it a worthwhile day trip for those interested in the Georgian monarchy and regional history.

10. Rize, Turkey

  • For those interested in a cross-border adventure, the Turkish city of Rize is accessible via a scenic drive from Batumi, offering a chance to experience the unique culture and landscapes of Turkey’s Black Sea region. Rize is known for its tea plantations, Ottoman-era architecture, and stunning mountain scenery. Visiting Rize requires a passport and possibly a visa, depending on your nationality, so plan accordingly. This international day trip adds a fascinating dimension to your travels, showcasing the diversity of the wider Black Sea region.

Batumi spelled out tiles in Georgia

Batumi Transportation Guide

Here’s a thorough travel guide to getting around in Batumi, offering insights into the various modes of transport available to visitors.

Public Transport

1. City Buses

  • Batumi’s network of city buses covers most areas of interest, providing an affordable way to explore the city. Buses are frequent, with routes connecting the city center, beach areas, Batumi International Airport, and nearby towns. Payment is usually made directly to the driver, and it’s advisable to have small change.

2. Mini Buses (Marshrutkas)

  • Marshrutkas are small, van-like buses that offer a more flexible service than the larger city buses. They follow specific routes but without fixed stops; you can flag one down or ask the driver to drop you off at your desired location. Marshrutkas cover extensive areas and are a popular choice for short and medium distances.

Taxis and Ride-Hailing Services

3. Taxis

  • Taxis are readily available throughout Batumi and can be hailed on the street or booked through your hotel. While most taxis are metered, it’s wise to agree on a fare before starting your journey, especially for longer trips. Taxis offer a convenient option for direct travel to destinations not covered by public transport.

4. Ride-Hailing Apps

  • Ride-hailing services, such as Bolt, are operational in Batumi, offering a modern alternative to traditional taxis. These apps provide the convenience of booking a ride through your smartphone, with clear pricing and route tracking for a hassle-free experience.

Bicycles and Electric Scooters

5. Bicycle Rentals

  • Batumi is a bicycle-friendly city, with dedicated lanes and scenic routes along the Batumi Boulevard and the seaside. Various shops and kiosks offer bicycles for rent, allowing you to explore the city at your own pace while enjoying the fresh sea air.

6. Electric Scooters

  • For a fun and speedy way to get around, electric scooters are available for rent through mobile apps. Scooters can be found at numerous locations around the city and are perfect for short trips along the beachfront or through Batumi’s parks.

Personal and Rental Vehicles

7. Car Rentals

  • Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore Batumi and the surrounding regions at your leisure. Several international and local rental agencies operate in the city, offering a range of vehicles. Remember that traffic can be heavy during peak seasons, and parking in the city center is limited.

Long-Distance and Regional Transport

8. Trains

  • Batumi is well-connected by rail, with regular services to and from Tbilisi and other major Georgian cities. The train journey offers scenic views of the countryside and is a comfortable alternative for intercity travel.

9. Inter-City Buses

  • The Batumi Central Bus Station serves as a hub for buses and minibusses heading to various destinations within Georgia and to neighboring countries like Turkey and Armenia. Buses are a cost-effective option for regional travel, with frequent services to popular destinations.

10. Batumi International Airport

  • Located just a short drive from the city center, Batumi International Airport offers domestic flights to Tbilisi and international connections to several cities in Europe and the Middle East. The airport is served by taxis and city buses, providing easy access to and from the city.

Kutaisi must visitplace to visit after Batumi, Georgia

Where To Visit After Your Trip To Batumi?

Here’s a guide to destinations to consider visiting after your Batumi adventure, each offering its unique allure.

1. Tbilisi

  • The capital city, Tbilisi, is a blend of medieval, classical, and Soviet architecture, bustling with arts, culture, and vibrant street life. Wander through the old town’s narrow lanes, relax in the famed sulfur baths, and explore diverse neighborhoods. The city’s cable cars offer stunning views over the Kura River and the picturesque Narikala Fortress. Tbilisi’s cafes and wine bars provide a cozy retreat, offering a taste of Georgia’s renowned hospitality.

2. Svaneti

  • For mountain enthusiasts, the region of Svaneti in the northwest offers breathtaking landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains, ancient villages, and the iconic Svan towers. Hiking trails abound, leading to glaciers, alpine meadows, and scenic overlooks. The town of Mestia serves as a base for exploring the region and its rich cultural heritage, including centuries-old churches and forts. Svaneti’s remote beauty and traditional lifestyle make it a captivating destination for adventure seekers.

3. Kakheti

  • Georgia’s wine region, Kakheti, is a must-visit for wine enthusiasts, known for its picturesque vineyards, historic monasteries, and welcoming wineries. The town of Sighnaghi, known as the ‘City of Love’, offers charming cobblestone streets and panoramic views of the Alazani Valley. Wine tours provide insights into the ancient qvevri winemaking process and the chance to sample unique local varieties. Kakheti’s warm climate, fertile landscapes, and hospitable locals ensure a delightful experience.

4. Kutaisi

  • Georgia’s second-largest city, Kutaisi, is known for its historic sites, including the UNESCO-listed Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery. The nearby Prometheus Cave offers an underground adventure through illuminated stalactites and stalagmites. Kutaisi serves as a gateway to exploring the Imereti region, with its lush countryside and traditional cuisine. The city’s vibrant markets and laid-back atmosphere provide a glimpse into Georgian daily life.

5. Gori

  • Birthplace of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, Gori is home to the Stalin Museum, a complex and controversial site that includes the dictator’s childhood home. Nearby, the ancient rock-hewn town of Uplistsikhe offers a fascinating look into Georgia’s pre-Christian history. Gori’s central location makes it an easy stop for travelers exploring the heart of Georgia. The city also serves as a base for trips into the surrounding countryside, where scenic drives and hiking opportunities abound.

6. Borjomi

  • Known for its mineral water and spa resorts, Borjomi is set in a picturesque valley and offers a tranquil retreat with its beautiful parks and therapeutic springs. The Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, one of the largest in Europe, offers extensive hiking trails through diverse ecosystems. The town’s cable car ride to the Plateau of Ferris wheel provides stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. Borjomi’s natural beauty and healing waters make it a perfect destination for relaxation and outdoor activities.

7. Uplistsikhe

  • Just a short journey from Gori, the ancient cave city of Uplistsikhe, carved into the rock face, stands as a testament to Georgia’s long and varied history. This fascinating site dates back to the early Iron Age and offers insights into pagan and Christian eras through its architecture and artifacts. Exploring the caves, temples, and streets of this once-thriving city provides a unique window into the past. Uplistsikhe’s dramatic setting overlooking the Mtkvari River adds to its allure.

8. Vardzia

  • The cave monastery of Vardzia is a remarkable example of medieval Georgian architecture, carved into the cliffs of the Erusheti Mountain. This extensive complex includes hundreds of rooms, churches, and frescoes dating back to the 12th century. A guided tour can help uncover the history and significance of this awe-inspiring site. Vardzia is not just a monument but a symbol of Georgia’s resilience and creativity.

9. David Gareja

  • Located on the semi-desert slopes of Mount Gareja, the David Gareja monastery complex is a unique cultural and historical site, comprising 19 monasteries spread across a stark, beautiful landscape. The area’s isolation has preserved its ancient frescoes and architecture, offering a serene and spiritual experience. Hiking along the border with Azerbaijan, visitors are treated to stunning views and the chance to explore this important religious site. The David Gareja complex challenges both the spirit and the body, rewarding visitors with its beauty and solitude.

10. Racha

  • For those seeking off-the-beaten-path adventures, the mountainous region of Racha in northern Georgia offers stunning landscapes, traditional Georgian villages, and the crystal-clear waters of Shaori Lake. Racha is known for its hiking trails, trout fishing, and the historic Nikortsminda Cathedral. The region’s remote beauty and the warmth of its people provide a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle. Wine lovers can also explore local vineyards, sampling unique varietals that are seldom found outside the region.

Batumi boardwalk with views of the city in Georgia

Batumi Travel Guide: Final Thoughts

Batumi is a city that defies expectations and invites curiosity. It’s a place where every street corner tells a story, every dish is a celebration, and every sunset brings a promise of new discoveries. Let’s gather our final thoughts on this enchanting city, with the hope that the end of this journey marks the beginning of another.

Embracing the Unexpected

The Charm of Contrasts

Batumi is a city of contrasts, where the old and new coexist in harmony. It’s where you can wander through ancient ruins in the morning and marvel at futuristic buildings by night. This blend of history and modernity, nature and architecture, tradition and innovation makes Batumi a unique destination that captivates and surprises at every turn.

Culinary Delights and Cultural Riches

A Feast for the Senses

The culinary adventures in Batumi are a testament to Georgia’s rich cultural tapestry. Sampling the local cuisine is not just about eating; it’s about experiencing Georgia’s history, its people’s connection to the land, and the communal spirit that food embodies here. From the bustling markets filled with fresh produce to the cozy restaurants serving up age-old recipes, Batumi offers a feast for the senses that lingers long after the journey ends.

Natural Wonders and Urban Escapes

A Harmony of Landscapes

Batumi’s natural setting, between the sea and the mountains, offers a tranquil escape for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. The city serves as a gateway to exploring the broader landscapes of Adjara, where every path leads to breathtaking vistas and every moment in nature feels like a return to something ancient and timeless. It’s a reminder of the beauty that lies in exploring, in stepping out into the unknown, and finding solace in the natural world.

Until we return, Batumi remains a beacon on the Black Sea, a reminder of the joys of discovery, and the endless tales waiting in the world’s beautiful corners.

Batumi waterfront views in Georgia

Ode To Batumi

On the Black Sea’s coast, there lies a gem A city of beauty, called Batumi From the mountains high to the beaches low There’s something here for every soul

The old town’s cobblestone streets and charming squares Are steeped in history, secrets and tales While modern marvels like the cable car Offer a bird’s eye view of this city so far

Indulge in the flavors of local cuisine With spices, herbs and dishes to make you swoon From Adjaran khachapuri to sulguni cheese A foodie’s paradise, sure to please

The Batumi Boulevard, a long seafront stroll Is perfect for romance, peace or a simple goal While the city’s vibrant nightlife scene Is lively, electric and just so keen

For those who seek adventure and thrill There’s bungee jumping, paragliding and more still And for those who prefer nature’s calm There’s hiking, camping and a nearby palm

Batumi, a place of wonder and awe A destination that leaves you in awe So pack your bags, embark on your trip And let this city your senses grip.

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