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VIDEO: Travel in Vietnam

Travel in Vietnam with Sam and Audrey

Now that we’ve settled into our new base in Chiang Mai, Thailand we though it would be a perfect time for us to discuss our most recent experiences traveling in Vietnam; including what was our favorite places/destinations, food, transportation and budget travel tips. As a brief introduction, Vietnam is one of the most under-rated countries […]

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VIDEO: Khantoke Northern Thai Food

Eating Khantoke Northern Thai Food for dinner in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Now that we’re settled into Chiang Mai we figured it would be the perfect chances for us to both try eating Northern Thai cuisine (specifically a Khantoke Set Feast: ขันโตก) for dinner on hot and humid evening. Having tried Northern Thai food before, I was interested to see what Audrey would think of it trying […]

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Lose The Blogger Belly

Riding a bicycle in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Last Winter I decided to challenge myself by partaking in a 100 day weight-loss and fitness regimen.  I had promised to follow up with a progress report and well…complete failure in that regard.  In a nutshell, my attempt to melt a few layers of fat off of my ‘blogger bell’y and push myself away from […]

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VIDEO: Best Pad Thai

For lunch we ate the best Pad Thai I

In our latest travel video we head over on our bicycles to eat lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant (Chang Chalaad) for the best Pad Thai ever in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We’ve quickly learned, since we arrived in Chiang Mai, that we’re willing to bike quite a distance to satisfy our cravings. I’ve personally traveled […]

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VIDEO: Thai Mango Sticky Rice

Thai Mango Sticky Rice

In our latest travel video we decided to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings by devouring a plate of Mango Sticky Rice (Khao Niaow Ma Muang: ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง), served with condensed coconut cream sauce at our favorite restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Although we biked over 30 minutes just to have this specific dish at this specific […]

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VIDEO: Moving to a mystery destination

After an exhausting - yet exhilarating - three months of backpacking in SE Asia we

After three consecutive months of exhausting but exhilarating backpacking adventures, we’ve boarded a series of planes, trains and automobiles in order to get from Hanoi, Vietnam to our new mystery destination. In recent months you’ve seen us post videos from our final few weeks in Korea, our first month backpacking in Malaysia, our second month […]

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VIDEO: Dzao Tribe Giang Ta Chai Village

Visiting Dzao Tribe at the Giang Ta Chai Village on our final hike

On our final leg of our journey trekking all over the Sapa, Vietnam region, we hiked with the intention of reaching Giang Ta Chai Village – home of the Dzao Tribe. Our night spent at the traditional home stay was an enriching experience. The traditional beds with mosquito nets in a communal setting on the […]

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VIDEO: Water Puppet Performance

Water Puppet Performance at a theater in Hanoi, Vietnam travel video

On our very last day of travel in Vietnam we decided to watch a Water Puppet Show (known locally as Múa rối nước) at Thang Long Theatre in Hanoi, Vietnam. As one of the top attractions in Hanoi, we knew this was something we couldn’t afford to miss out on, even though our time in […]

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VIDEO: Hiking to Cat Cat Village

Hiking trip to Cat Cat Village to visit the Black Hmong Tribe video

In our latest travel video we embark on a short hike from our base in Sapa to visit Cat Cat Village (Black Hmong Tribe) early in the morning. With so many different hiking options to choose from it was difficult narrowing it down to just one specific route. Sapa is the perfect launching pad for […]

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VIDEO: Hiking to Lao Chai Village

Hike to Lao Chai Village (Black Hmong Tribe)

In our latest travel video we venture off from the cozy confines of our base in Sapa, Vietnam to explore the village of Lao Chai renowned for its Black Hmong tribe. This trek almost didn’t happen. Forty eight hours prior I was barfing out of my ass and mouth with a vicious case of food […]

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