Mendoza City Guide: Things to Do, See and Eat traveling in Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza Travel Guide

Introduction to Mendoza

Sitting out in the scenic Cuyo desert, butting up against the wall of the western Andes, Mendoza is verdant dot of green that stands out brilliantly against the dry and dusty landscape that predominates in this part of Argentina.

Benefiting from the bountiful glacier and snow melt that cascades down from some of the tallest portions of this epic mountain range, residents of this city have long used irrigation channels to raise some of South America’s most flavourful varietals of wine.

Having toughed out major earthquakes and disease outbreaks in its past, today’s Mendoza is a place that amply supplies a nation and a planet that has an ever-growing thirst for its fine Malbecs.

Cultural attractions in Mendoza

While you might be set on enjoying many glasses of wine soon after your arrival in Mendoza, take a few hours on your first full day here to read into the backstory of this Argentine city by paying a visit to Museo Fundacional.

Built around the crumbled foundations of what used to be the center of Mendoza prior to its devastating earthquake in 1862, this museum is dedicated towards telling the story of the Argentine city from frontier times to the present day.

Situated in picturesque desert with the imposing wall that is the Andes to the West, Mendoza is a truly inspiring place for those that are artistically inclined.

Located in a fabulous mansion that used to be home to one of Mendoza’s wealthiest power brokers, Casa de Fader is home today to the amazing artworks of Fernando Fader, who once painted murals for this home’s former owner.

Born in France, but raised in Argentina, his works soon brought him lofty praise, culminating in a highly successful tour of Europe. While his paintings are certainly the biggest attraction here, there are many statues out in the garden as well that will make this the perfect place to spend an afternoon for those that love the arts.

If you are a true wine lover, attempt to plan your trip to Argentina so that it coincides with the National Grape Harvest Festival.

With the climax of this multi-month long festival taking place in early March in Mendoza, those that love pageantry, parades, and 20 minute long firework shows will definitely want to make an effort to include this festival in their travel plans.

Those that cannot make the trip to Argentina in March can still drop by Mendoza province in the month of January and February as well, as many of the outlying towns and smaller cities hold events during this time.

Other attractions in Mendoza

Whether you choose to go through a tour company, or you have a designated driver to pilot your rental car throughout the countryside surrounding Mendoza, taking part in vineyard tours should be at the top of your agenda and visiting this part of the country.

With well over 1,500 wineries throughout the province of Mendoza, you will be spoiled for choice. While there are many different types of grapes that are planted throughout the various microclimates and elevations across Mendoza Province, make a concerted effort to try out this region’s Malbec vintages, as it is the type for which this nation is most famous.

Even if you don’t have plans to come the highest peak in the Americas, making your way to Parque Provincial Aconcagua for a day trip or an overnight camping adventure will give you an outdoor experience that you will remember for a long time to come.

Here, the semi-arid desert meets the Andes, rising up to elevations tens of thousands of feet above the plains that lie beneath them. Aconcagua dominates views in the area, as it scrapes against the stratosphere with its peak elevation of 22,800 feet above sea level.

If you miss the chance to take in a football match while in Buenos Aires, don’t miss an opportunity to take in the local football club at Malvinas Argentinas Stadium.

Renamed to its current title after the 1982 Falklands War, it is capable of holding 40,000 spectators, and it has also served as a venue for many touring bands (especially those that are popular in Latin America) to play in front of adoring fans that live in Mendoza province.

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