Enjoying Slow Travel in Spreewald #JoinGermanTradition
5 Things that surprised me about Las Vegas

Eating Haggis for the first time #Blogmanay

Eating Haggis, neeps and tatties for the first time

Seeking comfort food on our first day in Edinburgh, Scotland we headed over to Whiski Rooms to try eating Haggis, tatties, and neeps while drinking Hot Toddy for the first time in our lives. After randomly wandering around – for hours on end – during our first morning in Edinburgh we started to crave comfort […]

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VIDEO: First impressions of Edinburgh, Scotland #Blogmanay

Our first impressions traveling to Edinburgh, Scotland travel video

This is a travel video of our latest adventure exploring Edinburgh, Scotland – in the thick of winter – for the first time mere days before the New Year celebration of Hogmanay. When I announced that I would be heading to Edinburgh, Scotland numerous friends and family chimed in with rave reviews of time spent […]

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Going to Scotland For Hogmanay: #Blogmanay

Hogmanay in Edinburgh, Scotland - 2014.

Living a nomadic lifestyle, over the past eight years, has meant I’m rarely been in one place when the pages of the calendar turn from one year to the next. In the past decade, I’ve spent more time in Asia than I have in North America (Canada). More often than not I’ve been wearing t-shirts […]

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VIDEO: Passport Tag Travel Game

Playing the fun game of passport tag in this travel video

For a fun video that we could make in the comfort of our Thai apartment here in Chiang Mai, we decided to participate in a series called passport tag where you answer travel questions related to your passport stamps and visa. Recently, Audrey watched a video from Expat Kerri where she participated in passport tag. […]

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Photo Essay: Petra, Jordan

As a travel photographer, visiting Petra, Jordan is like a boy realizing a childhood dream of visiting a fantasy land.  It was hard to put my camera down; however, I did manage to spend plenty of time taking in Petra with my own two eyes and not just behind the lens.

Our gregarious guide Mohammad pointed to the intricate carvings on the wall, “It’s a urinal. I need two volunteers.” Naturally, we were picked to do something this humiliating. Facing towards the ‘urinals’ we were suddenly spun around by his hands. My hand touched Audrey’s fingers and at that particular moment I finally clued in to […]

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Exploring Wadi Rum, Sleeping in a Bedouin Tent and Riding a Camel in Jordan

This is a sunset shot from Wadi Rum where Audrey is rendered as a silhouette.  Our guides specifically took us to this particular point roughly half an hour before sunset.  We certainly were not disappointed.

As I walked up a steep hill I took the time to feel the warm sand beneath my toes as I took each step. When I reached the summit, I pivoted and marvelled at the scenery before my very eyes. Panoramic views of jagged rock formations on a bed of sand left a lasting impression. […]

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How to get through airport security faster this winter

Sports Equipment at security

How to get through airport security faster this winter Travelling for Christmas? During the holidays, thousands take to the skies to celebrate with friends and family. It’s the time of year to give gifts to our loved ones. That being said, there are some restrictions on what can be brought on board a plane. The […]

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How to do Barcelona on a Budget

Barcelona, Gaudi, Casa Batlló - Flickr CC melissadelzio

Traveling on a shoestring? Down to your last cents? Worried you’re going to miss out on the best of what Barcelona has to offer? Fear not! There are endless possibilities in the Catalan capital for all budgets, and plenty to do for free! So drop down your backpack and get your exploration mode switched on […]

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Hong Kong by Night

Hong Kong by night

Hong Kong is a very dynamic city and it boasts one of the best skylines in the world. Its rich history is reflected in the architecture and its cityscape. Hong Kong has numerous impressive sites that are accessible even by night to make your holiday a memorable one. If you are planning to take a […]

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Distinct Faces of Israel

An elderly man flashes a smile as he

Several months ago I received an email that I typically tend to delete.  Often, my email inbox is bombarded with requests to help promote travel products, events and/or books.  Typically these emails are impersonal and not directed specifically at me.  I’ve learned to hit the delete button with zest in order to dwindle down my […]

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