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TurboJET Hydrofoil from Macau to Hong Kong

Scenic views from a Macau bridge

Today’s feature adventure travel video is of a ferry boat boat ride we took from Macau to Hong Kong, China via HydroFoil TurboJet. (These are some photos I took in 2011 when the weather was nicer!) I was excited to take Audrey on this particular HyrdroFoil ferry – a journey that I had completed several […]

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Photo Essay: Day Trip To Suomenlinna – Helsinki, Finland

Scenic clouds and ocean views on a trip from Helsinki to Suomenlinna, Finland

On a lovely sunny afternoon we enjoyed a ferry ride from Helsinki, Finland to Suomenlinna visiting a Sea Fortress, wandering around the island and enjoying Finnish black licorice Salmiakki ice cream as part of our walking tour around the island. With a couple of days in Helsinki under our belt, we wanted to explore around […]

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Things to do in Macau, China

Audrey posing at Senado Square in Macau, China

Today’s feature travel video from Asia is of the top attractions worth considering while visiting in Macau, China including checking out Senado Square and the Ruins of Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Top Attractions in Macau Feeling well rested after going to bed several hours earlier than normal, we felt a jolt of adrenaline about exploring the […]

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Street Food in Macau | Macanese Cuisine

Macanese egg tart in Audrey

Today’s feature travel video is of us eating street food in Macau, China with a specific emphasis on Macanese cuisine which has distinct Chinese and Portuguese influences. Macanese Cuisine   After an impossibly long day packing up, moving out and flying to Macau from Chiang Mai, we were ready to hit the streets – after […]

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VIDEO: Flight from Chiang Mai to Macau

A photo of Audrey

Today’s feature travel video is of us packing our belongings and moving out of our apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand along with a flight en route to Macau, China with Air Asia. I’m still in a state of shock that our time has expired in Chiang Mai. I can still vividly remember the day we […]

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Finnish Cuisine Worth Sampling

Finnish cuisine worth sampling

Over the years I’ve transformed from being a backpacker to more of a flashpacker. Part of this transformation has to do with my ever demanding taste buds that constantly are on the lookout for exotic foods. When I landed in Finland for the first time, roughly one month ago, I was just as eager to […]

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VIDEO: Wat Saket Golden Mount Temple

Wat Saket Golden Mount Temple

Given that it was a Buddhist holiday in Bangkok, Thailand, we decided to visit Wat Saket Temple (The Golden Mount Temple) as an afternoon outing. Initially our travel plans were to check out Wat Arun (also known as the Temple of Dawn); however, our queasy stomachs (after a bad episode of food poisoning) were suggesting […]

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Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Photo Essay

A Thai lady wearing a distinctly large sun hat laughs while folding a newspaper.

An elderly Thai lady wearing a conical hat dips her paddle into the water as I fire off an exposure of a vendor arranging an assortment of fruit at her individual stall. As a passenger on this small vessel making its way down a canal, I’m surrounded by colorful displays of goods and inundated by […]

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Photo Essay: Harmandir Sahib Golden Temple


One of the most pleasant aspects of travel is when you discover something that exceeds your initial (or preconceived) expectations. Visiting the Harmandir Sahib Temple, also known as the Golden Temple, located in Amritsar, India ended up being one of the top highlights of my travels in India. Unlike the Taj Mahal, which is more […]

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VIDEO: Things to do in Helsinki, Finland

Things to do in Helsinki, Finland including top attractions and food

On our second day exploring Helsinki, Finland we give you a tour around the city with some suggested things to do in the downtown area along with a visit to Market Square to sample some Finnish food including Reindeer meatballs, grilled Salmon, potatoes, vegetables and garlic sauce. Our second day started bright and early as […]

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