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VIDEO: Shopping for clothes in Hoi An

Shopping for custom made clothes and dresses in Hoi An, Vietnam

In our latest travel video we hop on our bicycles and pedal around the old quarter area of Hoi An, Vietnam in search of custom made dresses for Audrey at the many tailors and custom designers found in and around the central part of town. With over 200 different tailors clustered in Hoi An, it’s [...]

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VIDEO: Dingo Deli Sandwiches

Eating delicious Dingo Deli sandwiches in Hoi An, Vietnam travel video

As we discussed our dining options it quickly became apparently we had a clamoring for western food and almost immediately we jumped on our bikes and pedaled down a main street en route to Dingo Deli for what is considered the best sandwich in all of Hoi An, Vietnam. Ordering a club sandwich and salmon [...]

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VIDEO: Credit Card Problems in Hoi An

Dealing with Credit Card problems in Hoi An, Vietnam with a local bank

This latest travel video is all about our misadventures in Hoi An, Vietnam where we went nearly a whole day without electricity and money as a citywide power outage shut down most services and an ATM machine ate our credit card. Given that we had just arrived in Hoi An this was hardly the way [...]

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VIDEO: Central Market Hoi An

Central Market located in Ancient Hoi An, Vietnam Travel Video

This travel video showcases the bustling Hoi An Central Market (Chợ Hội An) during its frantic pace early in the morning in the Old Town quarter section of Hoi An, Vietnam. When it comes to visiting local markets I’ve often found the best time to wander around is early in the morning. Sauntering out of [...]

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VIDEO: White Rose and Cao Lau in Hoi An

Eating White Rose & Cao Lau for lunch in Hoi An, Vietnam

For lunch we headed over to a popular Vietnamese restaurant (Mermaid) in Hoi An, Vietnam to try eating two very unique and local delicacies – Cao Lau (Noodles, pork and greens in a gravy sauce) and White Rose (shrimp dumplings sprinkled with roasted garlic). Both of these dishes are said to have originated from Hoi [...]

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VIDEO: Mekong Delta Travel Images

Mekong Delta Travel Images

Long touted as the ‘rice basket’ of Vietnam, the Mekong delta offers a wonderful array of activities for those who take to time explore its murky waters in the southern region of Vietnam. In the following travel slideshow montage, we share with you our favorite travel photos from our time exploring the Mekong Delta. In [...]

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VIDEO: Travel Photos from Saigon

Travel Photos from Saigon

In our latest travel slideshow series we showcase the bustling hive of activity alpha city of Saigon in this series of our favorite travel photos from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Going through our entire collection of photos from Saigon, and narrowing things down to just our favorite shots, was definitely a rather daunting exercise. [...]

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VIDEO: Nha Trang to Hoi An bus ride

Nha Trang to Hoi An, Vietnam overnight sleeper bus ride travel video

Our latest travel video documents our impossibly long 13 hour overnight sleeper bus journey from Nha Trang all the way to the cultural hub of Hoi An, Vietnam. Having recently been sick in Nha Trang, we both didn’t really get to enjoy much beach time. Instead we were confined to our hotel beds trying to [...]

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Top Attractions along the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Top Attractions along the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Top Attractions Along The Mekong Delta   Recently I completed a three day tour along the Mekong Delta in the southern most region of Vietnam.  Unlike our city tour of Saigon, this particular tour was somewhat of an exercise in futility, as I’ve honestly never seen such inefficiency in an itinerary in my entire travels. [...]

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VIDEO: Saigon To Nha Trang Train Ride

Train Journey Trip from Saigon to Nha Trang, Vietnam

In our latest travel video we board a train from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) en route to Nha Trang marking our first train ride in Vietnam. Naturally, given our passion for train travel over all other modes of transportation, we were on edge with excitement. At first we were quite confused which cart to [...]

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