Singapore Photo Travel Photo: You’ll Want To Visit Singapore After This!

Singapore is a bustling city-state that offers travel photographers a range of photographic opportunities. Iconic landmarks include the Marina Bay Sands hotel and resort, while the Gardens by the Bay feature unique vertical gardens. Chinatown and Arab Street showcase Singapore’s diverse cultures, while hawker centers offer a range of delicious local dishes. Parks and nature reserves, such as MacRitchie Reservoir Park, offer opportunities for capturing the city’s natural beauty.

There are a lot of top travel bloggers who take excellent travel photos that capture the imagination of their audience; however, there are a select few who really ‘standout’ from the crowd and take things to entirely new level. T-Roy, the man behind Fogg Odyssey, is certanly one of these individuals & I’m thrilled to be featuring a guest photo essay (he’s selected on Singapore) that showcases a variety of stunning shots he took back in 2009 while visiting one of the true pillar cities found in all of South East Asia.

Singapore Travel Photos: A Photo Essay Of Singapore

In 2009 I had to exit Thailand for a visa run and decided it was time to explore Singapore.  I packed a small bag, bought a cheap ticket from Air Asia and grabbed my camera to see what all the fuse was about on this tiny island nation.

I spent a full week there and even though it’s a lot more expensive then the rest of Asia I quickly fell in love with the country. I spent most of my time walking around the city and taking random photos, this is what I got.

The famous Singapore Sling!
(The original Singapore Sling drink at the famous Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel. Be warned though, one drink costs about $15 USD!)

(Singapore’s national icon, the Merlion, half lion and half fish. There are only five Merlions in Singapore recognized by the STB.)

Marina Bridge during golden hour in Singapore
(Marina Barrage… would you believe this is an industrial water plant? Looks more like an art museum doesn’t it?)

Famous place for flying kites in Singapore
(On top of the Marina Barrage is a grass park where people are famous for flying kites.)

People jumping on top of Marina Barrage in Singapore
(Girls jump for a photo with cranes in the background. This was taken on top of Marina Barrage)

Popular Hindu temple in Singapore
(People might not know it but Singapore is full of Indians and Hindu is a big religion there.)

Cosplay in Singapore
(A girl dressed up for an event called Cosplay. Big in Asia it’s where you dress up as your favorite cartoon character and you can see people who actually go to work looking like this sometimes.)

The Esplanade at night in Singapore shaped like a durian!
(The Esplanade is a theater center for performing arts. Like the Sydney Opera House it’s a national symbol for Singapore.)

A boy playing in the fountain in Singapore on a hot day
(A boy playing in a fountain inside a shopping center.)

Singapore metro system during the rush hour
(The metro system in Singapore is one of the best in the world. Every 500m is a stop and it’s very affordable but yes it sometimes can get over crowded at certain times.)

Beautiful Singapore architecture at night
(…and one last shot of the beautiful city at night. It really is a photographers dream place!)


Fogg Odysey
T-roy is taking an extended holiday from being responsible. Quitting his 6-figure salary job that was killing him with 12hr work days, he decided that this wasn’t the life. He moved to Thailand and spent 3 months living a humble backpackers life and loved the experience so much he kept going. He’s currently hanging out in Medellin, Colombia doing photography work while running his own travel blog  You can also connect with him on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


How To Take Great Travel Photos In Singapore

Singapore is a city-state that offers a plethora of opportunities for travel photographers. The city is a melting pot of cultures and has a unique mix of modernity and tradition, which creates a rich tapestry of photographic possibilities. From the iconic landmarks to the vibrant street life, there are plenty of subjects to capture.

To take great travel photos in Singapore, planning is key. Researching the locations you want to visit and determining the best time of day to photograph them can help you to get the best possible results. For example, shooting at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Resort looks best at night, while the Gardens by the Bay are best photographed during the day.

Using natural light can also enhance your photos. Singapore’s sunny weather allows for ample opportunities to use natural light to create dynamic and interesting photos. However, it’s essential to avoid shooting in the middle of the day when the sun is at its brightest. Shooting during the early morning or late afternoon, when the light is softer and more flattering, can result in more pleasing images.

To capture unique and interesting photos, experiment with different angles. Getting low to the ground, shooting from above, or tilting your camera can add drama and interest to your photos. Additionally, capturing the city’s colorful streets, markets, and festivals can highlight its diverse cultures. Singapore is known for its street food, and sampling it while taking photos can add to the experience.

Focusing on the small details that make Singapore unique can add depth and interest to your photos. Intricate architecture, colorful signage, and street art can provide a unique perspective on the city’s history and culture.

Hence, Singapore may be a bustling city, but it also has several parks and nature reserves that offer photographic opportunities. Exploring the lush greenery, wildlife, and stunning views at places like the MacRitchie Reservoir Park or the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve can create unique and breathtaking photos.

Moreover, Singapore is a destination that offers a wealth of opportunities for travel photography. With a little planning, creativity, and exploration, you can capture stunning photos that showcase the city’s unique mix of modernity, culture, and natural beauty.

Where Are The Best Photography Locations In Singapore?

Singapore is a city-state that offers a wealth of photographic opportunities to both amateur and professional photographers. From the modern skyline to the traditional neighborhoods, there is an endless variety of subjects to capture. The city’s vibrant culture, diverse architecture, and natural beauty make it a photographer’s paradise.

One of the most popular photography locations in Singapore is Marina Bay Sands. This iconic hotel and resort is known for its rooftop infinity pool, which offers panoramic views of the city skyline. Photographers can capture the bustling city below, with its towering skyscrapers and bustling streets.

Another popular destination for photographers is Gardens by the Bay. This expansive park is home to the famous Supertrees, which offer unique and picturesque photo opportunities. The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are other highlights that offer a myriad of photo opportunities.

Singapore’s traditional neighborhoods, such as Chinatown and Little India, are also popular among photographers. These neighborhoods offer a glimpse into Singapore’s rich cultural heritage and provide plenty of opportunities to capture colorful streets, traditional shophouses, and vibrant markets.

For nature enthusiasts, Singapore has plenty of parks and nature reserves that offer breathtaking views and unique photographic opportunities. The MacRitchie Reservoir Park and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve are popular destinations that allow photographers to capture the city’s lush greenery, wildlife, and stunning views.

Additionally, the city’s vibrant nightlife and modern architecture provide plenty of unique photo opportunities. Clarke Quay, for instance, is a riverside destination that offers a colorful mix of traditional shophouses, bars, and restaurants. The city’s modern architecture, such as the ArtScience Museum and the Esplanade, also provides unique photo opportunities with their striking designs.

Singapore is a city that has something to offer for every photography enthusiast. From iconic landmarks to traditional neighborhoods and nature parks, the city’s unique blend of culture, architecture, and natural beauty provides endless photographic opportunities. With a little exploration and creativity, photographers can capture stunning photos that showcase the beauty and diversity of this vibrant city-state.

What Photography Gear Should I Take To Singapore?

As a travel photographer, choosing the right gear for your trip to Singapore can be a daunting task. There are countless options available, and it’s important to consider a variety of factors before making your final decision.

First and foremost, it’s important to consider the type of camera that you will be bringing. Whether you prefer a DSLR, mirrorless camera, or a compact camera, make sure it’s one that you’re comfortable with and know how to use. Your camera will be the most important piece of equipment that you bring, and the quality of your images will largely depend on it.

In addition to your camera, you’ll also want to bring a variety of lenses to suit your photography needs. A wide-angle lens is great for capturing sweeping landscapes and cityscapes, while a telephoto lens is useful for capturing wildlife and details. A standard zoom lens can be versatile for everyday shooting. Consider your photography goals and the type of images you hope to capture to determine which lenses will be the most useful for you.

A tripod is also an essential piece of equipment for any travel photographer. It allows you to stabilize your camera and capture sharp images in low light conditions or with long exposures. When choosing a tripod, look for one that is lightweight and sturdy, so you can easily carry it around with you throughout the day.

Filters are another useful accessory for travel photographers. ND filters and polarizing filters can help reduce glare, enhance colors, and create long exposure effects. Consider which filters will be most useful for your photography style and bring them along.

A comfortable and sturdy camera bag is also essential to protect your gear and keep it organized. Look for a bag that has compartments for your camera, lenses, and accessories, and that is comfortable to carry around with you throughout the day.

Moreover, don’t forget to bring extra batteries and memory cards, as well as a rain cover for your camera and bag. Singapore’s tropical climate means that it can rain unexpectedly, so it’s important to be prepared for inclement weather.

Choosing the right photography gear for your trip to Singapore is an important step in ensuring that you capture high-quality images that you’ll treasure for years to come. Consider your photography goals and the type of gear you’ll need, and don’t forget to pack the essentials to make the most of your photography trip.

Singapore Travel Photography Final Thoughts

As a travel photographer, Singapore offers a wealth of opportunities to capture stunning images. From the iconic Marina Bay Sands to the vibrant streets of Chinatown, the city is full of diverse and photogenic locations.

To make the most of your photography trip to Singapore, plan ahead and research the best locations and times to shoot. Wake up early to capture the soft light of sunrise, and stay out late to photograph the colorful lights of the city at night.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques, such as long exposures, HDR, and creative compositions. Take advantage of the unique architecture and landscapes of the city, and capture images that reflect your personal style and vision.

Above all, have fun and enjoy your photography journey through Singapore. Embrace the vibrant energy of the city, and let it inspire you to capture beautiful and meaningful images that tell a story.

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  1. says: Sing

    Singapore isn’t “full of Indians”. If Singapore is full of Indians, then America is full of blacks. Most indians are in Singapore as foreign construction workers. Indians who are Singaporean citizens are less than 10% of the country. Singapore is 75% Chinese. We are also the only Chinese majority territory in the world outside of Greater China.

  2. Great photos. It looks like I should spend more than 24 hours – possibly with Swine Flu – in Singapore next time I’m in the area! I think my favorite is Marina Barrage. Thanks for sharing!

  3. says: Lily Leung

    These are absolutely stunning photographs! Singapore is one of my favourite big cities and being there was the first time on my current RTW trip that I wished I had a tripod when I saw the harbour at night.

    Thanks for sharing these shots!

    1. says: T-roy

      ok, since I posted your reply on the wrong comment I’ll leave comment here to hep balance it out! lol

      “I just check out your photos on Istanbul, way cool shots, esp the ones inside the church!”

  4. says: Jim

    Loved this but loved old Singapore even better. First visit was 2 weeks stay in ’74 and we loved the old owner operated shops along the now modern highways and streets. The smell of dried fish everywhere, the street vendors and food markets. A very modern city now, but it’s lost it’s appeal for us. However, it’s a great stopover city on those long haul flights from NZ to the rest of the world.

    1. Jim, I can imagine the city has transformed itself and would look nothing like it did in ’74. I think that’s the story of many modern cities in Asia. I know in Seoul even a 5 year period brings about a lot of change.

  5. says: Amer

    I’ve always love Fogg Odyssey’s photos. They’re always amazing. Love the Marina Barrage photo during sunset. Singapore is such a futuristic city in a tropical surrounding. That’s why its so appealing to me. Been there like 20 times back when I used to live in Malaysia and will definitely go there again. Great article!

    1. Thanks Amer, it’s a great city and quite unique in the region. I find it impressively clean and modern – although it lacks a bit of the hustle and bustle that make places like BKK & KL so fascinating.

  6. says: Mica

    Sweet pics man. Did you get any good shots of the Singapore flyer? I didn’t pay to get on in London so sure as heck not going to in Sing, but it looked impressive.
    Singapore was so expensive. Wayyyy to expensive.

    1. Mica, Singapore is really expensive! Especially compared to anywhere else in SE Asia. It’s the only place in SE Asia that I’ve ever stayed in a dorm (which was double the price of a normal guest house in neighbouring Malaysia).

    1. says: T-roy

      Vegas… heck I don’t know even when I’ll be back in the US. Plan to stay in South America till the end of the year I think. Afterwards who knows but always a trip to Vegas is fun. I wish it hadn’t been raining when I went last time. I’d like to do more photography when there this time. 🙂

  7. says: nod 'n' smile

    Wow, these photos are unreal. I love that they capture so many aspects of the place as well. I’ve never been to Singapore but have been told that it’s a bit sterile- these photos seem to indicate that it’s anything but.

    1. says: T-roy

      I heard the same thing but in a way I liked that it was so clean. Was a stark contrast to the rest of Asia that is for sure. Will say though that maybe they have a tad to many malls for my liking but thats all good i guess! lol 🙂

    1. says: T-roy

      Thanks… but if you want to see some postcards I have done you can actually check them out on my site. I did a bunch on India and have to say by the end I was getting better and better at making them. 🙂

    2. says: T-roy

      Thanks… but if you want to see some postcards I have done you can actually check them out on my site. I did a bunch on India and have to say by the end I was getting better and better at making them.