My Two Favorite Modes of Transportation While Traveling

Hectic train station in India

My Two Favorite Modes of Transportation While Traveling

For many travellers the process of getting from point A to B is cumbersome.  Maybe I have a few too many loose screws, but for me personally, it’s one of the true joys of travel.  I absolutely love being on the road and the physical act of moving from place to place is something I derive immense pleasure from.  Over the years I’ve discovered that I have certain fondness for certain modes of transportation over others.  The following are my favorite two ways of getting around:

A gorgeous sunset while traveling by train


Traveling by train is hands down my favorite mode of transportation.  If I only had to pick one way to travel for the rest of my life (excluding everything else) I would immediately without the slightest sense of hesitation choose to travel by train.  All of my favorite journeys have been via rail.  No train journey has been as monumental as the one I took across India back in 2010.  The video below captures some of my favorite clips (including many high speed sequences) from my entire circuit, and to this day, remains one of the most popular youtube videos I’ve ever created:

When I’m travelling by train, my eyes are often glued to what is going on outside of the window.  On any given day, I might witness a magnificent sunrise; pass through a slum; get off at a local station to indulge my taste buds; or strike up conversation with a fellow passenger.  When I’m not looking out the window I’m often at my creative best – which often manifest itself in the form of the creation of blog posts, video and photo editing or total indulgence in a book I’m reading.  I love the constant steady motion of the train and the noise it creates rattling along the tracks.  While on board a train, it’s one of the few times I can actually get restful sleep.  When traveling by plane I rarely can doze off.  While on the train I can sleep through the night without any problems.  I just feel that relaxed and comfortable.

A family of four on a moped in Saigon, Vietnam


The freedom to roam around a city or countryside on my own terms is something I constantly crave.  Being at the mercy of bus schedules and routes, tuk-tuk and taxi drivers who aren’t always looking out for my best interests or physically walking from place to place can often cause a lot of physical and mental wear and tear over time.  Whenever possible I like to hop on a moped and scoot around town with no limitations   I find it exciting to weave in and out of traffic and maneuver my way through certain back-roads and alleys that are otherwise off-limits to larger vehicles.  One thing I’m extremely cautious about revolves around making sure I have excellent insurance, such as purchasing moped insurance from Swinton to cover all of my little jaunts around town.  One of my favorite places to ride a moped is in Saigon where chaos reigns supreme.

Although I often take planes and buses to get around they’re rarely my method of choice.  How about you?  I’d love to hear your favorite ways of getting around.



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